Nikon Coolpix L820 Review

May 22, 2013 | Matt Grayson | |

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#201 Brett Somerville

I got one of these for Christmas, and i am very impressed. Not only does it have extraordinary picture quality and optical zoom, but the video quality is awesome as well. Most cameras i get are crap in one way or another eg. terrible quality video, terrible microphone, crap zoom, crap picture quality, uncomfortable in hand, lack of tripod mount. All of those issues i have run into in the past, sometimes even more than one in a certain camera. But this one, the coolpix L820, is the best camera i have ever owned. the only downside really is the lack of an optical viewfinder.

4:31 am - Thursday, January 30, 2014

#202 Joe Prete

Hey Brett,
Consider yourself one of the lucky ones, but treat it gingerly, because inexpensive cameras are built from inexpensive parts, and when plastic gears meet the slightest resistance, and they slip over a tooth, into the next groove there’s no way to compensate for it.
The tripod mounts you mention were more than likely plastic too. I’m telling you this because you’ve mentioned how many cameras you’ve had trouble with, but if you added that money up, you could have bought one good camera, one that may have been tested for 50,000 cycles, and that most likely would have saved you money, time and aggravation and would be the only camera that you’d need to buy. I think you’d also have a better gauge of comparison, and standards, as to what good quality images and movies are. Many times the trouble starts when the power button is pressed while the cap is on the lens, or the camera is in the case. So treat it carefully and hopefully you’ll be okay. Don’t forget to register it, so you can call tech support if you need to. Happy Shooting! … Joe Prete

5:06 am - Thursday, January 30, 2014

#203 Brenda Bryant

I just take pictures for fun, not in any way a professional. I am changing to the Nikon l820 from the Canon Powershot sx10 IS. I am impressed only in some ways. Yes the pictures are a little better, I really like the ease of changing the settings. It is lighter. But the things I am not sure about. To me, lighter means more plastic, less metal, more likely to break. The review cannot be turned on without removing the lens cover. The battery compartment has to be opened to remove the SD card, more openings, more likely to wear out and break. Power does not time out when plugged to the USB/pc and will run until the batteries go dead.
Overall, I think it is a cheap made Nikon but will serve well if that is what you choose to pay for this camera. But… I will not yet part with my Canon SX10

1:52 pm - Friday, January 31, 2014


Brenda Bryant,
The Canon SX10 IS was a good camera, and may have been expensive when it came out, about 5 years ago! That relates to about 15 generations back, so today’s value might be about $10.00 U.S. (I have a NIB Canon S5 IS, due to it’s new condition, it will be part of a display of YESTERYEARS TECHNOLOGY)

However, choosing a camera that was an attempt to give the user more options for their money, resulted in one of the most complained about cameras of the last generation (The L830 is the current version) so you are already starting out a full version back. I am not knocking the brand at all, it is the model. Read the comments here, and at the L810 that came out before it.

I suggest you buy the best camera that your budget will allow. This camera looks similar to the Nikon P520, but that is where the similarity ends. If it will help you, tell us the amount you can spend, and I can suggest a few models with the best reviews, and user reports. Depending on your budget, it may not have as long a Zoom lens, but it will be reliable, and give you years of good service.  Just to give you an example, The Nikon L620 and the Canon SX170 IS both are higher rated and have very few if any complaints. They are also more compact in the closed position, and can be stored in a Purse or small case. There are waist (belt) cases for men. These Lenses reach 350mm and 488mm respectively. These are the models that just came to my mind, but with some information, I can give you a more detailed comparison of representative models in your price group, from the leading brands.

Please note that we do not sell any gear at all, and we have no connection with any manufacturer or retailer. I am a Freelance Photographer & Writer/Reviewer and this is a free offer of help, from me to you. Apparently you are unsure, because you wrote in to the blog. Please review some comments here to get a better understanding of what it is that I do on these blogs.  Also, I think you understand more than you realize, your first statements are correct. Inexpensive cameras are built from inexpensive parts, so to try to extend the zoom to nearly twice it’s practicable range, does put a strain on the entire system.

Also, adding an individual door for battery and SDHC card, would cost twice the money, for the additional door, and the designer to make that change. Your comment about having to remove the lens cover to view your images has annoyed a countless amount of people that I’ve spoken to, not to mention the other reviewers.

