Olympus SP-810UZ Review

January 23, 2012 | Mark Goldstein |

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Also check out http://youtu.be/XQI_Vc6oPB0 ) Optical and digital zoom test of St. Louis using Olympus sp-810uz. You need to have steady hands or a tripod fo...
From: Hatsana
Views: 23572
40 ratings
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Hands On of the 14MP Olympus SP-810UZ.
From: Geekoogle
Views: 1877
2 ratings
Time: 06:55 More in Science & Technology
14 Megapíxeles 36X Zoom Óptico - Gran Angular 24 mm LCD 3" Video HD 720p - Formato video: MPEG_4 Audio Mono Conexión HDMI - 16 Modos de Escena Balance de Bla...
Views: 24721
38 ratings
Time: 04:19 More in Entertainment
En Digital Factory analizamos la nueva Olympus SP-810 UZ - 14 Megapixeles - 36X zoom óptico - Video HD 720p.
Views: 108468
118 ratings
Time: 05:03 More in Entertainment
Mini review de la cámara Olympus SP-810UZ de 14Mpx y 36x de zoom. (creo q en el video digo 16Mpx xDDD error son 14Mpx) En Paris.cl se encuentra a $189.000 pe...
Views: 6369
49 ratings
Time: 11:34 More in Science & Technology
olympus sp810uz 36x digital zoom test without tripod !!! zoom the moon without tripod 3d photo and films,hdmi entry, olympus sp810uz aya yakin cekim tripodsuz.
Views: 17676
41 ratings
Time: 01:48 More in Science & Technology
Olympus sp-810uz 36x zoom full moon.
From: Prezes R2
Views: 149
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Time: 07:34 More in Comedy
The Olympus SP-810 impresses us with its amazing with its amazing 36x optical zoom which will allow you to take some pretty impressive distance shots. The 72...
Views: 1692
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Also check out http://youtu.be/XQI_Vc6oPB0) Outdoor video test shot of Love Circle and Parthenon. Video was shot in hot 108 degree weather, not many people ...
From: Hatsana
Views: 19340
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Time: 04:34 More in Travel & Events
Olympus SP-810 UZ demo.
Views: 21578
31 ratings
Time: 02:12 More in Howto & Style

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