Canon EOS 60D Preview

September 28, 2010 | Mark Goldstein | Comment | |

First impressions of the new 18 megapixel Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera, including some full-size sample photos.

Despite replacing the EOS 50D in the Canon range, the new EOS 60D is more similar in specification to the EOS 7D. It shares the same 18 megapixel image sensor but is fitted with just one DiGIC IV processor. Other key differences include only 9 cross type sensors on the AF system, which has more limited options on it. The 60D’s viewfinder offers a 96% view and the features that most people seem to be getting excited about is the 3 inch articulating LCD screen. It’s a first on Canon DSLRs and has an improved resolution of 1040k dots.

The EOS 60D feels nice in the hands with large rubbery patches to place your fingers and thumbs. The buttons on the back have been styled to fit the contours of the camera design, but on the top they’re the standard round design. The Best Shot dial has a locking button, which is unusual for Canon DSLRs, but not unwelcome.

Canon EOS 60D Preview

The first thing that I noticed about the EOS 60D is the lovely noise that the shutter makes. All the menus are just as impressive as the EOS 50D when Canon rejuvenated it with brighter colours. The screen is a slightly higher resolution and images are easier to monitor on the back.

Taking pictures with the Canon EOS 60D is simple, just like any other EOS at this level. The inclusion of the Best Shot dial makes it easy for beginners moving up from entry-level models who want the build and speed but not the complications of a pro model.

In practice, the articulating screen is a great choice for Canon. It makes the 60D much more flexible in what it’s capable of, and the fact that the screen is so big with such a high resolution sets a benchmark to Olympus, Nikon and Sony who also have rival models with rotating screens. The benefits are obvious with low and high-angle photography is made easier as well as self portraiture.

Canon EOS 60D Preview

The EOS 60D looks and acts like a professional model and even though it has the dial on the left shoulder, the right side sports an LCD screen and dedicated buttons for focus, drive, speed and metering, which makes the camera easier to use in the field.

I think Canon could have used Compact Flash memory instead of Secure Digital simply for the speeds that the larger format are capable of, but the smaller cards do help to ensure that the size of the camera remains small.

Canon EOS 60D Preview

I like the new Canon EOS 60D, it has some interesting features, it’s fast and is built to a high standard. If you’re looking to get a 7D and are a few hundred pounds short, you may want to consider this because there’s little difference between the two. Focusing is fast, metering is accurate and did I mention the sound of the shutter? I like the idea of the rotating screen (it’s about time Canon started with that) and I even like the small ideas such as the locking dial. It’s a great camera from Canon and is a perfect illustration that they’re striving to perfect the photographic experience.

Thanks to our friends at Jacobs Photo & Video in Sheffield, UK for this hands on preview.

The Canon EOS 60D costs £999 and is available from Jacobs stores now.

Canon EOS 60D Preview JPEG Images

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