It doesn’t seem to have any practical purpose because the display is simply reading the image from the card. This little Iens
cap idiosyncrasy has led to many lens caps being tossed. Please look back to Jim’s comment at #7 (yes, page one) he assessed the L810/L820 situation in one sentence, but it’s ironic that people actually did buy the very next version of the same camera
I shoot Nikon, but I don’t think there is a good explanation for most of these problems that come up. With the technology of today, you wouldn’t think these issues would even exist.

Btw, your old SX10 IS might look good on a mantel or shelf, but don’t leave on the coffee table, cause you don’t want it to be a conversation piece.  I’ll be around if you need me.
... Joe Prete

7:46 pm - Friday, January 31, 2014

#205 Viraj

Which one is a better option Nikon l820 or Fujifilm s6800.. please advise..

6:05 pm - Saturday, February 1, 2014

#206 shahbaz

plz tell me nikon l820 cell quailty ?

6:29 am - Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Regarding #206 Shahbaz,
I think he’s trying to ask a question but I’m not too sure.

12:40 pm - Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#208 shahbaz

bt plz me its picture quality

2:29 pm - Sunday, February 9, 2014

#209 Rakhi

Hi Joe ,

I have bought nikon coolpix l820 .. i am pretty satisfied with my camera ...but ijust don’t know how to click the picture with keeping background blurred ..i tried it doing with portrait mode ,but i didn’t get it that way ..Can you please tell how to click such pictures..

6:17 am - Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The easiest and most logical way, would be to increase the distance between your subject, and the background.
Kind Regards,
... Joe Prete

7:22 am - Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#211 shahbaz

joe plz tell me nikon L320 best or nikon L820???

7:31 am - Thursday, February 13, 2014

#212 TOMO

Hello Joe

I wrote an email to you and still waiting for help.
Nikon l820 for me ok, but nothing spectacular, simple and fair results.


3:48 pm - Monday, February 17, 2014

#213 Joe Prete

Did I ask for you to send me an email? Your name does not sound familiar. If you have a question, you should start by posting it here.
… Joe Prete

By the way, this camera has been replaced, so I hope that those of you who are interested in this type of camera are now looking at the
current model, the Coolpix L830
… J.P.

5:08 pm - Monday, February 17, 2014

#214 James

Terrible camera, I bought it based on it’s amazing reviews and has disappointed me.

11:10 pm - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

#215 Joe Prete

Although the Coolpix L320 was reviewed here, I have never seen it advertised in the U.S., and of those that looked for it, I don’t know of anyone who was able to obtain one. I assume that is why I’ve never heard any comments about it. Based on the specs. that I’ve seen, it doesn’t appear to be that different from the L820.
The L320 has a CCD Sensor and a 22.5-585mm zoom lens, and
the L820 has a CMOS Sensor and a 22.5-675mm lens, but I don’t know if that’s going to be very noticeable to you. They seem to share the same exact body, and despite the different type, the sensors are also the same size!

These are, among the lowest priced cameras in their bracket. Read through the comments here, and on other web sites, but If it is high image quality that you seek, I would say it’s best to compare it to some other models from Nikon and other brands. Note that the L830 is now the current model in it’s series. Also, if you try to put a bit more information into your requests for assistance, your questions can be answered much quicker.
… Joe Prete

12:43 am - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#216 TOMO


My mistake for writing an email. Sorry, was looking for advice, but thanks anyway, will try elsewhere.

Thank you

2:02 am - Monday, February 24, 2014

#217 Sree

I bought this camera 2 months ago.Its good for capturing pics of objects ,nature,portraits.Nice Zoom.Good lens.But i cant take night snaps since i will need tripods.Without tripod its difficult to take pics without shakes.Lot of vibration while we press the button.And since we cant control the shutter speed sometmes we have to press the button before the event.Its fully automatic .Shutter speed is the major minus that i felt.But I love this camera.

View sample images here .

8:36 am - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#218 shahbaz

joe,,,tell me Nikon L320 Best Or Nikon L820?? i have bit confuse

3:10 pm - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#219 Joe Prete

I can’t find your email, send it to the email address listed on question number 170 of this section (that is on page #2). I don’t know where you sent it, but I will answer your questions when I get your email, okay!

