Fujifilm XF1 Review

October 31, 2012 | Mark Goldstein |

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The Fuji XF1 is one of the most elegant compacts ever made. The Camera Store's Chris Niccolls looks into what makes this stylish camera so unique. Special th...
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Jacobus Kriel chats to Dawie Verwey, a professional photographer at Flat Art Studios, about Fujifilm's XF1 hand camera. Video by JaC Productions - www.jacpro...
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The FujiFilm XF1 is a high end compact camera that offers a lot of advanced features to the more casual user. Equipped with a 12MP sensor and a high quality ...
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(1 of 3) The Fuji Guys show you what each button and control does on the Fujifilm XF1 digital camera. For more information visit http://www.fujifilm.ca/produ...
From: Fuji Guys
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Обзор фотоаппарата Fujifilm XF1.
From: Dym Popov
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Тест компактной фотокамеры Fujifilm XF1, камеры бизнес-класса, характеризующейся резкой картинкой, объективом с хорошим зумом и компактными размерами. Полнос...
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Fujifilm XF1 Review.
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Billy of the Fuji Guys is back to outline the top features of the XF1 X Series premium camera. For more information visit http://www.fujifilm.ca/ Follow the ...
From: Fuji Guys
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The super fashionable Fuji FX1 is here! In addition to its super trendy look, it takes superb pictures and videos- see for yourself!
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Three Digital Cameras inc Sony NEX-6... a look at the new Sony NEX-6, plus the Olympus PEN E-PL5 and the Fujifilm XF1. All very different, with different use...
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