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Cube #2

Cube #2

"When I photograph I'm seldom drawn to the grandiose in nature or the stereotypical concept of beauty. I am attracted to search for the essential in the commonplace: the simplest of elements - the sculpted form of a pebble, a tree in the landscape, the texture of an old building, a line of seaweed on the beach. I observe and photograph the 'mundane'.

We learn about ourselves by observing the world outside us, and we learn about the world outside by observing ourselves. I look for photographs that reflect what is going on inside me and, by following artistic impulses and photographing what inspires me, I discover and get to know myself - I find out what interests me and what moves me; what I'm about.

As I photograph I enter into the creation process and am excited and energized. Sometimes the work results in a lasting image - each one a single tile in the mosaic of my life. Eventually, perhaps they'll all piece together as a self-portrait.

Polyhedra portfolio: I made these sculptures of the 5 platonic solids and was inspired to photograph them in natural surroundings when I observed the shapes formed by the dry winter grasses and branches against stark white snow - a dynamic interaction of the geometric and natural forms."

Website: http://www.frankgross.com

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