Canon PowerShot A1100 IS Review

March 17, 2009 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 Frank Stanton

Gee, what a flashy page you have. If you can figure out how to put the right product at the right price under your Amazon link, then maybe you will be good to go. I mean, $26.00 for a camera is a great price, but unfortunately it is for a camera case. Good luck.

5:16 pm - Tuesday, March 17, 2009

#2 Deen Ali

Read your review before buying it, in which I already did a few days ago. The camera is indeed easy to use. The images are good too, except in low lights, just like you reported. Anyway overall I am satisfied with the purchase. Thanks for the useful review.

12:21 pm - Monday, April 27, 2009

#3 Alysaw

I read the review and purchased the camera on July 4th. I’m a senior and have been stubbornly clinging to my film cameras for fear of not being able to use a digital. I was easily taking photos and videos on the first day. Transferring the photos to my computer was so simple my cat could do it.
My only regret is not buying one sooner.

3:18 pm - Thursday, July 16, 2009

#4 josie

im confused as your review for the canon powershot a2100 and a1100 seem to be almost identical!  im trying to decide if its worth the extra money to buy the 2100 and i cant work it out from your descriptions.  im just a point and click person but found my old camera frustrating as the screen was really hard to view (poor quality and the shutter lag was awful). please help!

8:44 pm - Sunday, July 26, 2009

#5 cyn

i was just looking at the same 2!!! from what i gather it is mainly a idfferent look/ feel. The a2100 being a black, rectangular, heavier (6.—oz) camera as opposed to the a1100 pastel, curved, lighter (5.—) one. the heaviness dif is less than 2 oz (30g). i honestly am not sure what to do either, but i will say that i, personally, have tried the sd780 and found it was way tooo tiny so i am more afraid of little than big.
best of luck—hope it works out

8:41 pm - Wednesday, July 29, 2009

#6 Richmond of the Philippines

the difference between a1100 and a2100 is the Zoom.
a1100 have 4x and a2100 have 6x

planning to buy a A1100is myself!

10:41 pm - Saturday, August 1, 2009

#7 Tracy - Brit in Spain

My first digital camera was the Canon PowerShot A550. As many reviews expressed (too late for me) the flimsy battery compartment door broke on mine after a coupla years. I tried to contact CANON - but they are utterly irresponsible and would not reply to one of my comments or emails. No joy there. I am debating whether to buy another Canon or not and I was looking at your review. The battery compartment door looks very similar on the A1100 as the one I have on the A550. Is it?

10:12 am - Saturday, August 8, 2009

#8 L miles

Bought the powershot 1100, easy to use, viewfinder is small but better than trying to use a lcd screen in sunny conditions and it saves battery life however the results are not very impressive for a claimed 12 meg CCD. I suspect it has a poor lens.
would I buy again. No look at the cheaper lumix,etc the 4X is worth dumping to get a camera that has a decent lens my old 4meg Olympus Camedia
had a much better 10X lens and produced better images until I dropped it. It was very slow though and the auto focus was a nightmare to use.
I believe you would do better to look elswhere for a vest pocket digital than get the 1100.

10:51 pm - Saturday, August 8, 2009

#9 maysam

my canon a1100 is very good.Its quality is very high.I enjoy photography with my A1100is canon camera. thank you canon company.
I hope canon co. and its customers best wishes.

12:24 pm - Saturday, August 22, 2009

#10 jairam kamath

hey can any one tell me hoe to change the shutter speed..?? plesae.. thank u…

10:18 am - Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#11 night writer

Has anyone had any problems with the batteries lasting? I haven’t had a camera that used regular batteries in awhile and don’t want to get caught with dead batteries when I need my camera. My old olympus’ batteries were dying frequently all the time!

12:27 am - Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#12 Tracy

Yes my specially purchased Canon batteries and Canon charger died on me all the time. The charging just didnt seem to last and I always needed to carry spare charged batteries with me. I think Canon is a bloody rip off and they should be avoided. I will never buy Canon products again. I have now bought a charger at a fraction of the cost that Canon charged from my local supermarket and some rechargeable batteries and they are fine. At least if/when they begin to cause me trouble I wont feel quite so ripped off! I know that rechargeables eventually lose their potential to charge up completely.

