Nikon D3S Review

February 3, 2010 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | |

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World's first hands-on review of Nikon D3s(, brought to you by Pricing Reference:
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In this video, we take two giant flagships from the planet's fiercest rivals of DSLR camera manufactures and have them battle on a... er, snooker table. Pricing Reference: Nikon D3S - http://www.d...
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What camera stuff I recommend, Don't forget I have 2 other Channels here, My Exercise channel and my DomTalks...
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We've challenged pro photographers to doing a photo shoot with a cheap camera before, and they've done pretty here you have Pro Camera, Noob Photographer, featuring a lovely model...
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Time: 10:22 More in Science & Technology ‎› For some time now readers have been asking me to review my Nikon D4 and compare it to the Nikon D3s. My idea of a review of a camera...
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Just a quick overview of the Nikon D3s low light MONSTER! I shot this for 3 weeks and you can see what I thought of it with loads of samples at!
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Time: 05:49 More in Howto & Style I was asked via e mail weather or not someone with a D3 should upgrade to the new D3s. The following i smy response for why you would and why you wouldn't. Along...
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Aujourd'hui, en partenariat avec, c'est un test un peu particulier que nous vous proposons. Il s'agit cette fois de tester la résistance d'un boîtier photo, notamment...
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Adorama Photography TV presents Nikon D3s vs Canon 1D Mk IV! This week, Mark Wallace puts both the Nikon D3S and Canon 1D Mark IV to the test. Both cameras are tough, robust and built with...
From: Adorama
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In this video, I review the Nikon D800 hands on as a Wedding and portrait photographer and not a lab technician. I also make some comparison with the D3-D3s. FOR MY WRITTEN REVIEW WITH ...
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