Fujifilm X-Pro1 Review

March 15, 2012 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 Jay Nathanson

Thanks for a great review. You comment that the X100 is “now discontinued”. That’s news to me. Is Fuji no longer manufacturing them? Might there be a “Mark II” pending that addresses the quirks and bugs of the X100?

6:38 pm - Thursday, March 15, 2012

#2 jay nathanson

You comment that the x100 is “now discontinued”. Is Fuji really no longer manufacturing the camera? Does that suggest that a “x100 mark II” is pending or do you think Fuji will now focus only on the interchangable lens line?

6:40 pm - Thursday, March 15, 2012

#3 Mick

Lokks really good not sure I want to collect another set of lenses for a carryround but little by little I am convincing myself.

7:19 pm - Thursday, March 15, 2012

#4 JPD

@Jay Nathanson

X100 isn’t discontinued. Read it again, and you’ll see that it says “discounted”. ;-)

9:46 pm - Thursday, March 15, 2012

#5 Serge

Disappointed at the slow AF.  Looks like a great landscape camera, but not so good for street.

10:46 pm - Thursday, March 15, 2012

#6 Coffee

An excellent and very informative review, Mark. The X-Pro1 really looks like an ideal camera for enthusiasts and semi-professionals who take photography seriously. If only the price for the whole system wasn’t that steep! I mean, who is going to be happy with just the camera body and the 28mm? Will two primes be enough? I don’t think so. Most of those who can afford it will probably want the body and all three primes. And in these times this is quite an investment for most people ...

... anyways, I was just doing something I usually never do. I was pixel-peeping through one of the sample images (the garden/backyard) when I got the eerie feeling that any moment I might encounter a hand with a pistol poking out of the bushes. Déjà vu! :-)

12:44 am - Friday, March 16, 2012

#7 David

“putting the X-Pro1 more in line with high-end DSLRs like the Canon EOS 7D, the older 5D MKII and the Nikon D7100”

sweet - so the Nikon D7100 is coming out soon?  =)

12:53 am - Friday, March 16, 2012

#8 fotografo milano

I bought this camera reserving it at my local shop as one of the first that came here, for professional photography. I sold all my canon gear after last season to get something smaller that I can use when traveling, or for my street photography. I have been truly in love with my x100 since I got it, and I must say that this is a big improvement on that..The af is not bad at all, of course it should not be compared to a dslr one, these are not the right cameras for sport or really deep action photography, but I absolutely raccomend it for street. It would take a while before knowing it well and for any defect to come out, but the image quality is stunning even at really high-iso levels…together with the x100 is a winning set, so small and light.
I put some early shots here:

and this is my streetwork, a lot of it comes from the x100…

I only hope the lightroom plugin for raws comes out soon!


3:05 pm - Friday, March 16, 2012

#9 Pavel

image quality looks more than promising

6:28 pm - Friday, March 16, 2012

#10 charly

“That’s more than any other compact system camera on the market, including the Sony NEX-7” ???

Buying NEX7 + T* SEL-24F1,8Z will be more expensive than X-Pro1 + 1,4/35mm!!!

6:25 pm - Saturday, March 17, 2012

#11 Andrew

I think we are actually seeing the beginning of a revolution, the DSLR with it’s clunky mirror system might become a dinosaur? I am beginning to embrace the idea of professionally photographing a wedding with a smaller faster more discrete camera and maybe this or it’s next generation development might be the camera. Anyone agree?

3:52 pm - Monday, March 19, 2012

#12 hexx

@Serge - “Looks like a great landscape camera, but not so good for street.” - AF should be enough for street, X100’s AF is enough for street and in worse light conditions you can always use zone focusing instead - problem solved

5:24 pm - Monday, March 19, 2012

#13 fotografo matrimonio

Andrew, not only I agree, but I’ve sold my 5ds at the end of last wedding season…that era is ended for me, with heavy bags and introusive cameras….the only thing you’ll miss is a big battery life, but the pictures you’re driven to take with these are really fun and good..

