Fujifilm FinePix X100 Review

March 17, 2011 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 Xpanded

Thank you for the review. I think Fuji will continue to be surprised by the demand. I definitely will buy one.

5:19 pm - Thursday, March 17, 2011

#2 David Aspinall

A well written review of a veery interesting camera. I own one and I am into day 4 of using it.
I find the colour balance is slightly off nuetral, unlike you I find there is shutter lag by the bag full, after reading your review I will look what I am doing wrong.
My only real niggle is that you cannot use filters or the lens hood without removing the front ring and I am puzzled as to why the Fuji did this on such a well designed camera, I can only think it is a way of Fuji making more money.
The quality of build and the accessories ( leather case) are superb.
An M9 it is not but you can buy at least 6/7 or 8 of these for the price of am M9 and 35mm.
As to price, it price will drop as supplies increase and the Amazon price of 899 pounds is not that much more than the overrated GF-1 and very overated 20mm plus the awful EVF.
Thanks for the review


6:25 pm - Thursday, March 17, 2011

#3 Domingo

I love it, thanks for the review!

6:25 pm - Thursday, March 17, 2011

#4 rishi o.

Nice review. A couple of questions.

- I hear you can focus closer than 80cm if you are in EVF mode. Is this true?
- Can you make the shutter silent while retaining other things like the focus assist lamp and flash?
- Is the AFL/AEL button in a comfortable place. I will be using this feature for focus with every shot.


9:43 pm - Thursday, March 17, 2011

#5 Zoltan Toth

You said the AF speed was not very fast, you mantioned about 1/4 seconds. But can you make it clear if it was measured using the OVF power save mode? The owner’s manual says: “Selecting ON (the power save mode) increases the time required for autofocus to about 0.4 seconds, compared to about 0.2 seconds when OFF is selected.”



10:18 pm - Thursday, March 17, 2011

#6 Derek

Nice review, thank you, however… non removable lens means once you get some dust on the sensor you won’t be able to clean it yourself. YES, you eventually will get some dust, this is not a fully sealed camera. Getting some dust on the sensor is not a question ‘if’, but ‘when’, even if you protect your equipment against elements. Why so many people (including camera designers and reviewers) simply pretend that the dust issue does not exist? Is interrupting a field session for days (possibly weeks) to send a camera for servicing something we should accept as normal and still highly rate a camera with non removable lens?
(note that I am not advocating a design with range of replaceable lenses, just a simpler option of being able to remove the lens for the sensor cleaning. Very simple engineering solution and common sense, really).

11:10 pm - Thursday, March 17, 2011

#7 Robin

Compared to other cams the (blind?) reviewers here rated 4-5 stars in image quality this cam should have received 10 out of 5. Pictures of the X100 show what pictures should look like: clean and detailed, even without much sharpening.

Thx for this great cam, Fuji!

11:33 pm - Thursday, March 17, 2011

#8 Azimuth

In Response to Rishi.o:

I have learned some answers to your questions from reading other user reviews and threads:

- The camera can focus as close as 10cm in EVF mode

- You can turn the assist lamp on when the camera is in silent mode. Not sure about flash.

- Some people like it, but some don’t. I have heard it works better for smaller hands.

12:32 am - Friday, March 18, 2011

#9 Sanjay

What good is quality if the picture is not sharp? The camera fails to provide a basic modern technology: Image Stabilization!! I will not buy till they provide that. If they do, I will gift my S95 to my friend and stand in queue to buy this camera thru rain or snow.

10:51 am - Friday, March 18, 2011

#10 Mark Goldstein

#4 You can’t turn the flash on when the Silent mode is activated (the camera prompts you to turn off the Silent mode when you press the Flash Mode button)

#5 Zoltan, we measured it with OVF power save mode set to Off.

11:00 am - Friday, March 18, 2011

#11 Frank Stanton

Wow! What a great camera for the likes of Charlie Sheen to record his custard being guzzled by his godesses or the Royal Family eating cake while the masses stand in bread lines. $1200 (US)? Please!!! This is strictly a money grab and will add nothing to the photography universe. If Fugi was serious, they would sell it for about $500 (US). Give me a Canon S95 or Panasonic LX 5 any day for good street photography.

12:28 pm - Friday, March 18, 2011

#12 MadHungarian

It took the industry 15 years to arrive at this digital camera. Looks like the awesome cameras from back in the days when camera builders gave a shajt. It is made in Japan, that alone will make me buy this unit. It looks like a real camera, not like the gazillions of plastic Chinese made bs that flooded the US market in the bast 25 years. Great job Fujifilm, this camera will put you on the top of the game (as long as you keep the Made in Japan stamp on it.)

1:13 pm - Friday, March 18, 2011

#13 david

Dear Frank
Compared to the LX5 the X100 is miles ahead though not as flexible, you need to try one before judging and Fugi is spelt Fuji

ps I spelt very as veery in my first post., and I have done side by side with GF-1/ EP1/EP2/LX5, and the Fuji which gives better although to my opinion slightly cool images.

1:14 pm - Friday, March 18, 2011

#14 Frank Stanton

To #13 -David:
My concern regarding the Fujifilm is with the price, not the quality of the camera. Because of the fixed lens focal length of the Fujifilm, it’s greatest use will be in the street. Street photography is not necessarily about pixels (as in pixel peepers, who seem to squeeze the life and passion of photography out with their nitpicking); rather it seems, in its best use, to lean toward substance of the subject matter. That can be done much cheaper and just as surreptitiously, if that is an issue, with an S95, G12, or Lx5. If I am concerned about quality, I will take out my old Nikon D90 (or even a Canon T2i) with my cheap, but stellar 35mm f1.8 (which new are still cheaper than the Fujifilm) and match and probably exceed the Fujifilm pixel for pixel. To me, the Fujifilm is a money grab. For the price, most Canons, Nikons and Pentax DSLRs can match or exceed this camera.

3:03 pm - Friday, March 18, 2011

#15 Robin

What David said.

First, you can’t compare with a cheap S95/LX5, because the X100 is another level. Second, because it is another level you may shoot at ISO 6400 in the evening while most S95-users wouldn’t be satisfied any more. Third satisfaction depends on personal thinking.

