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Dalston Cross

Black Box Photo #3

"My early income came from photography and film making until one day I decided to give it all away (well, OK, to sell the expensive bits). For almost 17 years after that I had and used no camera of any sort, until around 1990 when I bought an Olympus Infinity Stylus (mju:-I). Even then, I shot only about a dozen rolls of film over the next twelve years or so, until 2003, when I bought a point-and-shoot digital camera to take over from the Stylus, using a format with which I could feel less wasteful. Unfortunately it was all down hill after that, and the simple point-and-shoot was followed by another, a little bit more sophisticated, then another, and another.... until I now have one unused film camera and four often-used digital cameras, from the very simple to quite hi-tech.

These photos are taken with all four, pretty much in random order, because making photographs that say something to - at least - the photographer is only incidentally related to the sophistication of the equipment that s/he uses, and it's often usefully less obtrusive to be seen as a tourist or a snapshotter than it is to pose as A Photographer."

Website: http://blackboxphoto.bitbat.com/

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