12:40 pm - Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#13 MEL

I bought an A1100 IS to replace my A510 on which the shutter cover sometimes does not open fully. The A1100 IS is slimmer than the A510 and has image stabilization, otherwise similar.
BUT, when I tried to load the CD in my Windows 2000 computer it said not compatible. Canon support confirmed that the software supplied with Canon cameras no longer works with Windows 2000.
And the software installed in my computer that came with my A510 does not work with the A1100 IS.
So BEWARE: If you have Windows 2000, current Canon cameras will no longer work with it.

3:30 am - Wednesday, November 11, 2009

#14 harun turkoglu turkey

ben bugun 200$ aldim bu fiyata alinacak iyi bir cahaz.4gb sdch card aldim 15$

5:41 pm - Wednesday, November 11, 2009

#15 chris v. ohio

Very nice camera. upgraded from an older 6megapixel camera with no image stability and what a relief this one is, just stellar once you have mastered the few simple controls.Most digital cameras take a while from the click of the button till the actual picture taking leaving the image all blurred or off from what you want and I spent weeks testing dispays at Target, WalMart and other sto find a camera that actually took the picture when you hit the button and did it well! If that’s what you want then buy it. Quality is awesoome eveny on my 1080P HD TV and it 73”.

3:57 am - Monday, November 23, 2009

#16 Richard

I have been sucessfully taking photos for 3 weeks. Today all of a sudden the images are downloading looking somewhat squashed. Aspect Ratio is wrong. When I look at the taken photos on the back of the camera, they are right; but when they download, they are bad. I’ve tried to change every setting and variable on the camera and on the computer, and nothing works. Could it be the chip? Anyone have any ideas?

4:18 am - Friday, January 15, 2010

#17 pranay

The Canon Powershot A1000IS is a good sleek camera but has one problem.

Photos shot with 10MP setting do not display date and time stamp on the prints.

Understand that photos taken above 2MP setting will not display the date and time stamp.
Now this is ridiculous. The camera then is effectively a 2 MP camera which most cell-phones sport today….....

I also have a Nikkon coolpix and it shoots photos at 6 MP and yet displays a date and time stamp on all prints.

Photo studio owners too complain of this feature or rather non-feature of Canon Cameras.

Is Canon listening….

7:40 am - Sunday, January 17, 2010

#18 jeff

I recently upgraded from a sony dscw120 (7mp) to canon a1100 (10mp). I feel the old sony is the better option.Both have optical image stabilization and 4x zoom. Sony has better electronic engineering.  It is slim and light, with a powerful battery. Canon has marginally more options in picture control (for example shutter speeds from 15 sec to 1/1600 sec). Unlike Sony it has no battery indicator (a crucial limitation which I hate). Picture quality of Canon is comparable to Sony, not better. Also the Canon produces an annoying bright vertical band when taking videos - some other reviewers also have noted this. I will stick to Sony in the future.

7:52 pm - Tuesday, February 23, 2010

#19 Pat Aldridge

I recently bought a Canon PowerShot A1100 IS and have just started using it.  However, I read a review where it said it eats batteries, so I have been looking for a charger and rechargeable batteries.  The Canon charger and batteries seem very expensive.  Does anyone know of an alternative?

10:01 am - Thursday, February 25, 2010

#20 Richard

OK, I figured out my aspect ratio problem. It was not the camera. Now that I’ve used it for a bit, I have another concern. I seem to have a problem with the resolution drastically not being as advertised. Anyone else notice this?

10:36 am - Thursday, February 25, 2010

#21 Richard

My resolution and aspect ratio problems were in my computer, not the camera; so forget about that. ..... But now that I have had this camera for a while, I am very disappointed. It does not always take nice pictures, and is hard to get the nice ones. My eight year old camera works better and faster. The A1100 has lots of weak or poor quality features. It is hard to focus well. It handles light poorly compared to my old one. And I seriously doubt the mega pixel claims. Closeups are hard, too. Next time someone offers me a camera CHEAP, I’ll know that it is a cheap, poor quality camera, like this one; and it works no better than a child’s toy.

6:16 am - Tuesday, March 23, 2010

#22 Tommy

Richard, unfortunately you have had 2 complaints that have been overcome. I, personally, cannot take any of your comments seriously. It seems to me that you don’t have a clue what you are doing.