2:57 pm - Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#14 Ktas

Why can’t the reviewers, say it honestly that there’s hardly any video element of any consequence on Fuji x-Pro1. Look at this review, under the sub-heading of ‘Video, there is dominantly boring footage about the camera not the footage from the camera. ( I hate to watch video reviews particularly ‘hands on’ ones about high end cameras, anyway. They hardly show anything; they hardly say anything. Imagine watching and appreciating D800’ 36 megapixel shot with the video compression of Youtube)

5:52 pm - Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#15 c1asia


i was so ready for this camera because all the specs were right for a travel camera.  but then i saw these two reviews and it was enough to change my mind or at least wait and see if fuji fixes these issues.  seriously bummed and can’t quite figure out why major manufacturers after all these years still can’t seem to get these things ironed out.  do they not listen to customer feedback and read blogs and forums to improve their products?

6:18 pm - Thursday, March 22, 2012

#16 rob


dSLRs will not become dinosaurs any time soon, simply because they offer much more flexibility, high performance and expandability for those who need such characteristics (pros). If anything, in my prediction, dSLRs will become more of hybrid still/video cameras - with ergonomics evolved to fit the needs of video shooting rather than just still photos. And - in time - they will further evolve into predominantly video cameras with the quality of their video footage good enough to just extract video frames as stills.

But I applaud the direction Fuji seemingly took with the X100 and now X-Pro 1. In my view, this is the most promising line of compact cameras from any manufacturer. If only price was more reasonable, I would consider buying the X-Pro 1 with all prime lenses available. I am sure, though, that the price is proportional to the amount of costs related to the research and development of this new and innovative line of Fuji cameras.

1:13 am - Friday, March 23, 2012

#17 Peter Harris

And you would by this instead of the nex 5n with viewfinder because?  I know it’s horses for courses but this thing seems like a play for the “you kids get off my lawn,  I want my film but won’t actually use film” set. 

And they are paying dearly for something intangible. You want great images with great primes I put a 24mm zuiko on my nex and via peaking and auto mag I get super sharp images. at 1/3 the price.

What’s strange is that the lenses - and I’m all for primes - aren’t even the right focal length for aps sensors.  It would seem that 24mm would be more appropriate , as would a 35mm.  The macro sounds OK.  So I’m guessing these are some old film lens designs with modern coatings.

The thing seems like a pandering travesty.  but opinions are like a—holes everyone has one.

1:16 am - Friday, March 23, 2012

#18 Terost

$1699 just for the compact body ??? Too expensive. You can buy a DSLR with a lens or two for the cost of Fuji X-Pro1 camera without lens.

5:07 am - Friday, March 23, 2012

#19 KJ

It’s a shame that Adobe will not support Fuji any time in the near future.  Fuji refuses to give up the algorithms to turn the new sensor data into an image because of their fear of competition.  Rightly so but no one serious about photography and in their right mind is going to use the “Silkypix” bs that supports Fuji.

1:09 am - Saturday, March 24, 2012

#20 rob

KJ, AFAIK, you can convert Fuji RAW format (or any RAW format, for that matter) into DNG format and use that for editing the image in Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture. Adobe has a free DNG Converter for Mac and Windows for that purpose.

Here is a link to Adobe page: http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/extend.displayTab2.html

4:28 pm - Saturday, March 24, 2012

#21 fotografo matrimonio

You can’t convert anything since the camera isn’t supported and the native x1 raw means nothing even for that converter, or any else…

As you can see at that link the camera isn’t in the supported cameras list. I’m sure soon it will be solved but I find this delay fool on a tool like this camera: I sold canon gears to use this as my main camera and I’m left to jpgs…good jpgs, for sure, but miss the right wb and you’re done, you have to waste the file to obtain something good.

This, only this, is my total disappointment to Fujifilm.

9:25 pm - Saturday, March 24, 2012

#22 Chris

Don’t know why you would test a lens at f/16 - it is diffraction limited past f/8 - the optimum will be around f5.6.

12:58 pm - Saturday, March 31, 2012


Mark, A very good first review. This camera, looked “too good to be true” but, as usually follows if it looks too good .. .. ..... .... you know the rest. First: I can’t see any Leica owners buying adapters to put their lenses on this camera. I wouldn’t put a Leica lens on any brand “adapter” unless it too was made by leica.

