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Zoner Software has just released a new version of its photo software Zoner Photo Studio. New features in Version 15 include Quick Search, Folder Synchronisation, an all-new Import Module, Quick Edits, automatic backups, Quick Filters and a new tool that helps users emulate one of the effects achievable with a tilt-shift lens. Zoner Photo Studio is available for $69.99 and can be extended to all computers in a household for an additional $29.99.

Zoner Press Release

Zoner Photo Studio 15—Everything for Photos, All in One Place

(Brno, October 15th) ZONER software, a.s. has just released a new version of its photo software Zoner Photo Studio. This suite has become a favorite for millions of photographers, hobbyist and professional alike, around the world. Its latest version features dozens of new tools and improvements, all added with one aim in mind: make it easier for users to do it all with photos, and do it all in one place.

“Just one program for everything you do with photos—that’s the idea behind Zoner Photo Studio. The new version really shakes things up with the way it makes photo editing easier, so for example you can take your camera straight back from vacation, download all the photos, organize them, and whip them into shape in minutes. From there, sharing them with friends or family is just a few clicks away,” says Ales Hasala, head of the Zoner Photo Studio 15 development team.

The new features in Zoner Photo Studio 15 really do make every photographer’s work easier. The new Import Module makes it easier than ever to keep a photo collection organized perfectly, right from the moment of downloading. And finding pictures is easier than ever thanks to the new Quick Search. Meanwhile the new Folder Synchronization feature makes maintaining a backup of your photo collection a snap.

The Editor too has seen changes in Zoner Photo Studio 15, above all new Quick Edits and Quick Filters panels. Quick Edits makes sure all the most important edits are right at hand, while Quick Filters gives easy access to cool looks like Polaroid and Lomo.

The new Tilt-shift Tool lets you make objects in photos look like miniatures, and automatic backups of originals ensure you’ll never again ruin a good picture with an accidental edit. Instant sharing on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and Zonerama was already a natural for Zoner Photo Studio, but now photos on Zonerama can be edited directly inside the program.

“Zoner Photo Studio 15 is better everywhere, not just in the Editor. And the new features are something that will come into play every time you sit down to your photos, not just on one picture in a thousand,” adds Hasala. Zoner Photo Studio is available for $69.99 and can be extended to all computers in a household for $29.99. As always, owners of previous versions of the software can enjoy discounted upgrades.

For more information on Zoner Photo Studio 15 and its full 30-day free trial, visit

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#1 MrD

HDR- has there EVER been a photographic technique that produces such an ugly end-result???

If I wanted to make my pictures look like bad pencil drwaings then this overused, overcooked, & tasteless technique is surely the way to go.

Methinks users of this method need a licence!

1:30 am - Friday, October 19, 2012