10:17 pm - Saturday, April 17, 2010

#23 Nicole

I have the A1100 IS and all pictures are blurry. It has the image stabilizer so I assumed it would be great at taking pictures of my 2 year old that never stops moving. Do I have a setting wrong or why can’t I get a clear picture? Thanks!

9:20 pm - Sunday, April 25, 2010

#24 Cristian

I bought this camera after reading some reviews including this one and frankly I’m disappointed. I said ok so what if it has few options you can play with IF the overall picture quality is good, you do have a good IS and 4x Zoom (I’m using it mainly for street photography).
I’m writing here because there is still one great possibility that I got a bad product and I want to know if you have the same problems.
The worst is the 4x zoom. All the pictures I take using a high zoom are rubbish. My 2 very best friends have 10MP , 3x zoom cameras (twice cheaper than the A1100) and when comparing the “tele” photos mine are the worst. I get a very grainy blurry texture in all of my zoomed pictures and an overall strange blur (obvious enough). It has nothing to do with high ISO speed or low light. So it’s 3x zoom, 10 MP VS. 4x zoom, 12 MP and the A1100 is not even close.
Besides this the rest is just average.

I want to know if you get the same grainy texture when using the zoom, if not I will try to exchange it.


2:09 pm - Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#25 hanhyeon kim

@ pat: yes, canon a1100is eats batteries… good thing mine came with free rechargable batteries and charger and it even came with free photo printer!! how good is that… anyway, i agree that canon a1100is does not take very good photos… NICOLE, maybe it would be better if you’ll use manual mode for your camera to avoid blurry images… CHRISTIAN… zoom is really not that impressive for canon a1100is… try panasonic fz35 for best zoom quality or panasonic lx3 for best images… ^^

1:32 am - Thursday, April 29, 2010

#26 Cristian

@Kim I don’t want the best zoom, I want a decent one.
Here are some 100% crops taken at full 4x zoom.

I am not allowed to post links for no apparent reason so please try to remake the links below

4x zoom, 12MP, ISO 100, f5.6 , 1/50s
h t t p : / / i m g 1 4 4 . i m a g e s h a c k . u s / i / i m g 0 7 9 8 m . j p g /

4x, 12MP, ISO 100, f5.6, 1/80s
h t t p : / / i m g 7 0 8 . i m a g e s h a c k . u s / i / i m g 0 7 9 9 f . j p g /

and these taken with a normal 3x zoom compact in this case an Benq dc e1050.
h t t p : / / i m g 6 8 2 . i m a g e s h a c k . u s / i / i m g 5 0 8 7 x . j p g /
h t t p : / / i m g 1 5 3 . i m a g e s h a c k . u s / i / i m g 5 0 8 6 . j p g /
Same settings as the ones above except this camera has only 10MP and only 3x zoom.

Hope I made myself clear this time :)

I know I’ve been a bit selfish posting my problem but not trying to help the others. I hear everyone complain about low autonomy. I have this camera for 4-5 months and from experience I can tell that the stabilizer sucks the most battery that’s why I put it to work in “Shoot Only” (You can choose that from the menu. The original setting is “Continuous”) or not use it at all when I have really good light. It saves battery big time. I managed to take as many as 500 shots with one set of batteries.
For the others who keep getting blurry images you should probably aquire some knowledge in photography. For the start keep the exposure low or use a tripod or if trying to shot a moving target just sacrifice some image quality by increasing the ISO and get a grainy image for that low exposure time.

Hope you’ll find this helpful. I’m waiting your opinion about the Zoom

2:38 pm - Thursday, April 29, 2010

#27 Kevin Sheth

I bought an A1100 from B&H (rebfurb) and all the pics came out looking like rubbish. It could not even focus properly 8-10 feet away. Do not buy this camera, it is junk. Grnated I took all my pics in doors, some of plants in the window. ESP the zoom shots were maybe of 1mega pixel quality. Maybe worse, completely blurred. This camera will only work zoomed out in broad daylight. Otherwise forget it. It could be I got a bad product but somehow I doubt it. I just hope B&H gives me a refund.

I took compariable shots with my SX110IS and they came out beautiful and crisp. That 8MP is sooo much better than this “12MP” one.

