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Pentax 645D Photos Image

The Pentax 645D is a 40 megapixel, £10,000 digital medium-format camera. Ever wondered what the photos look like from an image sensor that's 1.7x larger than a 35mm full-format camera?

We've briefly tested the Pentax 645D with the smc FA 645 55mm F2.8 and the smc FA 645 55-110mm F5.6 lenses - click through for the full gallery of 645D JPEG and RAW photos.

A gallery of 48 full-size JPEG and 12 DNG RAW images taken with the Pentax 645D.

Pentax 645D JPEG Images

Pentax 645D RAW Images

The Pentax 645D enables users to capture RAW and JPEG format files. We've provided some Pentax RAW (DNG) samples for you to download (thumbnail images shown below are not 100% representative).

3/10s · f/11 · 43mm · ISO 200
Download Original

1/6s · f/11 · 43mm · ISO 400
Download Original

1/13s · f/11 · 43mm · ISO 800
Download Original

1/15s · f/11 · 43mm · ISO 1000
Download Original

1/15s · f/8 · 43mm · ISO 200
Download Original

1/200s · f/2.8 · 43mm · ISO 800
Download Original

1/100s · f/5.6 · 86mm · ISO 1000
Download Original

1/125s · f/5.6 · 47mm · ISO 200
Download Original

1/50s · f/5.6 · 43mm · ISO 800
Download Original

1/1000s · f/8 · 86mm · ISO 200
Download Original

1/2500s · f/2.8 · 43mm · ISO 200
Download Original

1/250s · f/2.8 · 43mm · ISO 200
Download Original

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#1 nick192


10:10 pm - Tuesday, February 21, 2012

#2 ray

not 1 nice picture, its the photographer not the gear indeed

10:52 pm - Tuesday, February 21, 2012

#3 mike

Photos from around my hood!

3:07 am - Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#4 Vladimir

Ten thousand pounds?
I don’t see anything that cannot be done with the camera 10 times cheaper or more…

5:37 am - Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#5 Arn

Vladimir :
Cool Story bro’....

9:29 am - Sunday, February 26, 2012

#6 rudy

croma at f8?????????????? hmmmmmmmmmmmm…....

8:52 pm - Sunday, June 10, 2012

#7 yep

I’d love to see this camera reviewed alongside the Sony RX100 II compact camera. I know the Pentax would win on sensor resolution and file size. But it would struggle to produce a more pleasing image, based on those sample shots.

I’ve been excitedly awaiting the availability of this new Pentax 645Z. But the more sample images I see, the less excited I am. Hopefully, we’ll see some amazing images (like those we see from almost any DSLR, ILC or premium compact) soon.

Advice to Ricoh/Pentax: Get this thing into the hands of professionals for sample images immediately, or you will lose all the momentum created by the specification release a couple of months ago.

8:33 am - Thursday, May 29, 2014

#8 Tog


This is a review of the D not the Z!

4:31 pm - Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#9 Simon

Ditto….please post some professional shots instead of these random pics of drab streets, dull days and general blandness of interest only to pedants and pixel peepers.

No camera can produce interesting shots used in this way.

I might ask why the 645 images are all so blue?

9:56 pm - Sunday, July 27, 2014