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Cuban Candids #3

Cuban Candids #3

"The theme is "Cuban Candids" - you may have seen some of them before! All shots were taken on my holiday last year in Cuba, mostly in old Havana. The place really is totally unlike anywhere else I've ever been, and is a photographer's paradise. Old cars, crumbling buildings, peeling paint, musicians in every bar - and relatively few tourists, especially out of season. For this portfolio I've chosen to concentrate on my favourite topic, candid portraits, of the people of Havana."


"30 years old, living on the outskirts of NW London (near Pinner). I work in the telecoms industry developing software for mobile phones, and have been interested in photography on and off for the past five years. Late last year I bought a Minolta Dimage A1, and have never looked back - I'm a total digital convert. Having said that, I have just bought a Holga 120S for it's unpredictability! My daily updated photoblog can be seen at http://photoblog.jonread.com/"

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