To me a S95 represents a fairly good quality compared to all those other incredibly bad ones on the market. But to me it is still not recommendable. Me myself is looking for more - even in street, even in best daylight. To me X100 is worth it’s higher price, and there’s not much to compare with! E. g. I like using Sigma DP, but these models lack on high ISO abilities.

And btw: A fixed focal length, lack of stabilisation, and less flexibility is attracting to me ... ;)

3:33 pm - Friday, March 18, 2011

#16 Don Wilber

Under viewer software in specifications there appears to be an error - Mac OS X 10.9-10.6, 10.9?

7:10 pm - Friday, March 18, 2011

#17 Zag

Interesting camera, great review. But in the end, I think the camera is basically a novelty.

Not sure when you get right down to it who would buy it over a DSLR with a zoom/stablised lens, other than someone who has extra money and wants the novelty factor.

7:13 pm - Friday, March 18, 2011

#18 Michael Cox

Why oh why oh why do people who have no idea go on about an Image Stablised lens on this. this camera is based on the leaf shutter designs of film compact and range finder cameras. You have a small compact design with an F2.0 lens. There is no reason why you could not shoot at a 15th of a second and get no camera shake, apart from a bad holding technique. Think of a Leica range finder camera. There is no mirror, no moving parts apart from the shutter closing and opening. This camera would suit candid/street shooters. If you like working with a fixed 35mm wide lens and want the quality of the sensor/lens but don’t need a leica and changing to a 50mm, 90mm etc then this will be a good thing. Winds me up when I read comments that have no logic.

9:35 pm - Friday, March 18, 2011

#19 Bob

@Michael Cox #18—

You’re not alone in your frustrations.  GWC (guys with cameras, NOT actual photographers) have no clue and no business with an X100 or Leica M—their motto is “put IS, interchangeable lenses, and I want a zoom, because I have no idea what I’m doing!”

For all the whiners:

1. you don’t need IS with short focal lengths—learn to breath out and squeeze the shutter—it’s called technique, something sorely lacking apparently—you can get sharp results at 1/8 sec if you are well practiced at it;

2.  give up the zoom, move around and learn to compose with your eyes, like the masters, i.e., HCB, Ansel Adams, Steiglitz, etc. (heck, even Annie Leibowitz).  If you don’t know who I’m talking about, that’s the first place to look.  Great work has been done at the 35mm FOV.  You are the limitation, not the camera.

3.  The X100 is not the second coming—i.e., it’s not perfection, and not designed to replace your dslr (and IMO the reviewer is misplaced for even comparing to a dslr).  It is aimed at pros and serious amateurs who have a full kit or know what they want/need/prefer.  Again, this will NOT replace your dslr, and anyone thinking to do so doesn’t understand the design and concept of the X100.  Would you shoot sports with a view camera?  Would you shoot product photography with a point and shoot?

4.  Please don’t get me started with the cheapskates and dumba$$es who complain about the price, yet will never buy one anyway, because it doesn’t have IS or zoom or interchangeable lenses.  Price out an 24mm f/2 lens from anyone, and add it to a mirrorless dx body with full manual controls and viewfinder.  Any luck?  yeah, maybe the Leica M8 or M9.  Under $1200?  Didn’t think so.  They just don’t get it.  And they never will.

10:53 pm - Friday, March 18, 2011

#20 Jon S

@Zag: I doubt many people will buy it OVER an SLR, but many people like me will buy it to complement their SLR.

For less than I often pay for a lens, I can buy a light-weight, compact camera for street photography that doesn’t cause everyone within 500 feet to freeze and stop what they are doing. While still delivering low-noise images in poor light (something my Canon G12 can’t do).

As for the fixed focal length - perfect! Primes deliver better image quality than zooms anyway and for street photography you don’t need a long lens.

11:08 pm - Friday, March 18, 2011

#21 rishio

#4 You can’t turn the flash on when the Silent mode is activated (the camera prompts you to turn off the Silent mode when you press the Flash Mode button)

#5 Zoltan, we measured it with OVF power save mode set to Off.

I’m more interested in using wireless (radio controlled) external flash than the built in flash. I’m wondering if I can use a radio transmitter on the x100 while in silent mode. Silent mode is pretty important to me - even more important than interchangeable lenses.

11:37 pm - Friday, March 18, 2011

#22 tonik

I want one !
I would like to applause Fuji for their creativity and remember that the best compact ever that I had was a Fuji F11.

12:28 am - Saturday, March 19, 2011

#23 Frank Stanton

Folks on a budget should give serious consideration to the Olympus XZ-1 ( positively reviewed here also)for a good low light, small camera. But don’t tell Bob #19 or Michael Cox; they hate whiners and cheapskates (they may be Torries,hah,hah). We don’t want to upset the “real” photographers.

12:57 am - Saturday, March 19, 2011

#24 Jon S

@Frank Stanton

The XZ-1 is a fine camera for its class, but it’s not in the same league as the X100.

The XZ-1 has a 1/6-inch sensor, which means an area of 46mm^2. Compare that to the X100 which has an APS-C sensor with an area of 370mm^2, that’s 8x larger!

Each pixel on the X100 is 7x bigger than on the XZ-1, which means about 3 stops better sensitivity.

On top of that, there’s the access to shallow DoF and smooth bokeh that a larger sensor brings.

Comparing the XZ-1 to the X100 is like comparing very good sausages, with fine fillet steak. More people will choose to order the sausages, but they’re just not fillet steak!

3:09 am - Saturday, March 19, 2011

#25 Anders Loof

It is interesting to note how many write that it was a good review. Frankly, I feel the direct opposite. It is full of very overly and exaggerated positive words and phrases that are not met by the image quality demonstrated by the samples, including the crops. This camera seem very overly marketed as also elsewhere, and as is also apparent in this review. This review itself seems as a marketing write up rather than a technical based review.

On above basis I would advise to be aware.

This camera did seem interesting, but I frank feel it looses more the more images I see posted with it and the more written I read of it. The Leica X1 appear as sound bargain in comparison for a quality product that seem to deliver, and without gadgets like the electronic viewfinder etc and a more simple interface that likely will lead to better images than menus you have to go through to find neutral density filter etc.

I had hoped this camera would hold up to the claims by Fuji, but… I will not buy it.

