Canon PowerShot G15 Review

November 14, 2012 | Mark Goldstein |

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In this video, Kai and Lok get the Canon S110( and G15(, and are test each other with a series of challeng...
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Shop at B&H: This video covers the Canon Powershot G15 12.1mp point and shoot zoom camera.
From: B and H
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Overview of the Canon Powershot G15 which is cheaper than the Sony RX100 and has more features to deliver including an amazing lens. More about this overview...
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Canon Powershot G15 / Canon G15 Review, summary & demo video. SUBSCRIBE HERE: For the full, in-depth review of the Canon Powershot G15 /...
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I've been using the Canon Powershot G15 for several weeks now, and I've figured out a few useful tips on using the camera that I will share. 1) Speeding the ...
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Видеообзор Canon PowerShot G15 от компании Цифровичок
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Links for stuff I mentioned here - See my YouTube Channels below. The Canon G15. I think it is a much nicer camera than I expec...
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Ralfs Foto-Bude - Die Fotoseite für jeden Heute präsentiere ich Tipps und Tricks zur Kompaktkamera Canon PowerShot G15. Die Kam...
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Sí quieres estar al día sobre el mundo de la fotografía visita La Canon Powershot G15 sustituye a la G12, este nuevo modelo nos ofre...
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Ralfs Foto-Bude - Die Fotoseite für jeden Heute vergleiche ich die beiden Kompaktkameras Canon PowerShot G15 und Nikon Coolpix ...
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