Nikon D3000 Review

August 26, 2009 | Gavin Stoker |

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Full review at . A 12 minute HD tour around the Nikon D3000, the company's latest budget DSLR, featuring a bra...
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I know I give the secret away above but its no big deal. I picked up a d3000 for a project which i will explain a little latter. This video is me un boxing i...
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This video is much like my other video on how to use the "aperture priority" mode. This video explains how to adjust the ISO also.
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Review of the Nikon D3000 and sample pictures i took. (18-55mm lens) Remember to Comment, Like and if your feeling good hit that SUBSCRIBE button.
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Brought to you by The Nikon D3000( is a lightweight and compact DSLR that delivers brilliant images while keeping t...
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Mat Gallagher from What Digital Camera reviews the diminutive entry-level Nikon D3000, with its 10MP sensor and beginner-friendly Guide Mode that explains ho...
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made this for a friend to help her figure out the basics of using manual settings over auto.
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Time: 02:44 More in Howto & Style D3000/D31000 Super Secret Project Join me backstage as I capture images from the dressing room to backstage to the pit. I sh...
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I've had some people mention to me that they didn't understand some of the higher modes of their camera, so I made this to help make understanding how the ap...
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