Above is my very honest and frank observation.

Will stick to digital back and iPhone.

Thank you.

4:16 am - Saturday, March 19, 2011

#26 Derek

WARNING - unethical practices

Some words from some comments posted here are linked to various “adult interest” sites without consent of the posters. The “About PhotographyBLOG” page under “Privacy Notice” does not disclose this practice, contrary to their declaration that “we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used”. Clearly, one can not make a “choice” about the way information collected is used in case of posting a comment here.

I made a commend about dust on digital sensor (#6, Derek), and later a link appeared from a word “design” in my comment to “Get a Hot Date Tonight”. This happened without my knowledge or consent well after I posted my comment. I was not aware that this is common and acceptable practice on the PhotographyBLOG site.

I find the lack of warning or statement regarding this practice to be ethically questionable and totally unprofessional.

7:27 am - Saturday, March 19, 2011

#27 John F.

Nice concept. Great cam but still way too big to carry anywhere just like the PEN and GF series.

2:17 pm - Saturday, March 19, 2011

#28 hstjkt

this is too expensive, the price make it become a junk…. it’s not compareable with the file processing result…. i am not recommend this one…

2:56 pm - Saturday, March 19, 2011

#29 Zab

really nice camera, but its strange nobody comments the biggest problem. Its suppose to be good for street photography, but it has slow focus speed. With the gf1 and the Pen, we may hope the new models will have the focus speed as good as the gh2 and the the ricoh gxr has the snap mode and has silent leaf shutter as well.

3:54 pm - Saturday, March 19, 2011

#30 Warren Lyons

Of all the cameras reviewed on Photography Blog, this one seems to have received the widest range of compliments/complaints.  As to whether or not it’s worth the price, that’s in the eye of the beholder.  Personally, I would rather take the same $1200.00 and get an entry DSLR, an extended zoom, AND a travel zoom.  Yes, this camera is beautifully made and takes fantastic images, but its fixed focal length and lack of a good auto setting and IS limits its versatility.  Had Fuji made it with a modest zoom, intelligent auto setting, and IS, it would have had a much broader appeal and could serve as a backup to a DSLR, an alternative to a premium compact or micro 4/3, or simply a “Point and Shoot on Steroids” for the well heeled

4:40 pm - Saturday, March 19, 2011

#31 Janus

I find the sample images:
1. a bit soft
2. great colors, however
3. but too many areas are very if not actually totally washed out; this camera probably needs to be underexposed as a norm, but what will happen to overall IQ if you did that, I don’t know
4. hard to evaluate its real image quality.
5. looks great, but IQ has to be King, and I am not sure about that, despite review. Words are one thing; actual IQ is the real final kicker.

Final verdict: not convinced by this review.

8:06 pm - Saturday, March 19, 2011

#32 Ian Boys

A glowing review but not a very competent one. My favourite is the focal range shot that tells you nothing at all. Could have been an 85mm! Look also at the flash shots. Hmm - two white walls. And?

He says you can’t turn dynamic range off. Nonsense. He also could have avoided the motion panorama WB issues by setting WB. What does he expect?

Twice he says that “experienced users will focus manually” but then goes on correctly to state that the only way to use manual focus is actually to autofocus, which is true. Manual focus is a disaster on this camera.

The EVF doesn’t show a “parallax corrected view”. It is the view out of the lens. It doesn’t need to be parallax corrected.

Doesn’t mention the iso restting itself as you change modes.

(btw - yes I have an x100 and am a fan of the image quality too)

9:08 pm - Saturday, March 19, 2011

#33 ronbot

Nice camera and good review, but maybe a bit high of a score.

For less than $1200, you can get the E-PL2 and 14-42mm lens kit, Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake, and Olympus VF-2 1.4MP viewfinder. Then another $50, you can add a vintage 50mm f/1.8 with adaptor.

With this setup, you’re not stuck with one lens, but have a focal range of 28mm-100mm (in 35mm format), where 40mm and 100mm are faster than f/2, which is good for street photography and portrait shots.

Though it may not be an exactly similar, an E-PL2 with 20mm is small too and has comparable image quality. The VF-2 has the same resolution at 1.4MP as the x100’s viewfinder in EVF mode. It is a very nice EVF, that is big and bright, and is effective for manual focusing. You also get full manual control with minimal hindrance from the menu system, which is not the case with the NEX-x.

I’m not knocking the x100. In fact, I applaud Fuji for realizing a good concept: revolutionary hybrid viewfinder, classic manual controls and compact body with an APS-C sensor. None the less, once you’re looking at a $1000+ camera, it is hard not to look at those other options.

10:00 pm - Saturday, March 19, 2011

#34 J Wilson

A metal body with an interesting alternative finder, a fixed, sharp f2 lens, big sensor, and traditional controls.  I’m there. 

For old-school guys like me, this is a Godsend of a travel/everyday camera.  No IS, no endless parade of menus, no plastic.  Handhold to a 1/4 of a second if you stay off a lot of coffee.  ND built in to reign in the EV in bright light when you still want big apertures.  A leather case.

Yeah, the filter business is a pain (WHEN will we get the speedlights?).  Give me this and an HS20 when I need to zoom out, I’m happy.

THIS will teach you a lot about photography if you want your lessons ‘old school’.  Imagine if Eisenstadt or Cartier-Bresson had one of these !
Find a Kodak PhotoGuide at a yard sale, and dig in . . . .

8:28 am - Sunday, March 20, 2011

#35 Sanjay

Micheal/Bob etc.:
For my kind of photography I cant always hold the camera so steady. I have to hold the camera above my head to get photos from above crowd, shoot lying down to get that angle, even shoot while walking.
So, I need IS.

6:40 am - Monday, March 21, 2011

#36 John

Sanjay, do you know the benefit of Fast Lens (F/2.0) and High ISO (say ISO 3200)? With such benefit, you don’t really need “IS” coz you can always use higher shutter speed and shot fast.

but since you shoot “even while walking”, oh well… not much I can say anymore…

in other words, this camera is certainly not for you…

8:07 am - Monday, March 21, 2011

#37 Jon Stern


Then you should buy another camera. This one clearly isn’t for you.

This is a niche camera that won’t suit everyone. But in being so it becomes better suited to some.

