Casio EX-TR100 Review

October 7, 2011 | Gavin Stoker | |

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Exilim Tryx EX-TR100 - это не только качество Casio, это новое слово в конструкции фотоаппаратов. Подвижная конструкция,...
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From: gigazine
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The Casio TRYX is a compact with a twist, but does it deliver the goods or is it a case of all style and no substance?
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by Kit Leong, for
From: dcaidtube
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From: gigazine
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Man kann sie drehen und wenden wie man will: Die neue EXILIM TRYX macht die Welt lebendiger! Dank schwenk- und drehbarem Rahmen mit einem ebenfalls schwenkbaren 7,6 cm Super Clear ...
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Casio TRYX EX-TR100 Frame Removal カシオのデジカメ TRYX EX-TR100のフレームを外してみました。 プラの外枠は両面テープ留めですので引っ張って外します...
From: condykun
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I LOVED this camera. Though I tried my best, I just don't think my video review does it any justice. My only TRUE complaint is that it doesn't have tripod attachment. Then again, it's not...
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by Kit Leong, for
From: dcaidtube
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