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Runrig #3

Runrig #3

"These are photos I took of Scottish band Runrig, over a period of 2.5 years. They have used some in their publicity material. I was gathering images to submit for my RPS Fellowship, which unfortunately, I didn't get this time round! So I'm now reassessing and seeing what to do for a future panel.

I also take lots of modern architecture photos (I got my ARPS in 1999 with a panel of 15 mono images on this theme). And I've just started photographing Rugby matches, which is proving a challenge! But basically, I will turn my lens on anything given the opportunity.

I used to work in colour, B&W and slide, but recently bought a Canon EOS300D SLR and have found it's fantastic. Not sure when I will expose another "roll" of real film!

I have recently had some success selling my work on eBay; however, I'm not a professional photographer (I'm a web designer by profession), just a keen amateur hoping to boost my freelance work in the future. I've also got a good selection of work online at:


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