8:17 am - Monday, March 21, 2011

#38 Sanjay

Ya I guess it is not for me till it gets IS.

11:23 am - Monday, March 21, 2011

#39 Sanjay

Ya friends. I guess till this super camera does not get an IS, its not for me…

11:33 am - Monday, March 21, 2011

#40 Chad

Really stellar review!

As one of the few commenters here that is using the X100 - not gloating just making a point - you have perfectly summarized the camera, its features and its audience.

I’ve been too busy doing a shootout between the Leica X1 vs Fuji X100, followed by a week of shooting the SXSW conference with the X100 in Austin, to do a proper review but now I can just refer people to yours.

Shootout: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chadwadsworth/sets/72157626131597671/

SXSW: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chadwadsworth/sets/72157626188657239/

6:30 pm - Monday, March 21, 2011

#41 Paolo

What is the point?  It’s an expensive, slow to focus point & shoot with a large sensor and a tricked up viewfinder.  How does that justify the price?  If they realease a follow-up series then yes but if it’s just a showcase then surely they have better things to do with their resources.

3:28 am - Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#42 Chad

Paolo, have you even used a production X100? It is most definitely not slow to focus, nor is it a point and shoot. As for the price, I would argue that the lens alone is worth the money. I compare it favorably to my $1400 Canon 35mm L and it beats the pants off the Leica X1.

3:49 pm - Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#43 Osang

$1000+ for a fixed lens camera? One word: Expensive.

10:25 am - Thursday, March 24, 2011

#44 Dougbm

The Fuji x100 is a lovely camera with a gorgeous viewfinder that makes the whole experience so pleasurable. Menus a bit fiddly but not too bad once you have set the camera up and found your way round. Just wish they had a dedicated ISO button as well as the Function button and why no Image stabilisation? 35mm is a very useful focal length. Try it before you knock it. It may not zoom but you can crop and still get image quality equal to a small sensor point and shoot. Overall 9/10.
Wouldn’t buy it for the manual focus though – it is very slow but has a quick autofocus ‘cheat’ to help. It is really to use for fine tuning rather than full manual focusing.
Someone makes valid comment that it needs to be underexposed. All digital sensors (with the exception of Foveon -as used in Sigma cameras) need at least 1/3 stop under as a standard setting in daylight due to the tendency to blow out highlights and poor highlight to mid tone roll off.
I am very impressed with the out of camera jpgs from my x100. Very clean even at hi ISO’s and sharp (especially above f2.8). Couldn’t improve on it with Raw (that’s a first). Beautiful image quality that you need to see native on your computer not via Flickr etc. I would say better than My 5D with 24-105L lens and 60D with 70-200mm f4 (well that lens is amazingly sharp but the picture quality of the Fuji is just so classy). Video is excellent with autofocus (yay!). I have posted a few images at www.flickr.com/photos/dougbm View the largest size by right clicking a selecting ‘original”.

11:27 pm - Saturday, March 26, 2011

#45 Sanjay

Are some people in this thread suggesting that this camera looks better than 5d2 at iso 3200?? Because I do not quite like the quality i get at 3200 on the 5d2.

5:26 am - Sunday, March 27, 2011

#46 MIchael

I can’t understand anyone who goes on about IS on a camera like this. fixed wide 35mm f2.0 prime lens high ISO quality the same as a DLSR. no moving parts apart from the shutter. This all goes together to provide a camera that can be used with slow shutter speeds and still get crisp images. Makes me wonder what these people were doing before IS was brought out.

4:50 pm - Monday, March 28, 2011

#47 Dougbm

I really like the high ISO from this camera check my latest flikr upload. The image quality is exceptional. See link above.
No matter how high the ISO if you are using a shutter speed below 1/60 s you are prone to hand shake blur.
I am using the x100 the way I used to use my old Fuji S2 Pro (their last great camera?). That is usually ISO 400 and above unless really sunny and watch the shutter speed. Image stabalisation would have made this camera even better. It is a help on any camera for hand held photography. And it is a touch soft at f2.0 and even f2.8. Anyway what if you are in a lowlight situation and you want decent depth of field but lowish ISO?

8:31 pm - Monday, March 28, 2011

#48 gérard

ca y est le mien vient de m’être livré! (commandé sur internet ) et je peux vous faire partager mes impressions=
-wawh quelle allure! on croirait un Leica M…. il est présenté dans un coffret très élégant comme le Leica x1-une impression de solidité, des boutons/bagues- a l’ancienne,qui restent en place ( pas comme sur le x1) une réactivité étonnante, un affichage immédiat , un viseur clair et précis,( le viseur hybride est une beauté remarquable et il bascule automatiquement ! )- images parfaites ( comme le x1 que j’ai eu et vite revendu compte tenu de sa lenteur déplorable et le manque de viseur)-
un petit reproche= le bouton du pad a l’arrière est trop petit et mal aisé a utiliser-il manque éventuellement un zoom!un peu grand pour tenir dans la poche-
le prix aussi est assez élevé= 1200€ environ ( - cher que le x1 tout de même )
en résumé un superbe appareil, une réussite, un grand numéro qui marquera l’histoire!
enfin j’ai un poket de grande qualité!
merci FUJI!


8:00 am - Thursday, March 31, 2011

#49 Dougbm

Having used the camera for a few days I have to say due to the great High ISO performance the lack of Image stabalisation is not much of an issue. Interesting to note is that if you set auto ISO at (say) 3200 it will not go above that but if you also want to limit it to not go below (say) 400 then set that in the normal ISO setting.
It is also useful to set the minimum shutter speed (I have it at 1/60) but bear in mind that if if really needs to the camera will drop below this but when possible will limit itself to this. Took a while to understand this but I have to say it is very good.
I have been out doing something I never, do even with my 5D with 24-105L IS lens, Handheld night shots and with a high success rate. What a great little camera!

