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May 12, 2014 | Mark Goldstein | |

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My overview and video companion review to my 11000 word written and visual review at: http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2014/04/24/the-leica-t-type-701-unibody-digital-camera-review-by-steve-huff/...
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It's not often that Leica introduces a new camera system, so we were excited to check out the first camera in the new Leica T series. It's expensive, has a unique uni-body design and a very...
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I've had the Leica T the entire time I've been in Hong Kong and I've had a lot of fun shooting with it. This is a very controversial camera, partly because of who manufactured it and also because...
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This week on DDTV, Blunty's preview of the LEICA T, Leica's new Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera system. "Leica T-System - the only system in its class that combines groundbreaking...
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Leica T (Typ 701) 11-23mm wide angle zoom unboxing.
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Please Check out our blog post which contains sample pictures: camerawest.com/cwblog/2014/04/24/leica-taifun-my-first-few-days-with-the-new-leica-t/ Follow us on: Twitter - twitter.com/camerawestst.
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For additional information visit: http://leicarumors.com/category/leica-t/
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Is this the most boring ad ever made? Not if you appreciate obsessive craftsmanship. Leica Camera spends 45 minutes polishing the new Leica T by hand. Watch for yourself and decide. Boring or not?
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Introducing the Leica T Camera System. Watch the uncompromising story behind Leica Camera's latest innovation and learn why the new Leica T Camera System is easy to use, hard to forget.
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Compact system cameras have become pretty much commonplace over the past few years. Arguably, with its series of rangefinders, Leica has been in the CSC industry for longer than anybody else....
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