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USA Florida: Sanibel Island

USA Florida: Sanibel Island
We were driving over causeway from the Island at sunset when the sky lit up. The picture was taken resting the camera on the top of the car supported by a jumper. Fortunately, the children managed to keep still for change.

My name is Tony Welham and have been taking photographs for almost 40 years. I still enjoy creating images without any particular theme apart from recording my experiences. The images I have chosen are a sample of those.

I tend to visit remote areas and enjoy meeting local people. In addition to travel my other interests include, mountaineering, flying (PPL (A)), scuba diving and bridge.

I occasionally use a my Canon D10 digital camera but, as most of my travel is off the beaten track, I still prefer film. The camera I use is a Canon EOS3, a Canon 28-105 lens and an Epson scanner and printer.

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