10:48 pm - Thursday, March 31, 2011

#50 gerard seel

AC is mine I have just been delivered! (Ordered on the internet) and I can share my impressions =
Wawh-how fast! it looks like a Leica M .... It comes in a stylish package as the Leica x1-an impression of solidity, of boutons/bagues- al’ancienne, which remain in place (not like the x1) reactivity astonishing, immediate display, and a bright viewfinder specific (hybrid viewfinder is stunningly beautiful and it automatically!) - Picture perfect (as x1 that I had and sold quickly due to its deplorable slowness and lack of viewfinder) -
a quibble = button back end of the pad is too small and poorly easy to use-it lacks any zoom! a little big to fit in your pocket
the price is also quite high = 1200 € approximately (- x1 expensive than all the same)
In summary a great camera, a success, a large number who will make history!
Finally I have a poket high quality!
FUJI thank you!

9:19 am - Friday, April 1, 2011

#51 Low Budget Dave

I love the idea of the camera.  I have always wanted a camera that shoots high speed in average light that can be carried around on my belt like a cell-phone.

Having said that, I bought the Nikon D3100 instead.  For about $500 less, I got the kit lens plus a fast prime lens.  The only thing I don’t like is that I need a shoulder strap like I am a photographer or something.

Is the D3100 a better camera for the money?  No, that would depend on how much money you have, and how much you hate shoulder straps.  But for me, yes, the D3100 or the Pentax K-r is better for the money.

8:13 pm - Friday, April 1, 2011

#52 Sanjay

“Like I am a photographer or something”

5:05 am - Saturday, April 2, 2011

#53 Marc

So you’d rather wear it at your belt like you’re a geek or something ?


12:35 pm - Saturday, April 2, 2011

#54 gerard seel


2:19 pm - Saturday, April 2, 2011

#55 MarkB

Mark, great review and thanks for posting. In fact following your review, that was the final evidence I needed to purchase one of these innovative new cameras. I am now tracking my journey with the new X100 and my exploits into street photography at http://www.x100photo.co.uk

Thanks again,

5:02 pm - Sunday, April 3, 2011

#56 street photography

Street photography generally refers to photographs taken from the public places like streets, parks, beaches, malls, political conventions and other same places

11:21 am - Monday, April 4, 2011

#57 walter anthony slater

Truly a wonderful camera, a delight to use.
For those of us that appreciate the modern digitals yet recall all those weddings in the rain, wind and too much sun, selecting shutter speeds, aperture and all that went with them. The satisfaction of printing those hard to get photographs.
Now I have one of these beauties I would rather like to do another wedding.  Getting too old now.

1:07 pm - Friday, April 15, 2011

#58 david

those of you who cant affordthe fuji but would like to bring back the days of film, do what i have done purchased a olympus om30 with a f1.8 50mm lens and what a cracker, included two tamron lens motor drive all lens caps end caps all in a alloy case set in spong and as new £78 yes i was very fortunate, but there are bargains out there plenty of top notch reflexes out therefilm will make you think composition shutter speed, and aperture settings, two films a year keeps my hand in, and yes i also own a wonderfull cannon 450d
and yes iam 75 yrs but still enjoy my own images,

4:41 pm - Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#59 Michael Campbell

Been using the camera for 1 month. I am delighted with it.
Price? Generally you get what you pay for. You can pick up the groceries in a Honda Civic or a Lexus. The price you choose depends on your taste and pocketbook. Seems mean spirited to put down the camera because it is too expensive. Jealousy is not logical.

Image Stablization? Not needed in my opinion. The fast lens and great ISO mean you should be able to do most shooting hand held. The viewfinder also allows you to hold the camera properly rather than holding it out while looking at the TV. For people holding the camera up in the air or odd angles you might consider one of the Canon G series with view screen that is moveable.

Good review. My biggest beef is the comparison with the competition. For me there is none within this price range because of the viewfinder. It is a different way of “seeing” and taking pictures that harkens back to the pre SLR days. Most of the cameras it was compared to do not have optical viewfinders. The X100 through the right eye with training left eye open. One side of the brain composes the scene and the other captures the critical moment. This is not revolutionary or evolutionary really but rather a return to what was discovered during the invention of cameras you could hold in your hand.
Well done Fuji!

6:04 pm - Saturday, April 30, 2011

#60 i wan

i want fuji to make a p & s devil camera like this

* APS-C size sensor (for great quality)
* 8mp (to reduce price ;p )
* 10x zoom
that’s enough for some people,,,

the price should around below $400 :D

2:22 pm - Monday, May 2, 2011

#61 Andro

The X100 is not perfect at all, but it does not matter.  People buy it because it is really cheap compared to the X1, and much better.  Most of all, and this is really important to most people who buy this sort of camera, it looks great.  Yes, looks can “kill”.  People want to look good with such a camera, and this is not so much if commpared to all the clothing, jewellery etc that people buy to try to look good. 

There is something that Fujifilm really need to fix, to make sure it does not look cheap and spoil the otherwise fantastic look of this camera. 

I wish they would remove the word “Aspherical” that is on the front of the lens now.  That makes it look cheap, having to advertise something like that.  Millions of cheap cameras have aspherical elements.  It is also not necessary to say “lens” on a lens.  Fuji should be proud of its lens quality and just say “Fujinon” on the lens.  It is not necessary to label a car “V8” or “Twin Cam”, unless it is a cheap car that needs to boost its image with something so common.  No class.

1:34 am - Saturday, May 7, 2011

#62 Tom Dacon

I still grieve for the old Olympus 35RC rangefinder camera that I bought in the middle 70’s. I bought it as a backpacking camera, and took some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken with it, even though my other cameras were SLR’s. Simple and intuitive access to shutter speed and f-stop, with a simple light meter as a suggested starting point for exposure. Thirty years later the foam rubber seals were completely gone and I had no idea that they could be replaced, so I tossed it. Now I find that it’s a cult classic, and mine is sadly gone.

This camera, as described, looks like the perfect replacement. I’m starting to save up for it already.

10:30 pm - Saturday, May 7, 2011

#63 Sigma DP2

Wow…hardcord comments.  Killer looks, leaf shutter, uber sharp fast lens. Excellent image quality.  A real rangefinder instead of the arms length sunwashed screen technique…...high iso results look good….If you need less time than a 1/4 second to capture or anticipate you must be the Bruce Lee of street photography….Quit complaining about the price, go buy a cheaper camera.

