Canon Powershot N Review

May 29, 2013 | Mark Goldstein |

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Empfohlener Kauflink: Review of the Canon PowerShot N Digital Camera with a lot of video samples. If you like my video, please don't for...
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This is my full review of the Canon PowerShot N digital camera. The camera features a 12.1 Megapixel Sensor and an 8x optical Zoom. A capacitive touchscreen ...
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Since it doesn't have the essential telecommunication features the Canon PowerShot N clearly isn't going to take the place of a phone, but Canon hopes that w...
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Canon PowerShot N Sample Video & Photos Shot in Monterey, California.
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Been looking into this camera for a while,I'm not the best at reviewing stuff obviously.
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It's small squarish shape, WiFi connectivity, articulated screen and innovative dual ring zoom and shutter control make the Canon N and interesting prospect....
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Subscribe To Engadget Today: More From CES 2013: What's square and rounded with white all over? That'd be Canon's ne...
From: Engadget
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The next revolution in compact cameras is here — the Canon PowerShot N. Canon thought waaay outside the box on this one, adding unique features never before ...
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The Canon PowerShot N Camera offers a unique combination of effortless creativity with Creative Shot mode, a minimalist 'Any Way Up' design, premium image qu...
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Hand on Preview : Canon PowerShot N.
From: 2how
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