I’ve answered your question already, it’s just above, at # 215. That is just a few numbers back, that is all that I can tell you, and if you can not understand it, I don’t think it will make any difference which camera you buy. They are both very inexpensive (cheap!) cameras.
… Joe Prete

1:47 am - Thursday, February 27, 2014

#220 shahabaz

joe.,,, can u plz sent me some pictures which taken bt NIkon L320

11:41 am - Thursday, February 27, 2014

#221 Joe Prete

… Joe

12:04 pm - Thursday, February 27, 2014

#222 Danny

Brought my coolpix L820 for a steal.
maybe i should have payed a bit more attention to detail.
Pictures come out fine but i cant view my videos/movies..
Why..??I’m not looking to be the next Tim Burton.
just a bit of fun when on holiday..

6:52 pm - Friday, February 28, 2014

#223 Joe Prete

Since the L820 has been discontinued, they’ve been selling at very low prices, but if you bought it new from a store, and it is defective, your first move should be to return or exchange it. Regarding the quality of the product, you get what you pay for, especially with cameras. Although it resembles the Coolpix P520, it is in no way comparable. Here’s a few things you could try before you call Nikon

1) Remove the lens cap, then try the LCD screen again. This may sound silly, but some of these inexpensive cameras will not show an image on the LCD with the lens cap on. Make sure that you have images to view, and be sure that you are pressing the right button to send the view to the LCD. The button is on the right side just below the thumb rest in the back, looks like this > Right Pointer. 

2) Remove the batteries for about 10 minutes, then put in fully charged batteries and power up. If you’re using rechargeable AA’s be sure they’re topped off first. This is a very basic reset.

3) Check the Firmware edition with the menu, write it down and go to the or site, go to support and type L820 into the search, see what the current firmware edition is and compare it to yours. Do not be surprised if it needs to be updated, this is very common with cameras and lenses built in the past several years. They have been user friendly for a few years now. It may have been in storage at the dealer for some time, so don’t be surprised if it is an early build.

If this hasn’t helped you, call Nikon’s tech support, between 8AM and 8:00pm, and hope that you get a decent tech. If there’s nothing that can be done, ask for a RA number and instructions to send it in under warranty. They will send you an email with a label.  BUT…
If you’ve just bought it, or it’s within the store’s return policy, that is your best choice, because warranty repairs take time. By all means, go that route if at all possible. If it is over the warranty period, but it is a reputable dealer or store, email me for some other options.

The best way to buy a camera like this, is to buy a refurbished unit, that will be better than new, because it gets everything checked and replaced if needed, and it is thoroughly inspected. You can get them from Nikon Authorized dealers like Amazon, Adorama & B&H Photo. You can buy them directly from the Nikon store, just click Refurbished compact cameras. The Refurbs at Nikon do cost more, they’re about $160.00 now, but they’re packing is excellent. To me, that means more than saving a few dollars. These things are thrown during shipping, and their not always caught.

Regarding the quality of the camera, you should know that the one used for the revue above, was in proper working order, and that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. At one time I counted the “For & Against comments, and it was 4 to 1 Guess which one was the 4.  Hint: it was like yours.  If you need to contact me, regarding the situation described above, you can write to me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) If in the U.S.,  call 800-Nikon-US
… Joe Prete

10:34 pm - Friday, February 28, 2014

#224 Joe Prete

Re: Two typos above,
it is Review, not Revue. And the email is missing an e. it is
  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Sorry about that!
…  Joe

10:49 pm - Friday, February 28, 2014

#225 shahbaz ali

awesome camera i m very happy to purchase this,result was awesome speciality flash nd low light

4:38 am - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#226 Michael Sims

I’m looking to buy a camera for close miniature photography (in a light box), I would like a bridge camera allowing more control, but I’m on a budget, so will be looking for second hand, the Nikon Coolpix L820 is in my price range and has reviewed well for close pics. Other options include Fujifilm fine pix s6800, GE HZ1500, sony cyber shot DSC H200, Panasonic lumix DMC LZ30, please advise.

