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Patricio Burraco #3

Patricio Burraco #3

I'm Patricio, from Cacharí, Argentina. I'm sending some of my pictures. As you can see, I like BW approach to people and nature. Nothing formal here!. Even pets or little details in my own backyard offers me great chances of getting colorful pictures, including my friends doing joking "and interesting" faces to my lens!

There's a couple of pics covering some flowers or details in my garden, five close-ups of my brother in BW/sepia, in the trainyard, and two of my cat, Pappo. There's also a picture of my town' railway station. Almost a desert, as you can see. The stunning red picture was a Photoshop Elements approach to a BW picture of other friend, Pablo, the "Beer Dude", as he is know here.

Technically speaking, my camera is a F828, which is astounding, and I love. Really great to get BW, real color or saturated color photos. Each picture is less than 100kb in size, because Net's problem handling full 8Mpx images (in the future it will be milliseconds to download, but for now, 56kps is a cool speed) :-D

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