Second: This trend of sending cameras out to sell, before they are completed needs to stop. Anyone who pays this kind of money for a camera that has this many flaws, deserves what he gets. Keep letting these companies get away with this, is adding to the problem. I do think that there are more flaws than are listed, but reviewers seem to give them a little “slack” assuming that it will be corrected. (maybe by version 3)

Third: I think the the lens aperture should be re examined to check their calculations. I don’t know if they are using the actual measurement that has been the standard. Also, there should be no excuses, they are selling it at a premium, calling it precision and taking credit for ideas that they devised. This is an early review, I think Mark did well, but clearly, it shows that (closer) review is needed. These units will be in for repair within weeks.

4:42 pm - Sunday, April 1, 2012

#24 jake

@fotografo matrimonio,well said , I agree with you on all your points, I actually almost did the same.
but I decided to keep my 5D2 and Alpha 900 just for now(because in Asia people are more conservative and they care about what we shoot with them or how big our cameras are).
but I feel I will sell them in a couple of months or so if I can confirm that people I shoot do not complain about my tiny cameras(NEX7 and this one).

aanyway, with all honesty I can say that this camera or NEX5n really made the D3 or the D700 kind of low resolution FF things of the past.
but in my bag , there are still some rooms left for a D800-like camera and maybe for the long rumored Sony A900 sucessor.

5:04 pm - Thursday, May 3, 2012

#25 jake

@Terost,shoot in a crowded street , you might appreciate this kind of cameras ,SLRs are too ugly and too conspicuous shooting a big city.
sometimes you get hits on your eyes if you shooting people with D-SLRs.

and in some countries such as Cambodia, Burma,etc do not allow tourists shooting the local people with D-SLRs.

5:15 pm - Thursday, May 3, 2012

#26 fotografo matrimonio

Hi Jake, even here in Italy people is really conservative. Maybe you can imagine how much a place like Italy can be on this aspect. Except some big city, wedding is just so traditional seen.

I don’t think the x1 looks so unprofessional, anyway..but I keep pushing and pushing on that as a choice with my future clients. I keep telling them that they have to judge my pictures, and that if they find them interesting, is even for a choice of a different tool.

Not a place at alla for a srl or dslr in my bag. The big and heavy camera pack days are gone, now I shoot professional assignments with a messenger. If I REALLY need something different, I rent it.

And I have less cameras, so I know them perfectly and use them for my personal stuffs too.

all the best.

1:01 pm - Monday, May 7, 2012

#27 Pulak

Sorry Fujifim, but this doesn’t feel like a hat-trick. I have not tried the camera so i will not comment on performance and will go with reviewer’s judgement, but as a strategy this doesn’t feel right. You make an excellent debut in this line with a fix lens and no zoom system but a very exciting viewfinder (costs 30% more now). then comes not at all cheap X10 with zoom but no hybrid viewfinder and all sorts of view and flash obstructing lens problems, yet very exciting compact. But instead of ironing out those two out you bring out a monster compact which might not fit into pockets of true enthusiasts and isn’t exciting the others. why?

If X is your compact series then why make it cumbersome. just give everything in one neat package so everybody can get on with their little lives.

ps: please just put the hybrid VF on X10 so i can buy one :)

1:27 pm - Sunday, May 20, 2012

#28 Chris C

I bought this camera three days ago, the image quality is excellent. Have to take sometimes to familizied the functions. One thing I found still awaiting Fuji technician reply is, whenever the battery level is at very low level, the OVF or EVF image was magnified, like a cropped/enlarged image. After recharging the battery in full charge, go to menu, reset, the image becomes normal again. Does anyone has the same problem.  Also, they don’t have a diopter is a real disappointment, it is not easy to find a suitable diopter from the market. From the manual they said we can use Cosina diopter, actually, we can use Nikon FE, FM etc diopter, they are the same.

1:11 am - Wednesday, June 13, 2012


That’s just the beginning. Do you wonder why guy like me and Fabio post these comments and reviews? We assume that people will read them! Many of them do respond, and we give the best advice we can, We get many “thank you” emails, but some people have to learn for themselves. Fuji will have these issues corrected…. on the Very Next Version! They have been paid for yours already, there’s little incentive to fix the last version. I guess I’ll have to say it again… “Buyer Beware!”. .... Got it now?

6:34 pm - Thursday, June 14, 2012

#30 fotografo milano

Hi Chris, that’s not a defect, but just a function that you can use to magnify the vision in mf, it’s just the pression of the dedicated button..