9:51 am - Thursday, March 13, 2014

#227 Joe Prete

I suggest that if you buy this model Nikon, that you buy it as a “Reconditioned” camera. You can find them at low prices, at the Nikon Store on line, or at any authorized retailer, such as Amazon, Adorama, B&H or Cametta Camera. I don’t know where you are from, but be sure that the camera has been Refurbished by Nikon. This is a smarter way to purchase this camera, because they are rebuilt and thoroughly tested.  As far as the other brands you mentioned, I was just notified of an “Open Box” Sony H200, so if you are interested write back, and I’ll give you the information.
I’m sure you can find one of my email addresses in these comments
sections.  The ‘Polaroid” brand lightbox kit comes with everything you need, and it all stores within it’s outer case. I bought one a few weeks ago from B&H, for about $45.00 It’s a nice tabletop kit, I’m sure that you know, Polaroid is just a brand now, so many products are available in that name. … Joe Prete

11:23 pm - Thursday, March 13, 2014

#228 Joe Prete

I am glad that you are happy with the camera, be sure to register it online with Nikon, so that your warranty will be valid. Good luck with your new hobby.
… Joe Prete

1:26 am - Friday, March 14, 2014

#229 Michael Sims

Thanks for your responses. After writing my comment I found a new Canon powershot sx150 in a sale at less than half price. Reviews show it has battery issues, but it intend to use it with a mains kit.

7:42 am - Friday, March 14, 2014

#230 Joe Prete

The SX150 IS can be powered with two AA’s, Alkaline, NiMH, NiCD and I’m pretty sure it will run on Lithium Ion AA’s. Canon’s NB-3AH
is AA NiMH, but the best cost effective solution would be buying a Four Pack,  AA NiMH Rechargeable With the Charger. This should cost about $20.00-$25.00 US, so you’ll have the extra pair to carry so you should be fine with that. Be sure to register it on line, even though it may be discontinued, your warranty will not be effected.
It’s a decent camera, with a 12X Zoom, 28-336mm (equiv) and a 4X Digital zoom. You may want a better (Wider) Wrist Strap though.
Good Luck with it. … Joe Prete

12:37 am - Saturday, March 15, 2014

#231 Denise

Is the features for changing the picture color, like to b&w or sephia, easily accessible? Also was there anything special that has to be done to use he macro setting?

Joe Prete,

I was hoping I could ask you a question,  I currently have a cannon powershot sx100 IS. I love this camera but its getting time to think about retiring it. It’s taken well over 8,000 pics and is slowly start to give me some minor problems.  I am looking to upgrade and am thinking about buying a Nikon but am not sure if it will fit my needs.  Or even what style would be best. Or if i should stick with cannon. Could you help me shed some light on some very good cameras for me please?

Thank you

3:45 am - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#232 Joe Prete

Hi Denise,
Sure I’ll help you. I don’t choose cameras by brand, each individual model is so much more important, like this model here, I would pass on, regardless of the price. Jack just did a review on the L830 model, that replaces this one. Apparently he likes it more than me.

But to start with, I’d ask your budget, your main subject interests, how you would carry it, and what areas are most important to you.
The size and shape of the camera need to be right for you too.  After hearing your answers, I’ll know the best model camera for you, and where to find it. If you were comfortable with the Canon, that’s something to consider, they haven’t changed all that much.

For example, If you were inside, Photographing children, a Fast lens would excel, like the Panasonic LX7 with it’s 24-90mm F1.2-2.3 lens, it’s a $500.00 camera that can be bought for $299.00 right now. It’s not a close-out, but it’s proved it self for 1.5 cycles now.
It has the fastest lens of all compact camera (Fast=wide aperture)

If you wanted a classy compact that is high in quality, with a longer Zoom lens, the Sony HX50V with it’s 30X 24-720mm lens, and it’s 20.4MP BSI-CMOS Sensor, Full HD 1080P/60 AVCHD Video Capture Wi-Fi and GPS and it’s also a steal at $298.00

I follow cameras like some people follow Football stats, so I can tell you what you need, and where to find the best deal on it.  If you were after an inexpensive camera like the L820, it would be much better to purchase it as a Refurbished unit, they go through it and change everything that’s not up to specs, and they’re tested several times throughout the process, and several times after it’s rebuilt completely, so you’d get a fully functioning unit, and you’d get it for 40% off the regular price. Nikon Refurbishes their own, just like Canon, so you know it will be right. I bought three lenses this year, and two of them are refurbished. You couldn’t tell the difference, other than the box! So tell me what the situation is, and if you are in the U.S. and I’ll list a few models for you. If you need to email me,
there’s an address up above at #224. I will get back to you the same day. If you post here, give a general idea of your City or Town.
… Joe Prete

5:12 am - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#233 Vaibhav

Hi Joe,

Stumbled upon your post while looking for differences between Nikon L830 and L820. Reading here has enormously improved my understanding of cameras. Really appreciate your selfless service.

