Nikon Coolpix L100 Review

May 18, 2009 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | |

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#1 Tibor

It is a really foolish camera with reduced ability of settings such like ISO, shutter-speed, aperture, 2 sec timer, etc.
Strange colours on pictures, for example garish blue sky
I’m very disappointed with this camera, and returned it on the same day.
And bought a FujiFilm S1500… Much better!

4:11 am - Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i have the cam for 2 days and found out the quality of pictures are depending on the scene modes that you choose on your device.if you choose the best scene mode you have great results.i have taken even better night shots than reviews shot on the page. quality is really great.

7:40 pm - Thursday, September 17, 2009

#3 sudeve

very bad picture control over iso,pictures are very soft.

8:47 am - Saturday, September 19, 2009

#4 Saurabh Wadikar

I bought this camera today and found it pretty amusing. The fact that it has no control over the ISO may be a little frustrating for novices, but a good package at such a fair price. However, that did not seem to impact the image quality. Infact, I found it better than Canon IXUS and other competitive ranges.

No comparison with the SLRs here, but I’d say money well spent!


2:18 pm - Monday, October 12, 2009

#5 Ankit

i hav got the best ever birthday gift ,,that is Nikon coolpix L100,,  one of the finest cameras for giving the best quality high zoom cameras in the

5:09 am - Friday, October 16, 2009

#6 dave h

I’ve had this camera for six months or more. I bought it to replace a Fuji FinePix S5100 which I damaged. Man, the L100 is a MAJOR disappointment!!!  It does just fine with landscapes on sunny days. Anything else and photos are soft, colors untrue, and the auto-focus is TOTALLY useless on anything not just the right color, well-lit, and more than about 10 ft. away. 

I was once a fairly serious amateur photographer. I started years ago with 35mm, but now I shoot mostly casual snapshots.  DSLR’s are expensive, and I at the last minute, I went cheap and thought I’d try the L100. Now I wish I had spent the $899, because it turned out to be $249 absolutely wasted! I bought this camera intending to use it as a snapshot camera, but it’s not really even suitable for the most casual use. I kept it past the 30 day return because I thought with the Nikon name on it, it had to be better than it appeared to be. I thought I just needed to spend a little time with it to figure it out and get used to it. Hah! Unless you’re the kind of photographer that did most of his/her shooting with disposable cameras back in the film days, you will be very disappointed.

Mine looks, feels, and shoots like it did when brand new. If I could sell it for a fraction of what I paid for it, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I also own an Olympus FE-310 that I bought for $109 at Walmart, and except for going through batteries way too fast, it is an incredibly more capable camera. It produces better photos in any setting than the Coolpix L100. I should have bought another Fuji. I’ll never buy another Nikon product for sure. Not that Nikon doesn’t make good cameras, but the L100 definitely isn’t one of them, and they now have made me suspicious of their integrity for releasing such a dog camera.

As I previously mentioned, landscapes on a sunny day.  Other than that, I’ve found nothing that it does very well and a whole lot of situations where it just isn’t even remotely adequate. So disappointing!

6:51 am - Saturday, October 31, 2009

#7 pranjal bajpai

it is not a waste camera as mentioned above… high quality landscape pics can be achieved from this one…thunderstorm.. rainbow pics.. rainy days.. nice n stunning macro shots can also taken from this.. what u need is the patience n to understand dis the right mode for the right scenes.. it is good choice as far as value for money as concerned!

2:28 am - Sunday, November 1, 2009

#8 S K Handique


I did consider the L100 when I bought My Fujifilm S1500. The major disadvantage was the lack of an electronic or optical viewfinder which is very handy in bright daylight situations and for those using glasses. I found it impossible to view what was there in the screen in daylight

3:47 am - Sunday, November 8, 2009

#9 edo

hi have bought l100 1month ago….in auto mode pics are garbage…..but in correct modes such as dusk/down pics are excellent… if you need fast shoots its not for that..

1:50 pm - Friday, November 27, 2009

#10 Saurabh Wadikar

@ edo…

You’re right! One needs to play around with the settings and with the right set of combinations, this works wonders…

12:19 pm - Thursday, December 3, 2009

#11 Ak

I purchased this camera a day back and very much worried by viewing such comments, but one thing i like to mention that if it will be compared with SLR then it is unjustified…...Lets see what results i get.

10:25 am - Saturday, December 5, 2009

#12 Grateful11

How this camera made it to the market is beyond me. I actually took it on a trip up into PA from NC. Wound shooting most of pictures with a Sony CD1000 after downloading the pictures from the L100, I haven’t seen colors this off since my cheap junky Vivitar from years ago.  I posted some shots for evaluation on a site and everyone was like WT! Luckily I was able to take it back.

