Kodak PixPro AZ901 Sample Images

May 3, 2018 | Gavin Stoker | Comment |

Ahead of our full review, here are some sample JPEG and Raw images taken with the new Kodak PixPro AZ901 superzoom camera. The Kodak PixPro AZ901 is a superzoom camera with an astonishing 90x optical zoom lens, offering an effective focal range of 22-1980mm!

A gallery of sample images taken with the Kodak PixPro AZ901 superzoom camera.

Kodak PixPro AZ901 JPEG Images

Sample RAW Images

The Kodak PixPro AZ901 enables users to capture RAW and JPEG format files. We've provided some Kodak RAW (DNG) samples for you to download (thumbnail images shown below are not 100% representative).

Sample Movie

This is a sample movie at the highest quality setting of 1920x1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. Please note that this 32 second movie is 68.4Mb in size.

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