8:26 pm - Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#28 battery tester


5:50 am - Saturday, June 12, 2010

#29 RIchard

OK, I’m glad a lot of people have agreed with what I said. This camera is a lemon. It is bad in many ways; and since I depend on having a camera, this was a real slap in my face by Canon. I take mostly indoor and closeup photos, which is this camera’s worst category. And I am not just talking about the digital zoom. That is totally worthless. But the regular zoom is not good, either. The resolution numbers are false. The photo quality is poor. It is hard to use and coax a decent photo out of. It is slow. It seriously reminds me of a child’s toy camera. Mr. Canon must have let his 10 year old design this one. I have to get another camera now. There IS a difference between an inexpensive camera and a cheap crappy camera. This is a cheap one. Good bye, my $130. No more Canons for the rest of my life!

9:22 am - Saturday, June 12, 2010

#30 Ben

Canon’s that take 2 AA batteries have always had a problem with their charge - in particular the “A” series. Just google for “powershot battery life problem”.

I have been reading comments on many “A” models that say they shut down even though the batteries have some charge. Some have had more success with Eneloop batteries. Also, because they only have 2 batteries, taking another shot can be slow. I have had 3 Canon models. The first we bought many years ago was the Powershot A70 which is similar to this camera, only it had 4 AA batteries and was wonderful. I then bought a Canon S2 IS which also takes 4 AA batteries and I love this camera as well (though it is bulky compared with the A70). When the A70 was lost we bought the A570 IS which took only 2 batteries and I was surprised by how slow it was and there was the battery problem described above where the batteries had to be recharged even though they still had sufficient charge in them. My wife who always complained about the bulky S2 IS started to only use that one because she couldn’t stand using the A570 though she had loved the A70 which was very similar in shape etc. The A1100 IS looks similar to the A570.

I suspect, though I have never bothered trying it, that by using CHDK you could probably override the battery problem on the camera.

4:54 am - Wednesday, June 23, 2010

#31 Andy Neil

I also have just replaced my Canon A610 with an A1100 after it was dropped in sand.
I am also disappointed in the image quality, I never had so many grainy photos with my old A610 which was half the megapixels!
Looked at all the settings and just can’t get any consistency with the output, the nightime shots are awesful in auto mode.

12:06 pm - Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#32 Kweku

I’ve been an owner of an 1100 IS for some 4 months now, and made more than 2000 pics. Most of them are great, but ONLY if I don’t use too much zoom (guess between 1.8x, 2x at most; at 3-4x, the pictures are totally blurred). So guess it’s the same problem as with Cristian’s.

Night pictures are ok, but for the same exposure time pictures are darker than those taken with an older HP-945 megazoomn.

BAtteries last quite well, but the low-battery indicator can be misguiding. (and it’s good you can change them on-the-fly, unlike for the models with proprietary accumulator).

10:00 pm - Sunday, September 12, 2010

#33 Helen

I’m having to replace an A590 IS that I lost this summer.  I was happy with it, felt it took very good pictures in most conditions, including low light where I didn’t want to use the flash, macros and landscape.  I depend on having an optical viewfinder for composition, as I often have trouble seeing what’s on LCD screens.  And I had good experience using lithium AA batteries (recharging is not always possible for me).  Is the A1100 a good replacement for me, or am I apt to be disappointed?

11:27 pm - Thursday, September 16, 2010

#34 Frank

JUNK! DO NOT BUY! Incapable of taking pictures in focus, I took it apart to see what it was made of, not much, and then tossed it. Pictures look good on the camera’a screen, but they are ALWAYS OUT OF FOCUS on my computer screen, obviously it is not my monitor! Bought it from a guy a few months ago, because I was tired of toting around a Digital SLR. No wonder he was smiling when I gave him the cash! Canon Digital SLR’s are the best on the market, but the point and shoots are JUNK! I don’t know how they managed to make that happen, but they did. Look at the Casio Exislim.