6:18 am - Saturday, December 12, 2009

#13 shahsank

plz do not buy this camera just piece of crap from nikon total disaster

12:28 pm - Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#14 Terry

$200 is not much to invest in a Nikon.  Some of your bloggers expect too much for their money.  It does everything they advertise and with a little practise, much more.

7:32 pm - Monday, December 28, 2009

#15 Grateful11

Wrong, $200 is too much invest in “any” camera that can’t even come close to matching the clarity and accuracy of color of a 8 year old 2.1mp camera, a Sony CD1000.  Just because it’s a Nikon doesn’t make great.  I spent enough time with the L100 to know it’s not worth it. My wifes Nikon L18 takes far better pictures and it cost $89.  Keep searching and you’ll see these blog post are not flukes but facts.  Go ahead and buy it, I doubt you’d have the guts to admit it’s a POS just because it’s a Nikon.  Spring for the Canon SX20 it’s far better but remember no camera is perfect.

4:15 am - Tuesday, December 29, 2009

#16 daminmin

I bought this camera today , it is not as good as imagined.but a good package at such a fair price.

11:25 am - Sunday, January 10, 2010

#17 les

I bought a nes computer and camera for Xmas. Unfortuately the new computer is a windows 7. The cool pix and windows 7 are not copatable to each other. there is a uupdatae coming up for the camera. I am still patiently waiting for a update for it.. It is kind of frustrating not to be able to transfer the pics on the camera to the computer for printing.
    As for the camera. I like the camera.Except for Pro’s and die in the wool amateurs. It works well. I think the camera is great for the money. The features available are Many. I would reccoment it’s purchase for smapshops. Easy to use.

12:13 am - Thursday, January 14, 2010

#18 mememe

take out the memory card and transfer the pics using a card reader.

if so many modes are given,it is better to use them to get the desired pics instead of sticking to a single shoot mode,to get optimum image quality,try using the suitable modes.That is a rule for all the cams.

10:19 am - Friday, January 15, 2010

#19 Chaos

I purchased this camera for 200.00 and I will say that it is worth the money if your an amateur.  If you are a pro then I suggest for you whiners to get a Dslr and not the Nikon L100.  The L100 is good for snapshots and as far the the ISO control, it’s there when you use the camera with 3 MegaPixels or less.
For those of you complaining, reading the instruction book should help you.  I would truly recommend this camera to people who want a better picture than that of a regular point and shoot.  Also use the different camera modes…It works.

4:50 pm - Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#20 32gb micro sd card

This is a great camera for the average Joe. If you want a family camera that you can take pictures of as well as use the movie mode I would highly recommend this camera and get yourself a good SDHC card and have a blast. The camera has 10 mega pixels and a wide angle 15x optical zoom and at a $279 price which is it going for it is the highest zoom you will find. The camera looks sleek and is real comfortable to your hand. Another cool feature is the one-button trash button, so if you take a picture you don’t like you can delete it quickly.

1:05 pm - Saturday, February 6, 2010

#21 Grateful11

If you paid $279 like the above poster you paid way too much, even the price listed on this page is under $200. You can find this camera, which is being phased out by the way, for $200 on sale nearly every week even in local stores.  Like I’ve said before Nikon’s L18, now the L20 soon to be replaced by the L22, takes much better pictures than the L100 you just don’t get a long zoom. Google the L100 before you buy and you’ll find a love/hate relation with the L100. People that know anything about Digicams hate it. If you buy the L100 know that it’s currently being replaced by the L110.

1:56 pm - Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have had my l100 for 6 months, and can`t use it. Turn it on and says the batteries are exhausted. Tried 10 types of batteries from expensive ones to cheapies, nothing works. Good thing my old Canon still works

5:36 pm - Monday, March 22, 2010

#23 ROCK

I have the chance of owning a cheaper Nikon camera and I was surprised by the clarity of the pictures taken even with low or inadequate light and without using the flash.. This camera if handled by a professional photo enthusiast can equal to those highly prices DSLR in terms of picture quality.
Also this camera is very easy to handle with all the functions located within finger reach.. From a country trying to capture the peoples’ imagination with nature laden island called the Philippines, I am a very happy owner and proud user of this Nikon L100 digital cam..Eddelacerna

5:09 am - Sunday, June 20, 2010

#24 sam

A lot is written about L100 across all the blog sites - it is surely a love - hate relationship. Either people love it or hate it. I bought this camera a week back before going out on a holiday trip.

To be truthful I was deeply disappointed with the initial few pictures - please note I was using the easy auto mode.

