Nikon Coolpix A Review

March 22, 2013 | Mark Goldstein |

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Within a month of each other, both Nikon and Ricoh launched compact cameras with large sensors and 28mm equivalent lenses. Which is a better buy, The Ricoh G...
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Nikon Coolpix A Full Camera Review: Hands on Demo, Test and Review Video of the Nikon Coolipix A Compact Camera SUBSCRIBE HERE: For more...
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I take a look at the new Nikon Coolpix A, this camera is very similar to the Sony RX100 we just looked at. Unlike the RX100 the Coolpix A uses an APS-C size ...
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Nikon has introduced a small digital point and shoot camera with one giant sensor. It's called the Nikon CoolPix A and its a bit strange. From the looks of t...
From: PhoneDog
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Time: 03:29 More in Science & Technology The Nikon Coolpix A has an APS-C size 16.2 megapixel sensor and a fixed focal length 28mm equivalent lens, making it Nikon's larg...
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more info here:
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The Nikon Coolpix A is the first large sensor compact from the company that treads into the APS-C territory. Paired with a fixed 28mm f/2.8 lens, the camera ...
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Mini yet mighty -- Nikon's 1st compact with a DX-format sensor The COOLPIX A puts the image quality of a D-SLR literally in the palm of your hand. With its l...
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Ralfs Foto-Bude - The Photo-Page for everyone Today I show you the Review .... MORE Today I show you the unboxing of the brandn...
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Ralfs Foto-Bude - Die Fotoseite für jeden: Heute zeige ich euch die ..... MEHR Heute zeige ich euch die brandneue Kompaktkamera...
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