3:03 am - Sunday, May 8, 2011

#64 Sanjay

Thx Dougbm.
I am sure the camera works best at around f4 and ISO below 800. So a closeup in low light (eg a shot at a pub or a cake cutting) would require shutter for at least 1/60. No IS at that point translates into not the sharpest photo.
When IS as technology is available, why not use it? Just because the camera looks retro, does not mean it cant use modern technology to aid photography. Why are people opposed to it is something I cant figure out. Am I missing something? Does IS interfere with quality et?
Life went on without IS for a long time and can go on without it in future. BUT the number of ‘keepers’ will CERTAINLY drop.
Of course all this is my humble opinion.

5:12 am - Monday, May 9, 2011

#65 Sanjay

I do not think “no need for IS” is a valid argument. The current standard of 4 stop stabilization means that I could take the same photo at 400 iso that I would at 1000 (approx). Does that not translate into better quality from any camera?
I wish I could be told why incorporating IS would hurt the camera. Am so curious. Does it increase size? I doubt it. Does it increase cost? I doubt it, this is a premium camera. Does it reduce quality?
Does it interfere with the design? Definitely not.

6:02 am - Monday, May 9, 2011

#66 Dougbm

Hi Sanjay,
Having used the camera for a few weeks now I am not finding the lack of IS an issue and I think that if they had added it, it would increase the price, bulk and weight - all undesirable. As it is so stellar at high ISO it also doesn’t (really) need IS. If I am wrong and they could have added it with none of the mentioned penalties then it would be an odd omission.
I can honestly say I have had few non keepers due to the lack of IS. However I am conscious of keeping the shutter speed up (above 1/60sec)– although I recently successfully shot at 1/10sec by resting the camera on my car window sill for a lovely twilight shot.

6:51 am - Monday, May 9, 2011

#67 Sanjay

Thank you Dougbm for your reply. I appreciate it.
However IS does not increase price, bulk and weight on my S95. Maybe it does. Man I do not really know…. :)
Best wishes for all your future photos. If you are on face book, then do send me an invite on Sanjay F. Gupta. We can see each other’s photos that way…

2:17 pm - Monday, May 9, 2011

#68 Dougbm

Cheers Sanjay.
Good point re S95 but I suspect it would increase price. Maybe Fuji will add it in MK2 (and instantly slash the value of our Mk1’s!). Have a look at my Flickr stream and you will see this camera is clean up to ISO 3200 (really!) and although f/2 is a little soft it is still quite usable. Better low light than my 5D (MK1). Fuji have created a fantastic jpg engine (or whatever) to produce really classy images at high ISO. I can’t match their jpgs by shooting in RAW and adjusting in Photoshop (and I have plenty of experience). Checkout this image and exif info (f/4, 1/40 sec, 3200 ISO)

Thanks for the invite but I don’t do Facebook.

9:06 pm - Monday, May 9, 2011

#69 Sanjay

Going by the number of people on this forum you refuse to even consider IS on this camera, I doubt mk2 with IS (my dream) would reduce the cost of mk1..

3:53 am - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#70 Michael Campbell

But if you can shoot at night 1/1000” why would you want IS especially if it adds complication, weight and diminish sharpness. (yes they tell you to turn it off when the camera is on a tripod -so what if you hold the camera so still it is like it is on a tripod? the correction servos cause shake and ironically the image quality is lowered)

Here is a night shot with the X 100 at 1/1000” Ok it is a little soft because of F 2.0 but that is plenty fast for hand held.
http://www.mikesjournal.com/May 2011/Shop Windows.htm

4:05 am - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#71 Sanjay

Michael thanks for the tip. I had no idea that IS may lower quality. Now perhaps things fall in place. :)
Btw your link did not work…

4:43 am - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#72 Michael Campbell

If you look into the mechanics of IS you will see that it can degrade IQ. It is a necessary evil with long zoom teles that have a slow F stop. You should really use a tripod and turn the IS off.

For a F2.0 35mm with ISO crystal clear up to 3200 it is a bit silly. I feel like the argument is like having a wonderful sports car and complaining because the manufacturer did not add an automatic transmission in addition to the stick shift.

If you want a racy sports car be prepared to use a stick shift. If it is too hard to master then perhaps a family minivan might be more to your taste. Nothing wrong with that.  But please recognize the camera for what it is.

12:00 pm - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#73 Don Wilber

For information regarding IS, read “Image Stabilization & Tripods” by Jon Sunkiewicz in the May, 2011 issue of Shutterbug magazine.  Have you ever wondered why IS has a on/off switch?  As others have commented, this camera does not need IS and is better off without it.

1:47 pm - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#74 Sanjay

Hmmm. Thanks so much Michael and Don.
I will take my 5d2 with 50mm f 1.4 (no IS) for a walk this evening and shoot at 3200 ISO. Will test the results and see how it goes. I will hold the camera as steady as I can… lol.

I mean I am sure that the fuji cant be much better in the noise department than the full frame 5d2. If I like the results (in past I have found noise above 1000 not to my taste) then I will buy the fuji.
I have waited and logged on often to check launch of this camera and am eager to have it has my ‘belt’ camera….

12:28 pm - Wednesday, May 11, 2011

#75 Neal Morgan

It looks like a great little camera, I like that is looks like a film camera from the front. It might be fun to use at a wedding point and shoot stylee.

10:24 am - Monday, May 16, 2011

#76 Stuart

At last. A Camera that performs like a camera. That allows seasoned photographers to do what they want, and encourages learners to learn how to get what they want.
I have had mine now for almost a week, and I cant find words to say what a difference this makes. For those of you who started backed in the dark ages of film, Zenith E1’s, Canon AE1’s and other such mechanical monsters…this camera almost mimics them. But with infinitely better quality and flexibility.
If you want easy use…its go t it (Auto) if you want Av or Tv its got it too. Exposure compensation? Yup. On a dial, where it should be (not hidden down inside a menu where you wont bother).
Solid? Yes. Sharp? Yes. Easy in the hand? Oh yes… Fast lens? Well, combine F2 with ridiculous ISO settings and YES!
This is the camera a lot of people have been waiting for. It brings everything full circle. Finally. Everything old is new again. Buy one. You wont regret it. If you do, put it on eBay…it’ll sell in a heart beat, and you will regret selling it.
Oh, if you are a sports photographer, forget it, this camera wont cut it. Portraits? Well, environmental, yes. Close work? No.
Its a street photographers dream. Quiet, unobtrusive, fast.
Fuji - thank you. Someone in Japan was listening. To what, I have no idea. But they listened and created a great product. Maybe destined for a place on the classics shelf.
I thought I would have to wait longer than I did, but its here amd its going nowhere!
Japan…my thoughts are with you guys…my best wishes for a fast recovery!

