Nikon D800 Review

May 22, 2012 | Zoltan Arva-Toth |

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Bokehlicious T-Shirt Now Available! Get your today We finally get our hands on the much anticipated successor to the Nikon D700. The D8...
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With the recent release of the awesome Nikon D800, why does one ever need to get a D4? In this video, we take a look at both cameras to see which one might b...
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Nikon D800 Review A radical departure from the still photo-exclusive D700, Nikon threw down the gauntlet on Canon's home turf. The D800 is capable of 1080p H...
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Time: 10:11 More in Science & Technology I'm really excited to have reviewed both with Canon 5D Mark III and the D800. I have been shootin...
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This video is a follow up to the one reviewing the D800 Manual. I go through all the functions, settings, and menus of the D800 with an explanation for each ...
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Time: 32:04 More in Education In this review, We take a look at Nikon's highest-resolution full-frame DSLR, the D800. It features 51 autofocus points and 15 cros...
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Time: 10:01 More in Science & Technology ‎ Nikon has finally announced the long awaited D800 FULL FRAME CAMERA. This thing is a monster for its price tag...
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Подробный обзор: Цена и наличие:
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Time: 09:41 More in Science & Technology - Check out this link for more customer review of nikon d800, SPECIAL Deals + Best Offer Of these cameras.
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Перевод одного из лучших шоу о фотографии. Кай, Лок и Аламби теперь и на русском языке. DigitalRevTV на русском языке. Canon 5D Mark lll vs Nikon D800 Digita...
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