10:02 pm - Thursday, October 14, 2010

#35 Emmdee

I bought this camera last March, 2010, as a replacement for my Nikon Coolpix 3200 bought years ago - I thought I was upgrading!!
I am pretty disappointed….
the image quality simply does not compare, the zoom has the grainy problem described before, and to add insult to injury the digital zoom ceased to work after a couple of months, although the program zoom still works - can someone tell me why?
I now take very few photos with it (about 200 a week) after several months of trying to get the quality I have been used to.
Good points -
easily totable, feels nice in the hand and pocket,
and the night shots are pretty good! I like taking shots outdoors at night without flash, and the quality is better than my Coolpix!

But that does not make up for the general quality disappointment.

8:58 pm - Sunday, October 17, 2010

#36 kim jueng

I reading the camera was first supposed to be only 3 times zoom, and they added extra zoom range because nikon did, is this true? mine is very sharp all the way slightly past 3 times, then becomes blurry if I zoom it fully all the way in. The camera brand new, I only unseal it. I really like apart from this. So to stay happy I tell myself it is really a 3 times zoom, and I think it is enough anyway, my other camera is only 3 times too. I think this mostly problem for focusing distant things. It working more sharply for closer objects. But I am shame that Canon are less true about the lens. Is it the same for A2100 and A3100?

7:34 pm - Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#37 Jeremy Dane

Mine has been absolutely fantastic! I’ve loved using this camera from day one, and had such lovely detailed pictures with it. I thought the comments above must be people that were unlucky and got a bad one, so I just checked mine… and I’m a little surprised, MINE IS DOING THIS TOO! My partner has one of these cameras too, I will check hers and post later.

If I zoom all the way in most of the shots are a bit blurred. I guess it never bothered me before, as I don’t much zoom in all the way. At full zoom (f5.6/140mm equiv) you’d need a tripod anyway for consistently good results. And why buy a lightweight pocket camera and then lump a great tripod around?

Comment #32, kweku, I totally agree, the camera seems insanely sharp until you zoom in all the way. With 12mp you can just zoom 2 or 3x and cut out the middle of the picture anyway, unless you want a billboard sized print!

Nicole, the image stabiliser only helps with camera movement, not movement of other things. It just makes the images come out as though you have a slightly steadier hand, so you’ll need more light or higher ISO (= shorter shutter time) if you want your toddler to come out better.

Tracy, my partner’s A1100 battery door did break, although mine’s fine and I’ve had this for about a year now. She was in a hurry to put a new card in during a show, and didn’t line up the door properly when closing it I think. There are plastic catches that work fine if you’re careful but can break off if you’re hasty with it. I’d get one anyway! They’re about $150 online and I think most of the things people are saying don’t cause a problem unless you look for them.

8:59 pm - Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#38 Jessica

I’m getting a fisheye effect on close images that aren’t macro, especially portraits.  Any way to avoid this?

7:13 pm - Wednesday, November 17, 2010

#39 Mike

I have been using an oldie but goodie Cannon AE1 SLR forever. I have been hesitant to go digital for years because of the unknown. I’m so glad I bought this camera so i can have it near me at all times for those special photos. If I tried to do the same with the old cannon by the time I get it out, put on the flash the moment would be gone. Takes great pics and super easy to use on auto. I’m lazy any way so I would have let the special moment pass. In 20 seconds I’ve got a great pic to download into my PCs picture file and delete ones I don’t want. The oldie AE1 is going to sit around till vacations.

2:28 am - Saturday, November 27, 2010

#40 Mike

I use my camera in auto most of the time. I could use my expensive stuff but I’ve found this camera takes pics within 20’ perfect.
I’ve read all the bad reviews above and it looks like mostly operator errors. Keep it simple. If you want this inexpensive camera to jump through hoops you need a more expensive camera. I can take perfect pictures with my old SLR but 90% of the time I get near perfect pics with this lil inexpensive camera.
I’ve owed a bunch of the real cheap SLRs but by the time you by the film, take the pics and pay for dozens of pics you don’t even want you’re out serious cash. Read the instructions and watch the vids, great pics or it’s just operator error.

3:55 am - Saturday, November 27, 2010

#41 Peggy

I got my camera a little over a year ago.  Not really impressed with it.  A lot of grainy pictures.  It is true about eating batteries.  And last but not least the battery compartment door wasn’t the easiest to open or close.  The last time I closed it the cheap plastic parts inside holding down the batteries broke to pieces.  Don’t think I will be buying a Canon again anytime soon.

