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PhotographyBLOG started life in January 2003 with the sole purpose of being a weblog about photography. PhotographyBLOG is run by professional photographer Mark Goldstein and the site has several key aims:

  • to review the latest digital cameras, printers, scanners, software and books
  • to report all the photography news, both film and digital, both global and UK-based
  • to offer opinion on that news, and to allow you to contribute your own comments and opinion
  • to provide a friendly meeting place for photographers of all abilities


Mark Goldstein, EditorMark Goldstein (Editor)
Mark Goldstein is an experienced professional photographer and website editor. He owns, runs and writes for PhotographyBLOG (www.photographyblog.com), one of the biggest digital photography websites, which offers informative new product reviews and original in-depth news from around the world. He's also a regular contributor to the popular UK magazines Digital Photographer and Digital Camera Essentials. More personal photo projects include his Portfolio site and Everydayeye, an attempt to post a photo every day.

Michael Roscoe Zoltan Arva-Toth (News Editor / Reviewer)
Zoltán received an early introduction to photography from his father, who often turned the kitchen of their Budapest apartment into a darkroom to develop prints from his black-and-white shots taken on Fortepan negatives. The disease was contagious, and he soon found himself snapping away at everything he saw through the finder of his little Smena Symbol. As the years went by. he got his hands on more and more 35mm and medium-format film cameras, until he decided to treat himself to a digicam in 2002. Ever since then, he has been being dragged deeper and deeper into the swampy realm of digital photography. His addiction hasn't been helped by his recent marriage to photojournalist Viktória Hanis, with whom he is embarking on more photographic adventures than ever before.

Gavin StokerGavin Stoker (Reviewer)
Having written about digital photography since 1997, as deputy editor and then editor of a slew of photographic titles, there is little about the subject freelance journalist Gavin Stoker doesn't know. Specialising in features as well as product reviews – his interviewees have included the likes of Bailey, Lichfield, Rankin, Nick Knight and the late Bob Carlos Clarke – he’s a highly-rated, versatile and widely read contributor, whose work can be found online as well as in print. Gavin is also a director of creative agency US3 Media (www.us3m.com), an acclaimed provider of copywriting and design services, and writes comedy scripts in his spare time (www.stokerandorland.com).

Jon CanfieldJon Canfield (Reviewer)
Jon Canfield is a frequent contributor to PC Photo, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro and Shutterbug magazines, as well as teaching workshops on printing, color, and RAW image processing. He's also the author of many books, recent titles including "RAW 101", "Print Like a Pro" and Photo Finish". You can view Jon's photography and contact him at (www.joncanfield.com).

Reader Feedback

Here is a small selection of reader comments about PhotographyBLOG:

"Just a line to thank you for your excellent website and the best camera reviews site I have ever seen. The detail and information you provide to help with a future camera purchase is first class and very very helpful, but also more to the pont well written and understandable for a novice like myself. I have recommended your services to friends many times. Please keep up the good work, my only wish is that there were more sites like yours for other products and services, who knows you may decide to broaden your products to suit."

"I would like you to know that your site became indispensable to my life. It is the one that I visit early in the morning, even before newspapers and TV. I like very much your unpretentious style, the simplicity of your righting, but always with deep knowledge. You are always the first to review new equipment and I love and trust your reviews. I post in Depreview, on several forums and like to advise that you already reviewed cameras that everybody are asking for a professional review. I much more prefer your approach based on the real thing than technical pages witch may have some interest either to the ones that have technical knowledge or don’t know anything about and, because of that, only believe on those reviews, even if they just read the conclusions. And you also review other equipments and software, giving us notice in advance. I am been reading you from a long time, as well as your newsletters. Please accept my admiration and keep doing the outstanding work."

"I read your blog everyday (for the past several months, including the weekends), and I wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading it and I appreciate the effort you put into it."

"Just to say thank you for your excellent in-depth reviews. Last year, based on your reports, I purchased a Canon G7 and I am delighted with it. I have had cameras since 1950 (5yrs old) (still have some of them!). Everything packs into a small bag, filters, charger and all. With an 8gb HSHD card the write speed is brilliant and picture quality is every bit as good as lower end DSLRs."

"Hi, I just wanted to say your blog is absolutely phenomenal. There aren't too many instances while surfing the web that I stop and drop my jaw. But the people responsible for this blog are deserving of praise. Thanks for all your hard work. This is going to be the first place I come from now on when I'm considering a new camera (or wacom tablet) purchase."

"Just wanted to thank you for your excellent web site! I was looking for a new camera, since my Ixus II broke down from one day to the other, and browsed the Internet for sample images of latest Canon Ixus models. Most of the pages I found just repeated press articles issued by Canon with little to no objective data. In contrast to that, your articles provide a fantastic variety of objective information that covers practically everything I am looking for when searching for a new camera model. I specifically liked the separation in six sections with loads of sample images. This is very helpful and I very much appreciate the efforts you must have invested here."

"Your reviews are the most complete and totally objective reviews I have ever had the pleasure to read. Please keep going! I now look for your reviews first, and find I don't need to look further; I know all I need to about a prospective purchase."

"Just a quick note to say "thanks" for maintaining Photography Blog. I enjoy reading it."

"Love your site. Well done. I like it. If you have to charge 3, 5, 10, 12, 15 dollars/pounds to be a member to augment advertising revenues to pay for this thing, I bet we'll pay up."

"I'm new to your site and have really enjoyed the galleries and postings on it. I'm looking forward to posting some of my own work."

"Came across your site while looking for info on the Olympus C-755. I was immediately sucked into all the galleries. Wish I had good talent as a photographer, but I am still very much a newbie. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your site so much I had to join."

"Thank you very much for your very helpful and detailed review. I am about to purchase my first digital camera (my great rather elderly 35 mm has decided enough is enough) and I'm trying to wend my way through all the jargon attached to buying a digital. I found your review much easier to understand than those in the many magazines I have purchased. I will now have a read through some of your other reviews on different cameras before making up my mind."

"Just a few lines to thank you for all of the superb news and information supplied in PhotographyBlog. There isn’t an edition which doesn’t contain something interesting or useful. Many thanks for your work!"