1:08 pm - Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#77 X100 Enthusiasts

After using my X100 for a week I couldn’t be happier with the results. Sure there are plenty of cameras with nice specs at lower price points, but none can match the image quality and control mechanisms the X100 provides.

Check out some of my photos from day 1 with the camera: http://www.x100enthusiasts.com/discussion/23/my-x100-arrived

3:06 am - Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#78 Fujifan

The price is for the look and quality of a Leica. Fuji can do an excellent lens as I had a digital compact with a rangefinder. But for half price you can have a Nikon P7000 or a Canon S95 with same quality sensor and fast lens (at wide), stabilized zoom, RAW, high ISO, movie, etc.
I wouldn’t trade my S90 even though I’m a Fujifan.

4:17 pm - Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#79 Jon S

@Fujifan: A P7000 or S95 is not in the same league. Those both use small (1/1.7-inch) sensors that are far, far noisier, have much lower dynamic range and cannot deliver shallow depth of field.

The X100’s sensor is APS-C huge in comparison. Take a look at this image to see the difference in area:


I have a G12 with the same sensor as the S95 and while it’s a great camera for what it is, it will never deliver the profession results I get from my 5D Mark II. The X100 will give me something between those two. DSLR quality in a more portable, unobtrusive package.

4:31 pm - Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#80 alzurzin

Overall, an excellent 1st try.  From the images I see, there is no reason to pay $10k for a Leica. Finally, someone is reaching the level of the good cameras of 30yrs past.  This could be the RF I have been awaiting for the past 20 years.  My wish list: 1/ greatly reduced shutter lag; 2/ interchangeable lenses; 3/ more durable build quality.

3:27 am - Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#81 Eleanor Maw

I love this camera, I have had it for the last three weeks and I have been snapping away since and getting great results, it’s simple to use but also very versatile, great quality lens and a well made body, I only have one complaint that if using a filter that the Fuji X100 case I bought does not close properly.

5:23 pm - Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#82 Fujifan

@Jon S: I was wrong, you are right, the 2 sensors are not in the same league.
The X100 sensor is not just bigger but cramping more pixels per sq.in the others (than’t why they call it Finepix)
Maybe Fuji is pointing to a future trend in photo equipment, using a super quality lens with a large and quality sensor can replace a zoom lens camera by using digital zoom.
Optical zoom was always said to be better then digital zoom. It would be interesting to compare a picture taken with the G12 at max zoom then take the same pic with the x100 and blow it up either with in-camera digital or with computer. If the quality is the same or at least very close the this future trend is proven.
A fix focus lens is said to be usually making better quality picture then a zoom.
It would be also interesting to compare a picture taken with the 5D with zoom lens at 35mm equivalent then take the same picture with the x100 and compare (up to 8x10in).
It could be very close. Naturally the 5D will beat everything at larger pic. size.

11:05 pm - Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#83 Michael Campbell

I like Fujifan’s idea. I am not a tester but I tried the experiment. I equipped a 5D Mark II with a 16 - 35mm F 2.8 zoom lens and zoomed it in to 35mm. I set it on a tripod and focused the best I could on a bright thatched basket. I tried to duplicate the shot with the Fuji X100. Both were set for F 8.0 and shutters triggered with self timer.
From the original jpgs I cropped down to about 7” for both of them to focus on the basket. I thought I could get an idea of the overall sharpness this way.
I thought the fuji came out well considering the 5D set up has to cost twice as much, it has a larger sensor and is known to be good.

Here is a link to the results it you would care to look.
http://www.mikesjournal.com/May 2011/Fuji X 100 Zoom Experiment.htm

1:35 am - Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#84 Michael Campbell

I guess you have to cut and paste the link to get it to work…

http://www.mikesjournal.com/May 2011/Fuji X 100 Zoom Experiment.htm

1:37 am - Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#85 gary burley

I see a lot of the old rangefinder styles creeping in at the moment. Nikon, I wish you were reading this. why don’t some of the Dslr manufacturers start retro styling the new Dslrs like the Nikon photomic/F1/nikkormat ftn for build quality and beautiful looks. the new dslrs are amazing in picture quality but until I see this untapped area of iconic cameras exploited, they don’t have the feel or beauty of the old slrs or the longevity

10:30 am - Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#86 Hobo

With many positive and some negative views one can only see how much interest this camera has generated. I’m sure the negative ones also just love it and sorely miss a feature or two.

I suppose one has to appreciate the x100 for what it is and go with what it has to offer rather than expect it to deliver to everyone of our deep desires. So just ease off on the tech bit, people. beside seemingly a very competent camera x100 is also a lifestyle product. Good pedigree packaged with a bit of flash value here and quality there. Innovations galore. It just isn’t meant to be a jack of all trades. If Fujifilm gave it a retro feel then the user should go with that spirit. It isn’t just a look thing. It can be a great learning camera which constantly challenges your skills. A feel that lacks in 99% of the shoot-now-think-later products we see today. And if you need to do all kinds of acrobatics to get your shot then it probably is not for you or for that particular job. If all of the olden greats had to wait for for the best features nothing of consequence would have been captured. Take it for what it is and stop nitpicking. There’s whole lot of talent and craft required for producing images which doesn’t only depend on equipment. Some incredible pictures have been shot using mobile phones and finishing softwares have done their part.
Maybe it will reignite an interest in people who have hung up their old gear. The pricing isn’t that bad and the emotional pull combined with some quality built and uncomplicated workings (simpler than my good ol Canon A1) makes one look past frills.

Having said that, the sample images shown in the review don’t really show the IQ. Though the structure of the review is excellent with is comparisons and whatnot, but demonstration don’t help much. But good stuff has been shared by some users. Leica X1 does seem to have an edge in IQ and contains more image information. But X100 just simply scores many time over with its viewfinder. Not because of the fanciness of it but just the presence of it. its nostalgic and yet very utilitarian. I just can’t get over the thought of holding that beautiful X1 away from my face and look into an LCD while shooting (which i don’t do even with my DSLR). Such an unfulfilling experience. Somebody rightly called it a TV in the comments… lol

One gripe on design. Being a designer i find the LCD screen kinda slapped-on. Flushed with the back and not spilling on the metal surface would have really looked elegant.