I find many complaints really over-reality..this is a dedicated camera, not to be compared to a dslr, but good for a different kind of photography, like you would do with a rangefinder…

Like the af-issue, it looks like we all need to shoot sport..even if, we would never choose wievfinder different from the reflex-kind..

I don’t know a camera free from defects. true, we have to be careful before buying, but the more I watch, the more I see wonderful works done with cheap equipments..the best thing is always to know the limits of what you have and discover the advantages…

There’s no better action than keep your equipment and really get to know it perfectly..but the “buy the next” sindrome hits us all now and then, that’s where they game us all.


6:58 pm - Thursday, June 14, 2012


Chris C., I looked through my files and found that this is nothing new with Fuji. A similar problem arose with the HS20 EXR and it seems that they were able to fix it with a firmware update.

Write in to a few other sites especially dpreview.com. Join it if you need to, go to the forum bar on top, look for Fuji, I seem to remember a special entry for the X PRO1.

Post your issue there and you should get a quick response. There’s a guy named Bill who’s a wiz when it comes to Fuji.  But there you can find out if a revision in firmware is needed also when and how to do it. Make sure you post to the right title and Never post it twice. They have strict rules and if you don’t follow them, you’ll get a weeks detention. (read only) Follow their rules and you’ll be okay. They are always the first to know.

Write back to tell us what happened okay. ... Joe Prete

7:30 pm - Thursday, June 14, 2012


Chris, Btw, I never updated my HS20EXR and it always worked okay anyhow. Good Luck. ... Joe Prete

7:33 pm - Thursday, June 14, 2012

#33 Chris C

The following is the respond from Fuji Technician, they are really quick, and solved my problem. Actually, I did not find this from the user manual, may be I over look it, even I have read it many time. Actually, it is a good function.


Dear Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry.

When the battery is low it does not reduce to a smaller size. We know that if you hold the toggle switch in OVF mode it will change the magnification of the frame guide.

9:12 pm - Thursday, June 14, 2012


I’m not really sure what they said to you, but after giving them a ton of money, don’t wet your pants because they gave you a one sentence reply.

What happened with the Diopter situation? If I spent that much on a camera with these problems, it would go right back. That’s just me.  A diopter is a required component. People have different vision, so you need it to be on level ground. If you’re happy with it that’s fine with me.

I would still join at dpreview.com so you can speak to others with the same camera, and the issues that come with it. They have it in the X100 forum. I’m telling you this because it will make life much easier for you.  I hope it works out for you.

Good Luck,
Joe Prete

4:18 am - Friday, June 15, 2012

#35 Chris C

Actually the user manual is not written clearly on some of the functions. If you are holding the OVF toggle switch for too long, it will switch the image to a smaller size & if you hold it again, it can reset to the normal size. That is what my test after they advised me.  For the diopter issue, you are right, it is rediculous for a camera of this price without the diopter adjustment. I have managed to find a very close scale, old Nikon FM, FE diopter of X3 to fit my eyesight. Cost is $20-.  Actually I need a X2 to be acurate. I will buy a X2 later from eBay.  There are plenty there. Apart from this, the performance of this camera is really good, I am always in favour of the Fuji camera performance on colour and dynamic range, don’t mention the processor speed, slow. I still have a Fuji S3 pro. Nowadays, not many new cameras can bit the S3 pro performance on these. I love it, the diopter issue is only minor a minor issue. Also, I like to use manual focusing, I just ordered two adapters, one is a Leica adapter and the other is a C-mount for 16mm movie camera lens. I never heard anyone complaint about Leica’s manual focus issue. Right. Nice to talk to you. One more thing, this camera/lens doesn’t has a built in VR/stablizer, due to the very steady and quiet shutter, I find I can use very slow shutter speed in low light without affecting the pictue quality.


6:30 am - Friday, June 15, 2012


Your next post comes to me first, the battery level sounds exactly like the HS20. The Fuji S 3 is a Nikon. The whole line up to S 5 are all Nikons. Over 40 years in Photography and I never had an issue with the diopter. There are new cameras coming out every day, if it’s the Retro look, they all have it.

