Canon Digital IXUS 210 Review

March 18, 2010 | Mark Goldstein | |

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Check out the latest point and shoot to come from Canon's IXUS line up, the IXUS 210. Also known as the IXY 210, this is Canon's top range point and shoot featuring a multitude of different...
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Canon IXUS 210 Digital Camera - Silver Review.
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En este video os hago una review de la cámara compacta Canon IXUS 210. Pruebas tanto de calidades, enseño todos los menús, explico las diferentes funciones que tiene y pongo ejemplos tanto...
From: CSConde
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In this video we take a look at the recently released Canon IXUS 300 HS(, which benefits from the new High Sensitivity system that gives it good low light performance....
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Video su della nuova Canon Digital Ixus 210: video realizzato in anteprima dalla redazione di Tecnozoom alla conferenza stampa canon.
From: tecnozoom
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IXUS 210, оснащённая 14,1-мегапиксельной матрицей и оригинальным объективом 24 мм от Canon, гарантирует премиум-каче...
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A sample still 720p HD video of a palm tree using the Canon IXUS 210 IS. Optical zoom's set to 5x (120mm) and this video demonstrates how digital zooming is used while camera is recording a...
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Scandinavian Photo visar två roliga effekter i Canon Ixus 210. Fisheyeeffekten skapar förvrängda bilder och miniatyreffekten ger känslan av att motivet du fotograferar är extremt litet....
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