4:35 am - Thursday, February 3, 2011

#42 rodeo_27

i bought the camera last spring since went to vacation in BC the camera has been acting up taking blurry picture and we went through like 15 battery in 7 days.  Even the first 6 battery was the pricy battery it was drained sooo fast then the rest were cheap ones.  And it horrible in the light setting it turns our orange.  Also the battery holder was hard to open
I wouldnt recmommened buying this camera i had a canon about 9 years ago cant remember what the number were and it was the best camera i ever had and i still miss that camera.
I will be lookin for a better camera possible for a rebel or a different brand.

7:11 am - Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#43 bui

Yes I have problem with focusing at max zoom. It takes the photos as it normally would but out of focus at max zoom. I tried to change all possible settings but still can fix this problem.
I used to own a Canon A75 and I am sure that the older A75 can do heaps of manual function like changing the shutter speed up to 15 secs. This A1100IS does advertised it support up to 15secs but there is no way you can change this setting..

2:35 pm - Thursday, March 31, 2011

#44 Don

The battery life on this camera is the worst I have experienced, even with high quality camera AAs, and the best rechargeable AAs. It just eats them alive in a couple days and 100 pics.  As a school IT person I have purchased and used multiple “A” model canons including A60, 95, 560, 590, all were excellent on battery life.  Glad I got a 590 when I did. Looks like it was the end of the line for good battery life. I got the 1100is because it was the last one with an optical viewer but battery life is a deal breaker on this model.

4:16 pm - Friday, April 1, 2011

#45 Bao

I have the same problem as #43 said. Out of focus at or near max zoom for distant targets and cannot fix. Anybody has solution?

6:24 am - Monday, September 5, 2011

#46 david

BLURRED. All pics taken are blurred especially using the zoom. The chromatic abberation is just terrible. This is the worst camera I have ever used.
The supplied software does not work on xp64 and raw pics are not available. On reduced resolutions the blurring is worse not better so the software is not combining photosites, just cutting the pixels.
I will never buy a canon again. Just awfull.

3:52 pm - Friday, June 8, 2012

#47 Charles Bennett

The camera is great, both auto and program. The problem I encountered is the battery/card door. A cheap piece of plastic which got a tiny chip. I mean TINY. Thus battery contact is lost and camera cuts out. Canon Customer Service quoted me a estimate of $89.00 to repair. This didn’t include postage and insurance from Richmond to Virginia Beach. Camera on sale cost me $129.00 + tax. Should have purchased extended warranty. $9.00.
Oh well, live and learn.

4:42 pm - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#48 Dan

I’ve owned this camera for over a year. It worked well until recently. Any shots taken at telephoto are blurred. The autofocus is now focussing at a point past infinity (in other words, it’s failing). It isn’t user error or anything in the settings. I won’t buy a Canon now.  My daughter owns a less expensive Fuji that works much better than this. I’ll try them next time around.

5:37 pm - Saturday, August 25, 2012

#49 A1100IS owner

I own this camera, it takes good pictures, has view finder.

But, you can’t take a picture of the moon!
The focusing system fails to take a picture of far objects. I tried with/without landscape option.

On the contrary Macro set works very good.

It is true that batteries end to fast, but 2400mAh rechargeable are right, if you run out of charge you can buy Alkaline AA batteries almost everywhere. That is better if you are traveling.

Sound in video is very poor.

There is no setting that allows you to use higher f numbers for diaphragm (closer) almost all the settings use the lowest possible aperture (more open), you can not play with deep of field.

Auto focus lock, and Auto exposure lock, work fine.

15sec long shutter, is nice.

but. Why one has to pay a lot of money for cameras with manual settings? this camera could have that option and be great.

You can not program periodic shutting in order to do stop motion pictures (frame by frame)

You can not use it as a webcam.

This camera is designed to take family photos and other pictures in interiors it does not for you, if you want more flexibility.

For those evaluating cameras, please include in your tests focusing the moon, and far objects.

1:09 am - Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#50 Laura

Camera has taken great pictures….but batteries have cost me as much as the camera over the time I’ve had it.  About 6 years….now it will not take more than Han 4 pictures before batteries die.  So disappointing….

7:24 pm - Saturday, March 5, 2016

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