Did you get a FULL Manual? Or did they give you a Basic guide and a Disc? You need a complete full size printed guide. I hear of people putting up with all kinds of crap, just to say they love that Fuji. Are you in the U.S.? Did you speak with the New Jersey repair center? Let me know what’s really going on and how long you have the camera.  ... Joe Prete

6:48 am - Friday, June 15, 2012


Chris, like I said, your post came to me before it went to the site. The reply above logged at 5:48 AM was the response to your post that is logged at 5:30 AM. I was trying to save us some time, but you didn’t look at the board. Please read my post and answer those questions.

I want to try to help you. Also if you have it beyond the return date, we need to speak to a camera repair tech to see if we can just add a Diopter, I’ve never had to do that, and it seems kind of stupid of them to leave it out, on a supposed “precision” camera. Many people have vision that requires a diopter, and I WOULD EITHER TAKE THEM TO COURT, OR START A CLASS ACTION SUIT.

This makes me wonder what else they left out! And like I said, people are lying through their teeth, sticking up for this camera, but they know they’ve been screwed. Like I said so many times “FUJI WILL FIX IT -ON THE VERY NEXT VERSION” But the money you gave them works just fine doesn’t it, No problem with the money, but the camera has many problems doesn’t it!

Please answer the questions in my prior post and read this one before you reply. I really do want to help you, and find the others in the same situation, but as I think you can tell, they really know how to twist them at Fuji. I think you know what I mean. I’ll look for your post later today. I know some people to talk to, we’ll get this ironed out Chris, I won’t leave you stranded with this mess that they’ve created. ... Joe Prete

9:59 am - Friday, June 15, 2012

#38 fotografo milano

there’s a full manual printed in the box…the image magnification is just a function, not a defect.

camera religion wars are fool, life is too short for these stuffs. Enjoy whatever you have.

10:04 am - Friday, June 15, 2012


I’ve spoken to you before. Did you read Chris’s comments? A camera with no diopter adjustment? If his vision requires it, how can he get along without it? I’ve never seen it left off of any decent camera, let alone a high end camera. Read Chris’s other complaints. You have the same camera- compare notes with him. ... Joe Prete

10:39 am - Friday, June 15, 2012

#40 fotografo milano

Yes, Joe, I remember you, hope all is fine up there…;)

Diopter, yes, is a missing thing..I think they are still solving the earthquake things out…fuji had problems for months with body ready but still not finished lenses…you can get diopter lenses on ebay? fine, problem solved. Hopefully they will come with their soon.

All brands have their fault…light leaks in the eosIII, D800 freezing when playing image with histogram (need to take off and re-insert the battery)....all thing that get solved along the way…and those two are even more pricey.

No brands are friends in my opinion…the magnified view, I hope is clear, is just a function, not a defect, hope Chris now learned how to use it…the camera performs really well in my opinion. I’m using it in professional use and the files are wonderful, doesn’t even looks digital.

Expensive, yes, but less than other….we could talk million pages about the M9 getting crappy at high ISO values and so on…whatever brand you use…the om-5 getting banding with the 20mm….

I just think we don’t have to take it too seriously…you talked about getting to court and all…I just have something else to do in my limited time…

Friendly, G

11:07 am - Friday, June 15, 2012


Chris, when you read the posts we can catch up. What Gabrielle says is sort of true. Nikon and Canon fix everything that goes wrong with their gear. Nikon NEVER checks your date of purchase or warranty info. - they help every single caller even if it’s a Nikon D40. Gabe’s in Italy, so he’s more likely to finish the build himself, rather than send it in. Remember what I said about people that will say anything to protect Fuji. He say’s it’s from the earthquake. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES- YOU PAID FULL PRICE!