On price: I think its clever pricing. In the old-world charms area it is cheaper than the cheapest retro Leicas, yet more innovative. Fair pricing i guess.

Great insights everyone. My comment looks more like a review. Enough reading and writing, think i’ll try the real thing when its here. Best to judge on your own about how you like your images. Maybe wait for the price to come down a bit too.
Kudos Fujifilm.

p.s: calling it a belt camera is just so sad. even if it doesn’t fit one’s bill of perfection, too many people have spent time to creat something so exciting and yet affordable

11:38 am - Saturday, June 4, 2011

#87 Karin Gottschalk (professional photographer)

I am a big fan of this camera, having owned Leicas I love the solid feel and weight of the camera and the rangefinder is excellent. Image quality is excellent too however the current firmware for menu navigation et al could be improved and I believe an upgrade will be available soon so hope this aspect is fixed. Since we use DXO photo optics, it would be nice to get a profile for the x100 and also be able to do quality HDR.

10:10 am - Sunday, June 12, 2011

#88 x100 Fans

I agree on the slow AF focus. The overall quality of the physical device and output is above my expectation. However, I do hope it would further improvise the AF focus in upcoming firmware.

4:45 am - Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#89 Dougbm

The AFS auto focus (auto-focus single shot) is only slow in low light. It is then better to switch to AFC (continuous auto focus) rather than AFS. Best not to have it on this all the time as it keeps trying to focus all the time. Definitely speedy in low light though.

10:22 am - Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#90 Mogens lykke

Admitted, it’s not a cheap camera, but then think what you got of quality. One that easily can be compared to the X1 (with a few +++ as well) and at a far lover price. I consider it a a great supplement to my DSLR and what the fixed lens is concerned, I can live without it. The trick is: GET CLOSER!
I consider the X100 as a godsend gift, and can hardly wait until my one arrives, - it is already ordered.

2:38 pm - Monday, June 27, 2011

#91 osang

Well, this camera met its match when it comes to sensor: Sony NEX-C3


and much cheaper.

3:18 pm - Saturday, July 9, 2011

#92 Michael Campbell

Osang “met it’s match” might be inaccurate. Pixel peeping based on stats sheets is not helpful. I am still looking for the viewfinder.
Let’s see how it fares in real life once in the hands of the public. Looks like a promising p & s for me. The x100 is really good and for the Sony to meet it I am expecting a lot.

5:13 pm - Saturday, July 9, 2011

#93 Larry

I can’t stand complainers. Im about to become one myself, but what separates me from the others here, is that the complainers here are idiots, and I’m complaining about them. Mindless bashing of a camera that doesn’t fit their needs or budgets so it’s obviously crap. You morons need to pull your heads out of your arises and realize that not everyone needs or wants a camera like this. Let me explain why this camera appeals to me. Firstly, it’s looks. I love how it looks! I’m sure I could get a camera that performs much the same elsewhere for less,  but it wouldn’t look as nice and no other camera in it’s class has a viewfinder like that. Yeah sure the other camera might have zoom and IS and blah blah blah. But you know what? I have other cameras. My primary camera is a Panasonic Lumix L1, an old but faithful beast that’s never let me down. 14-50mm, OIS, SLR. Has all the goodies, but I still want the X100, because it’s smaller and way more portable, still has a viewfinder (optical too, not a fan of evf)  and from what I’ve seen on Flickr, it can produce amazing photos. And that’s what counts people, the photos. You can say you have X camera with X features and it takes these awesome photos, you can’t beat this camera blah blah blah. You know what? There’s a good chance there’s someone out there with a shit camera that can take a better photo then you, get over it. It’s not about the features, it’s what makes you happy. STFU already and go take some photos!

12:25 am - Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#94 Hobo

lol… you said it Larry :)

5:50 am - Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#95 Sanjay

I know moronic idiots buy camera based on its looks. Photographers buy a camera for the pictures it takes.

4:51 pm - Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#96 Snapper

It seems to me most people who want this camera want to because it looks like a Leica. So why not buy a Leica? A Leica X1 sells for just a little more than this camera. If you really like something, buy it, not a replica.

9:05 pm - Friday, July 29, 2011

#97 Michael Campbell

Snapper perhaps the if the X-1 had a viewfinder so you didn’t have to hold it out like a baby with a smelly diaper to take a picture. Perhaps if the X-1 could take noise free shots at ISO 3200. Perhaps if the X-1 was $900 cheaper and could do video. Perhaps if the X-1 kit lens was as good as the X-100 35mm equivalent.
I could go on but I don’t want a Lieca. Nothing wrong with it but overpriced and under achieving.

9:57 pm - Friday, July 29, 2011

#98 David A

As posted by someone…
It seems to me most people who want this camera want to because it looks
like a Leica. So why not buy a Leica? A Leica X1 sells for just a little
more than this camera. If you really like something, buy it, not a replica.
Why buy a Leica X1 when it costs more and is not as good..
I own both and an M and at 1600,3200,6400 ISO the Leicas are way behind.
Quirks it may have but it is 1st generation and 2nd firmware update.
Leica has had 60 years and the M9 is still lacking in many areas compared to today’s market, 5000 Uk Pounds and extra for dioptre correction just to list 1 item.
You know the saying prod a Leica owner-stir a hornets nest.

8:31 am - Saturday, July 30, 2011

#99 Larry

People are buying this camera because it looks like a Leica. No. People are buying this camera, which looks like a Leica M3.

10:08 am - Thursday, August 11, 2011

#100 Sanjay

I didn’t mean to say moronic & idiots. coz they mean the same. I meant idiotic morons. oh that is same too. i don’t know what i’m saying anymore. maybe it’s not the X100 that needs IS, its in my head that needs one. Intelligence Stabilisation or is could be Stabilised Intelligence. oh i can’t think anymore. maybe some one should shoot me…. with an X1. since its an underachieving camera i might survive and hang around in a forum forever, talking about a camera i so hate

10:40 am - Thursday, August 11, 2011

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