Nikon Coolpix AW110 Review

September 9, 2013 | Matt Grayson | |

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#1 Anderson Pereira

I bought the AW110 two weeks ago in the Netherlands before leaving on vacations to the Maldives. I own another pro DSLR and a number of lenses from Nikon, and I purchased this one for snorkeling shots after a quick web search, trusting the Nikon quality.

The camera is a complete disappointment to say the least. After one week the whole OLED display was covered by condensation. Just one day later the lenses were also fully covered. All care was taken to access the card/battery compartment only once the camera was totally dry/clean, and the compartment was always carefully closed. I do not do any diving; only snorkeling. So the camera was never any deeper than 1 meter in the water.

After noticing the malfunction I searched the web for similar problems, and the number of comments stating the exact same issue was simply awkward. I was hopping this to be a just a bad unit, but it seems to have happened to many other not so satisfied customers.

Today I switched the camera on to see if the battery was still charged, and switched the camera off. Before leaving for snorkeling I switched the AW110 once again, and realized that the welcome screen did not show up. I tried to switch the camera on several times again, but nothing at all. All controls were simply DEAD.

What I find quite disturbing is that besides all comments I found before on the condensation issue, I realize now that there are a number of comments and blogs stating that the camera ‘simply did not work anymore’.

Are we really talking about Nikon here?? I mean the Nikon quality? I mean, look at all the comments on the web. This is a joke. This is an 18m waterproof / 2m shockproof camera that goes totally dead after a few days snorkeling for a few hours a day.

If Nikon is still the Nikon we all used to know they should be seriously looking into a factory recall.

DO NOT BUY IT. This is not an isolated case.

6:14 pm - Sunday, October 20, 2013

#2 A Sacco

I second the comment above. I bought a brand new Coolpix AW110, Used it once in 1 m water, and it stopped working. Nikon won’t fix it, insisting I contact the seller Photo imaging Center USA, but they don’t respond to any communication. I thought the Nikon Name would guarantee a good product, and speedy repair/replacement.

Don’t buy it, there must be a better product.
A Sacco

11:27 am - Saturday, October 25, 2014

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