I am looking for a single camera for multiple uses - mostly clicking kids playing, in family functions/parties and occasional trips to
historical monuments/wildlife.

Here I have shortlisted some based on my budget and listed my preference:

1. Fujifilm S4500 (S4800 and S6800 - i think dont have viewfinder)
2. Nikon Coolpix P530
3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 (Liked FZ60 but it is discontinued now)

I am open to any other option too if you consider right for me. I am from India.
With my little knowledge, I am little biased towards CMOS. Does a sensor really make difference for a user like me? Will I get equally good images with CCD in low light? 

Thanks for all your help.


6:40 pm - Saturday, March 29, 2014

#234 Joe Prete

Flipkart, India huh? I would say the Nikon P530, or the Sony FZ70,
both are better built cameras, and both have EVF’s (Electronic View Finder is the Digital version of an Optical View Finder). Buy your case and SDHC Card, 16GB, (Class 10) at the time of purchase, because despite them sending new cameras, the last few people did not receive the ones the store was giving for free with the camera. You will need the EVF on the first bright day, because you won’t see much on the LCD. The DMC-FZ70 has a longer zoom, 20-1200mm,
but the 1000mm P530 is plenty.  Apparently they do have the Fujifilm HS35EXR in the same price range, and it does have a larger sensor, so if it’s available, look into that. The Manual Zoom is short,
it tops out at 720mm.  *EXR is for High Dynamic Range or HDR

On a personal note:
Usually, my generation started win a Manual SLR with a 50mm (normal) Prime lens. After a year, I bought a 135mm telephoto, when you work within these limits, you tend to learn a lot more about Photography, and you move your legs to zoom in or out. It seems the more technology advances, the further we get from actual Photography. At least get yourself a camera with an EVF so you’ll have a better chance to learn a bit about Photography too.
… Joe Prete

9:10 pm - Saturday, March 29, 2014

#235 mohamed

i bought l820 in tijuana mexico about couple weeks ago. i tried to take pictures of gang members n they got mad, one of them “mr.dick tattooed face” put a pistol to my head and said “you wanna take our pictures n sell them to cops, don’t ya?” and i said “hey dick tattooed face…dont get me wrong…i like your funny tattoo n i want to take a picture of it and then i will sell it to photostock…got a problem with that?” and he said “well then…go ahead n do as you like…but please note : you dont need a model release for “dick tattooed face”.

10:04 pm - Friday, April 11, 2014

#236 Minnie

This camera is amazing during the day but at night i feel like its always blurry. when i went to a concert with a lot of lights all the pics turned out weird. I changed it to party indoor and sports. But it didnt help. What scene is the best for a concert?

12:49 am - Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#237 Joe Prete

I assume it was darker inside. You need enough light to record images with the correct exposure. Did you use the flash? If so,
were you within the distance that the flash can reach? Within 6 feet away at most? Because it’s just a small flash! Also, if the room was large, and the concert lighting was of mixed types of light, and angles it would be a real stretch to get correct exposure with this inexpensive camera. If you have one that works well outside, you are doing better than most people that wrote in here. If you planned on doing that type of Photography, you’re going to need quite an upgrade in your camera, and a Flash unit, and some skills will go a long way too. Otherwise, it’s best to leave the Photography to someone who is prepared.
... Joe Prete

1:35 am - Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#238 Melissa

I have a Nikon Coolpix L820, used it the other day and it worked fine.  The batteries went dead so I recharged them and when I put them in the camera makes a clicking noise around the lens area and the camera won’t turn on, is there an easy fix for this?

1:44 pm - Thursday, June 12, 2014

#239 Yusuv

hi joe,

reading the review on this site make me interesting about this l820.
i want to buy a new camera, and my choices is between:
>nikon l820
>fuji s4800
>sony h200

which one has better image quality in outdoor and indoor?
and can i set the apperture or shutter speed with PASM dial?

i’ll be very thankful for your advice.