Most of the parts come from China, regardless where they are assembled. He’s going to try to help you, but remember, he’s in Italy, we’re over here. Read the posts, answer the questions and we’ll see what we can do. You can read Gabes stuff later, he won’t be on for some time now anyway. I don’t think it’s easy to get gear in Italy. They tend to put up with more. He’s a nice guy, but he may have quite a different product than yours. The regions are separated. Let me know when you’ve caught up with my posts. ...Joe

2:24 pm - Friday, June 15, 2012

#42 Chris C

Hi, I live in Canada. I only have the X pro 1 for a week. Once I have the camera, I updated all the firware to the latest one. Now there is no funny sound with the shutter and lens. I find it is very good except the diopter issue. Noise is good, image is sharp.  I have a test with the ISO, from 100 to the max. Of course from 100 to 3000 are very good, I did try the max, is acceptable, still quite clear. Also even the parts are from China makes not difference, China can have people in the Space that means their technologies are reliable, not in 1950 or 1960. Today, my friend got a Nikon D800, when I compared the photos, I like Fuji better. Actually I had ordered a Nikon D800, was cancelled due to long waiting of delivery. I have no regret to buy this camera. I found the user manual is not that detail, that is why I missed the function of OVF/EVF until the Fuji technician emailed me to solve my problem. Thet are very helpful, they can return the email wihin one day. I use a 35mm f1.4 which is very good. The AF is a bit slow, if you can find image with edges, then AF is quick. Other than this and the diopter issue, I find no problem for this camera. Also, I like the manual focus, I use it a lot, I am going to receive two adapters for my manual lenses, one for Leica screw mount and the other is a C-mount adapter. In the past I used these kind of lenses with my M4/3 Lumix G1 and Olympus EPL1, I found the result are very good when using manual focus. Also, I like manual focus as I can control the focus piont instead of by the AF. So I am looking forward to use the manual lenses in the future.


5:38 am - Saturday, June 16, 2012


I can call the New Jersey Fujifilm repair center to see what - if anything they are going to do about this situation. From my experience, I think that these problems won’t be fixed until the next version. In the meantime, I really think you should post at dpreview.com You will get replies on the weekend.

Just be sure to post once in the X100/X PRO 1 Forum. They have the most knowledgeable people of all the web sites. They have a few rules that you need to follow, but I’m sure you’ll learn something. I’ll write back to this site when I speak to the repair manager in N.J.  He’s helped me in the past. You really do need to be vocal about this, you won’t get any help if you just keep saying that it’s worth it to have a Fujifilm camera.

Regarding the comment about the Nikon D800, I didn’t care for it at all. I almost always use the D700. The D4 and D800 weren’t our best investments. We’re all Nikon because that’s our glass, and the D3S was fine. We’ve used Nikon since the 80’s and still have the F4S and FM2’s Those were the days! ...  Joe Prete

6:48 am - Saturday, June 16, 2012

#44 Chris C

Again, thanks for you concern on the diopter issue. Actually, as mentioned by Photografo, there are a lot of diopters with eBay. The problem is for a long, short & blur sight person like me, which diopter is suitable ? I don’t know, no way to test it, even I asked my optomist, he will not give me the right answer. I did try once for my Bonica ETR camera. Why, because even they give you the right answer, still no good. After some research, I found out Fuji X Pro 1 built in diopter scale is -1, and this does not mentioned in the Fuji user manual. If your optomist told you, you need a +2, you may end up buying a wrong diopter from eBay. I searched with all the camera shops in my city, at last I found one +3 & one -3, tested it phyically, still not that acurate, I should use a +2. I bought the +3, no other way, because there is no other diopter in the whole city. Now I know the diopter scale of my eyes, will find one in eBay later. 

By the way, I did not received the emails in the order of the Q&A too.

Best regards, thanks for the help.


7:01 am - Saturday, June 16, 2012

#45 Chris C

I just saw your email regarding Dpreview forum, I have an account with them too, I may later post my concern with them.

Thanks again.


7:05 am - Saturday, June 16, 2012


... Yes, I got your next post via email. It says it posted 32 minutes ago. Well, this is still a very good site, the messages do show up, even if with a slight delay.

Anyhow Chris, I just looked at the few Fuji’s that I have and they all have Diopter adjustments. I also looked through a box of misc. but working cameras and every one of them has a diopter adjustment.

It seems so basic, a required component, I can’t imagine what they were thinking. How they could leave it out is beyond me. Maybe it was a mistake, just overlooked? Hard to imagine on a High quality camera, but it would be worse if they don’t correct it. They do seem to look at their customers as more of a cult, rather than just Fuji shooters, but it is required. ... Joe

7:52 am - Saturday, June 16, 2012

#47 Chris C

I typed Optometrist wrongly.

3:35 pm - Saturday, June 16, 2012

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