Then I played around between various modes and believe me I got results that Nikon is known for -there are limited options to play with and as a novice I don’t miss much. I have taken shots at 15x zoom in good light condition and the results are amazing.

I agree that the auto mode for point and shoot cameras in Canon is lot better than this - but believe me if you use right mode in Nikon L 100 you can take pictures that satisfy your instincts.

1:57 pm - Monday, June 21, 2010

#25 Alfred Law


11:10 pm - Wednesday, July 14, 2010

#26 Cynthia

I just recently got this camera…I love how it takes pictures, although the annoying thing I find with this camera is batteries…especially rechargable ones don’t seem to work.  So instead of saving money with rechargable ones I have to spend them on regular ones…spoke to Nokia about it and they’re not much help.
Am I the only one having this issue?  What batteries have you found to work with yours?

6:54 am - Tuesday, August 3, 2010

#27 Sandy

Help i have one of these cameras and are u able to see the flash go off or not picture ain’t good at all. When u take a picture u should beable to see the flash go off right? help

2:04 am - Monday, August 30, 2010

#28 anne

How do you take pictures indoors with lights on without the picture always looking yellow?

7:28 pm - Monday, September 27, 2010

#29 mandar gokhale


7:53 pm - Monday, October 4, 2010

#30 Ivana

Hi, buy the GP2700 rechargeable batteries - they work!!

3:10 pm - Monday, December 13, 2010

#31 Zongshen Pete

The camera is just a “tool” a tool is for a job , a poor tradesman always blames the tools , take time to think and you will get results . I think people are buying this to save cash on a dslr , horses for couses my friends , the one criticism is the battery life though , which is pretty heavy
At the time I bought this I also bought a second hand Nikon Fm slr film cameara with a 127 Zoom for £79 from L.C.E. cant beat a paper shot if the subject is worthy , full control , no gimicks , just photographs

2:21 pm - Thursday, January 20, 2011

#32 Lauren

Hey so I’ve had this camera for a year and I have to say besides the odd times where the picture quality was off the camera is pretty great.  Now I’m looking for a wireless remote shutter to take pictures with. Does anyone know of a product I could purchase that is compatible with this camera?  Would love to know your thoughts!

thanks ;)

8:37 pm - Sunday, June 5, 2011

#33 Rella

I am trying to download internal photo’s from my Nikon L100 and I have the cord, but they won’t download. Any suggestions on how to get the photo’s out of internal???  Thanks

12:10 pm - Monday, August 22, 2011

#34 Kent

The computer cable does not insert into the camera.  This happened a couple years ago and Nikon took the camera and repaired.  Now it is again not allowing the cable to be inserted. 

Do other people have this same problem ? Is there a trick to getting the tiny thing to align ???  I am careful not to push too hard.  Or, to remove too quickly.

3:29 pm - Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#35 Grateful11

Well it’s wider on edge than the other so it will only go in one way. Personally I’ve never had that problem with anything but cellphones, I’ve about 6 digital cameras over the years, almost all use the same USB mini plug. The best thing to do is get an SD card reader and save your batteries while transferring photos.

3:51 pm - Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#36 gin

Hi. I could say a lot. I am real fussy with pictures. Do a lot of amateur shots .looking to set. Pro..shots. what do u suggest I buy? This camera is for the most part unreliable. U can’t do well as a. Serious photographer with it. My husband bought it for me couple years back . If I had bought it myself , I would have had a new one long ago???

2:34 pm - Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#37 Docmo

I’ve had this camera for about 3 years. It was like 199.00 @ Target. I was not very impressed as I found it quite slow, in all aspects but, Given the price for product, I really can’t complain. After all, you get what you paid for. On the other hand, wife has a Kodak EasyShare CX7430, and though it is only a 4.0MP and the lens is a 34mm-102mm it actually takes better pictures than the Coolpix L100.
But my problems are solved, concerning this camera. Recently I took it to an American Legion conference, and within 10 minutes, people knocked it out of my hands, and both times it landed on the lens’ rim denting it both times. It is truly useless now. I don’t know how to fix it and I can’t afford to send it off, if it is repairable nor afford the repair. So, if some of you take it from my view, you are better off than I. If you don’t want yours, send it to me. I only have a broken one. At least in most cases here, you have a working camera. Docmo

5:55 pm - Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#38 EAM

Actually it’s a nice camera.We’ll get awesome pics   if try to capture images in good light especially morning…....So my opinion is WORTH FOR MONEY

4:54 pm - Monday, December 16, 2013

#39 william weaver

My L100 is OK, however I cannot Download Pics on to my Windows 7 computer.  HOW!!!

1:30 am - Sunday, August 10, 2014

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