7:29 am - Thursday, June 19, 2014

#240 Joe Prete

They are extremely similar cameras, but the Fujifilm S8400 should be cheaper…  But, Do you know that these cameras do not have Viewfinders? You could get a Plain Superzoom, with an EVF for a bit more money, maybe 30-40% more money.

Here’s a few, Fujifilm S8400W $229.00 or Fujifilm S9200 $290.00 or
Panasonic FZ70 $299.00 or Sony H400 $318.00 or, if you can find the discontinued Pentax X-5 it shouldn’t be more than$175.00
(These are US prices, you may need to adjust them for your area)

Now you do know how not having a Viewfinder will change things right? Instead of the traditional camera stance, holding the grip with your right hand, cradling the lens in your left hand, and having the viewfinder housing up against your forehead, while you compose and focus your shot while looking through the Electronic ViewFinder
thus, you’ll be holding the camera steady… You won’t be doing that

You will be holding the camera at arms length, squinting while you struggle to see the dimly lit LCD, and if you manage to compose and focus your shot, every picture with the Zoom lens extended will show your camera shake, because that’s not how you hold a Zoom Camera. You can get away with just an LCD,with a Compact camera, or a Bridge camera, but you will struggle with every zoom shot with one of the cameras you asked about.  So, any of those, it doesn’t really matter. I think that you are looking at these cameras for the Zoom lens, and that’s great, but the manufacturers should really strip them down, and use the parts, to build complete cameras!

I wouldn’t go over 90mm with just an LCD. is it possible, to put together a few more bucks, or buy a Refurbished camera from one of the Manufacturers. That’s a good way to save some money.
Yusuv, that one feature that they left out, changes everything!

I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, and if you were getting a bridge camera for everyday shooting, you might get by with just an LCD, I think you should look at these cameras from behind, and look above the LCD, I think you will understand it better. If you want another opinion, ask for Richard or Fabio. But if you find any of the cameras I mentioned, and you have questions, just write back, okay
Hey, getting a book from the library, and watching youtube clips will also help you. Better to learn now, before you spend 70% of the money that you’ll need to purchase the right camera for you! 
Good Luck,
  … Joe Prete

11:08 am - Thursday, June 19, 2014

#241 Yusuv

yeah they are extremely similar. that’s why i extremely confused.
but joe, the camera i mentioned is fuji s4800 not s8400

my pocket is not so deep and i haven’t find a camera with efv with a friendly price in my country.
and here, the camera you recommended above is beyond the price of my mentioned camera.
uh maybe i find some,such as s9200 with almost same price as 3 cams above.
s9200 doesnot have efv and lower optical zoom.
but i dont know about the image quality

im really confused now. my budget is only as high as the price of l820 in my area. although i can ‘force’ it a little bit.
i’ll doing some research later.

thank you very much,,

5:11 pm - Thursday, June 19, 2014

#242 Joe Prete

Yes, it seems that I inverted the numbers.The S4800 is one of the cheapest cameras Fuji has ever made, it can be bought for about $115.00, which is about what it’s worth. The S8400, is a better built camera with an Electronic Viewfinder, and it sells for about $229.00
which is about what it is worth. So if you had to choose between the Sony H200, Fujifillm S4800 and the Nikon L820, I would choose the Sony, but if you don’t like it, and you need to buy it to find that out, there’s not much that I can do for you. The current model Nikon is the L830, and I hear it’s a little better, but there are very many complaints about it too. You might do better to buy a Bridge camera with a shorter Zoom, and you’ll learn a lot more about photography, but if that isn’t your goal, and you still want to choose from the three that you started with, I think the Sony is the least hated
camera between them. These cameras are hard to judge because their quality level is so low, they are not precision in any sense of the word. And you can’t blame the manufacturers because they are discontinued, bottom of the barrel cameras. Sorry. … Joe

7:50 pm - Thursday, June 19, 2014

#243 Yusuv

i found s8400 is a good camera,but in some local sites the price is estimated around USD 350,,

i eliminate h200 coz the review in this site saying that its only ‘above average’
the s4800 and l820 is ‘recommended’ with better image quality judge.

forget about my choices. what would you recommend?

