Canon PowerShot S120 Review

October 8, 2013 | Mark Goldstein |

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The S120 is another excellent addition to Canon's line of compact prosumer cameras.
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Canon PowerShot S120 1080P HD Video Test ... check out how Canons flagship PowerShot camera performs, captured in automatic setting at 60fps. Watch the unbox...
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Buy on: Review with image samples: Shorter hands-on video:
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Canon PowerShot S120 Unboxing & First Look ... the tiny S120 packs in a lot of features, plus 1080P HD 60fps video, manual modes & image stabilisation. Check...
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This video was shot on a Canon 60D at 1080/24p with a Tokina 11-16mm lens. Battery life is proving to be dreadful. I get less than 30 minutes per fully charg...
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In this video, Kai and Lok get the Canon S110( and G15(, and are test each other with a series of challeng...
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Photography of stars and astral bodies becomes hassle-free with three different modes- Star Trails, Star Nightscape and Star Time-Lapse Movie. With white bal...
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Took the Canon PowerShot S120 out for another test drive if you will. Drove to Lincoln Park Zoo a few minutes before they closed and took some video footage....
From: w/Bos
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A KurtzerTech unboxing of the Canon PowerShot S120. Sample Photo & Video shot in full-auto.
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Buy on: Canon PowerShot S120 is a pocket sized premium compact camera with HS 12 megapixel sensor inside and F1.8 apreture lens. It's ve...
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