3:39 am - Friday, June 20, 2014

#244 Yusuv

btw,, i want to learn a bit about photograph

what can i set manually in manual mode in PASM dial?

and for your info, s8400 is not sold in my country

1:02 pm - Friday, June 20, 2014

#245 raghead o riley

I have no problemo with any camera. To me…every camera is good…but…it’s too bad we-ragheados are not allowed to use any camera here in raghead land. 4 days ago one of us ahmed bin omar was sent to jail for pointing and shooting a smoking hot young thing named shabila khazani (khasmir babe) while she walking around ‘the black box’. I don’t know but i’ve been told that the warden-hussein abdullah is a pro microstocker with more than 10k images on line and he always brings his dslr n tripod wherever he goes…and was/is never placed behind bars. So damn weird!

2:32 pm - Friday, June 20, 2014

#246 Brettmeister

I love my L820, shoots better pictures than my dad’s DSLR camera, and superb video quality, except with the slow motion video.  all in all, a top notch budget camera. 5 stars

2:27 am - Sunday, August 3, 2014

#247 Imdadul Haque

i will buy a camera soon..
i want good picture quality and a durable one.I have surfed for sometime and got my interests on Nikon L20 and canon SX 500 IS..
Which is better??

8:28 am - Friday, August 15, 2014

#248 Lynda

Hello JP.
Pls I need your help ASAP. I am a makeup artist and intend to purchase my first professional camera for my works. Please can you recommend a good camera for me that would bring out the effect of my works. Please I don’t want to make mistakes. Thanks

8:58 am - Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#249 Hank Monetti

Joe Prete is now working at another web site, but he can help you through email. Write to him at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) He said he’ll be watching for your message, because of this delay.

Any others that need assistance, please give a description of your needs, intended subjects, price range and geographical location. Doing this will save time for both you, and him. Expect about a one day turnaround, but questions will be answered as soon as possible.

Those with question regarding the cameras in these reviews, should address their request to the Author of each review. This is found on the first page directly under the camera’s model designation.
Thank You All,
Hank Monetti

6:50 am - Thursday, October 16, 2014

#250 Destiny

I was wondering how to get a blurred or soft background on a picture while focused on one object ? ANSWEr ASAP PLEASE

6:30 pm - Saturday, January 3, 2015

#251 Joe Prete

Hi Destiny,
What you are referring to, is in a Portrait shot, where the Model is clear and in sharp focus, and the background has a soft look called Bokeh (Pronounced Bo-Ka). The L820 isn’t the kind of camera that can do this, but you can give it a try by using Portrait Mode (set at about 85-135mm) and increase the distance behind the subject to about 10 or 15 feet if you can, and focus on the subjects eyes. That would be your best shot, but this is something that’s done with more expensive Cameras and Lenses.

A Bridge, or Super Zoom Camera, like the Panasonic DMC-FZ200 has a constant F2.8 Aperture, and it does a rather nice job on those images that you are seeking. Less expensive cameras like the Nikon L820 above, have lenses with variable apertures, and in the Portrait Focal Length range, the aperture would be closer to f4.5 and that is really too narrow for what you are trying to accomplish. 
… Joe Prete

7:30 pm - Saturday, January 3, 2015

#252 swapnil

when ever i on my camera it always shows to set time & date. can u suggest me to stop this process

7:54 am - Friday, January 30, 2015

#253 Joe Prete

I am sure that it is in your guide, but if it is not clear, just call Nikon’s toll free customer support. They will help you regardless of your purchase date. Good Luck.
… Joe Prete

10:25 am - Friday, January 30, 2015

#254 Vestuviu fotografas

I had an opportunity to take photos with this ‘animal’. It was incredible.! I enjoyed photos. Great Nikon Coolpix L820.

8:19 am - Thursday, February 5, 2015

#255 Diane Zemliak

Bought the Nikon Coolpix L820 and really like the quality of pictures and ease of use. Recently I was trying to take family photos on my fireplace. Everyone was setting in front of the burning fireplace and the photos would not come out clear, they were blurred on everyone’s faces. I changed the batteries, changed the setting from Protrait to automatic. Nothing I did changed the pictures from being all blurry. What was I doing wrong? Anyway, we ended up taking photos with cell phones instead of the camera. It was extremely disappointing to say the lease.

10:23 pm - Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#256 Hank Monetti

Gee, it almost sounds like “You get, what you pay for”. Well, you do!
Actually, if you had used Fill Flash, you would have gotten a correct exposure. The camera was reading the light from the fireplace, and setting the exposure based on that. The camera doesn’t know that there are people in front of it, and you would have had to override it’s Simple Auto mode. A better camera could handle this situation, but this is among the cheapest cameras you can buy. ...What did you expect? Don’t you read any of Joe’s comments? Why is it that people but the lowest level of camera that a company sells, and they expect it to handle a complex back lit situation? What were you doing wrong? Well, if you knew enough about Photography you’d actually be able to get by with such a cheap camera, but since you don’t you would need to actually spend some money! The sad part is, the money you spent, was a total waste, because this camera isn’t going to get any better. Now, go badmouth Nikon. It must be their fault, because it’s not possible that YOU were at fault!

2:20 am - Thursday, February 19, 2015

#257 Joe Prete

Diane Zemliak,
I just wanted to let you know, that we’ve tried the NikonL820 with a Back-lit situation, similar to yours (we actually put a few people in front of a Window, in broad daylight). When the Camera was in the Backlighting Mode, the exposure was very good. Using it in Portrait mode, in the same situation, with the Flash up, the exposure was excellent. Hank made a few good points, but he was a bit abrupt.

I think you should visit the Nikon website, and take a look at their “Learn & Explore” link, where there are Tutorials, and many tips to help you deal with these situations. It is a Basic “Point & Shoot”, but there is a very good processor in it. You can correct these issues!

At the Nikon site, there are also Customer Support people available through “Chat Lines” and a Toll free Phone support, available for Nikon Owners, regardless of when or where their Nikon was bought. If this is going to be the camera that you’ll be using, you will need to learn how it works, and they will help you for free! It is one of their least expensive cameras, but your exposures should be right! If you have any other questions, you can email me directly at  Btw, in the US, Nikon’s web address is Their Phone Tech Support number is
1-800 Nikon-US Diane, Help is available for you, if you want it.
… Joe Prete

12:31 am - Friday, February 20, 2015

#258 byrdnyrd

I have had this camera for just over a year and I am in love with it.  An absolute steal for the $150 I paid for it brand new.  I have traditionally been a Canon user when it comes to digital cameras, but have always been a big fan of Nikon optics (binoculars, etc).

This L820 is fantastic.  Very good image quality and definitely sharper and brighter than its Canon competitors. The image quality from macro to 30x zoom is great. 

I use it mainly for nature photography and some landscapes. Bird photography is pretty darn exciting, finally being able to afford a CHEAP camera with a huge zoom.  Wildflower and insect photography is equally as awesome with the great macro setup.

Battery life is outstanding. I can take a weekend or weeklong trip with one backup set of AA batteries, and MAYBE have to use the backup batteries.  I usually use rechargeable Lithium ion batteries.  I take thousands of photos. Very rarely do I charge batteries. Very rarely do I worry about running out of juice on vacation with just one spare set of AA batteries.

For the price and capability you cannot beat this camera.

I have taken handheld (propped on a fence) photos of the Orion Nebula at night and had pretty awesome results.

11:52 pm - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#259 ken griffey jr

A friend of mine has the L810. She was very upset when she turned on the camera with the lens cover attached, and it basically broke the camera. She got it replaced with another L810 and immediately disconnected and threw away the lens cap.

So her lens is always open to dust, scratches, finger grease, etc, but at least her camera works.

My L820 I know to avoid this issue by removing the lens cap BEFORE turning the camera on, but several times I have forgotten.  The camera will sense the lens cap pressure and immediate shut off. Then you just remove the lens cap, turn the camera back on, and VOILA! the camera works just fine.

L820 is an updated version that does not have the lens cap problem. L820 is solid as a rock and I highly recommend it.

11:57 pm - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#260 Brenda

Hello, i was wondering if with the nikko. l 820 i can take a picture with the background blurry if anybody can help.

6:58 pm - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#261 jerry

I wont buy another cool pix had nothing but trouble with a 120 now 820, after around a year or so I start having issues and the one thing it does is shuts itself down after a shot says battery is exhausted and shows its full don’t know why its fine in the beginning but starts this stuff on both of them…other than that it takes good pictures…

2:33 am - Monday, May 25, 2015

#262 Vestuviu fotografas Klaipeda

Hi, i also had a chance to try this camera, but the thing that I loved most was a superb video quality…

5:50 pm - Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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