Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 Review

August 12, 2010 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 Hiddenwarbler

OK. Now it’s time to wait for Canon and the SX1 IS replacement, pray they put a decen EVF in it and keep de video format instead of AVCHD, which is a pain in the ... to edit.

3:34 pm - Thursday, August 12, 2010

#2 zebarnabe

Nothing quite new…. i would rather go with a HS10 ... or the previous FZ35/38 (quite cheap for what it delivers)...  ...

Waiting for a replacement for SX1 from Canon also seems a nice move as Hiddenwarbler sugested…

The only thing that i saw remarkable was the 1cm macro mode… at P100 level..

3:46 pm - Thursday, August 12, 2010

#3 Yianni

Image quality at pixel level is far superior on the older FZ35/38 that’s for sure.

I’m not sure what the point of this new MOS sensor is to be honest.

Looks like the tradition of newer compact cameras being inferior in IQ is continuing with more and more crammed pixels in to these tiny sensors.

I’m disappointed to be honest especially looking at the head to head images over at dpreview…

3:46 pm - Thursday, August 12, 2010

#4 scoobydude

The Fz100 is not comparable too the FZ38 as it has a differant sensor which allows 11fps to be shot at full resolution aswell as full HD video. They should be comparing it to the Fuji HS10 as this camera has the same type of sensor. I picked up my FZ100 for £389 so i’m well chuffed and will be selling my FZ38.If you take alook over on Dpreview you will see the great photos that have been posted from Happy FZ100 owners

5:12 pm - Thursday, August 12, 2010

#5 Tester

Looks like Panasonic still haven’t got on top of the yellow/purple blotching problem which plagues their compacts :o(

5:28 pm - Thursday, August 12, 2010

#6 Hiddenwarbler

The HS10 video mode is useless; terrible rolling shutter, manual zoom not smooth. Plus, even having a longer zoom, in terms of 35 mm equivalence, the difference is minimal (look specs at the official Panasonic site). So, if video is important for you, as is for me, go for the FZ100 or, as I said, you better wait for Canon.

7:08 pm - Thursday, August 12, 2010

#7 kai

I find it is kind ironic that the new high-end LX5 still remain 10 megapixel whereas other model all just keep add on more pixel. so if people is smart, they would question this contradictory.

7:56 pm - Thursday, August 12, 2010

#8 Setter Dog

This looks like another winner by Panasonic. My only complaint would be the increased weight over my FZ35 but I think the extra features are worth it. I’m especially interested in the burst modes for kids’ sports.

I may wait to see the Canon if it’s released in the next few weeks, but I doubt if they will pack in the same features or reduce the weight.

8:29 pm - Thursday, August 12, 2010

#9 Bertrand

At $500 wouldn’t it make more sense to buy an entry-level dslr kit for a couple of hundred $ more? (eg Pentax k-x with two lenses for $730).  That way you have better ISO performance, better IQ, and more flexibility in a package that is not much bigger.

8:44 pm - Thursday, August 12, 2010

#10 Willoughby's

I can recommend Lumix DMC-FX100. Photo quality was very good and so is the camera performance in most respects. You get the same features, better photo quality and performance as with other cameras and it cost a lot less too.

2:04 am - Friday, August 13, 2010

#11 Fotografo a Roma

Would like to test out the extremes. The video functionality also seems interesting and worthwhile testing.

5:19 am - Friday, August 13, 2010

#12 Sydney Photography - Thina Doukas

I agree,at $500 i would be adding some more $$$ to pick up a SLR and a better lens. Hence would have better control in camera settings (aperture etc) I suppose this would come into consideration in what you are trying to achieve as a photographer. Great post

10:46 am - Friday, August 13, 2010

#13 raimaster

thanks ...
its clear, to much pixel, too expensive but no improvement in Image Quality, i am willing no upgrade.

Now, I am waiting for LX5 :|

11:20 am - Friday, August 13, 2010

#14 Benjamin

...To speak about those images and using in the same time the word “quality” is unbeliveable. Those pictures are completely useless, crap.

4 points for the image quality? Than a Dimage A200 and a Pro1 had to become 10 points of max 5.

Sorry, but this dosn’t work… .

11:59 am - Friday, August 13, 2010

#15 Mammatus14

The images are interspersed with fz100 yellow stains! How can we say that the camera gives good results in image quality?

12:28 pm - Friday, August 13, 2010

#16 ocal5

Video mode is 1080i30 and not 1080p30 ! That’s good for sports ;-)

12:53 pm - Friday, August 13, 2010

#17 Mark

This ‘review’ represents a loss of credibility for photographyblog.
Anyone with moderately good eyesight can see that the image quality of the FZ100 is truly appalling.
This is less a review and more a feelgood article paid for, or at least, ‘motivated’ by Panasonic.
Of course, no-one cares. This site has it’s back handers, Panasonic are happy, and idiots will buy this joke camera.

12:57 pm - Friday, August 13, 2010

#18 zebarnabe

Well ... it’s overpriced (that’s for sure), but in terms of quality in a family photos context it might give what is expected (even if predecessors or competition offers better quality) ... but for family shots 24x zoom might become overkill…

Image quality is not that bad ... but it’s not as good as it should be…

For the price, one could go and buy a olympus E-PL1 ... costs 525$ with 14-42mm lens (28-84mm equivalent - enough for most family needs)... would provide a lot more quality and later new lens could be adquired…. or if size doesn’t matter too much, as Bertrand said, Pentax K-x is an excellent choice ...

Sure… it would come out more expensive… but it has to be considered if FZ100 provides all one needs… or if betting in something better is more fit…

Same kind of stuff happened when Fuji HS10 came out… At the time i was looking for a camera… i almost brought HS10… but solved to make some sacrifices and went for a Panasonic GH1, that’s another league entirely - for 1600€ it hardly came out cheap… but with the 14-140mm and the 20mm f/1.7 it looks just perfect for everything

For anyone looking for a step up from a small compact… this might not be the best choice… and considering the cheaper offer from competition… i would say to go for the previous model (or HS10 if playing with manual stuff is of your liking)... or go directly to a real DSLR or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera if size matters…

2:46 pm - Friday, August 13, 2010

#19 Robin

@Mark: This is not the first review which represents what you said! Don’t know why the testers aren’t ashamed ... recommended, highly! - *lol*

Any buyers should review the pics: and then: look for a really nice cam, but on independent sites.

3:03 pm - Friday, August 13, 2010

#20 zebarnabe

Checking ISO 400 Raw file 12 (UFRaw complaining about being corrupted, but opened it with some artifacts at right and some false colors)

JPEG processing seems to be applying a very aggressive NR right from ISO 100… sensor is actually getting more detail (at ISO400 actually some nice detail is recorded, but in JPEG everything is smudged)... strange, panasonic always applied little NR for JPEG on previous models… maybe this is not a production unit or final firmware?

Looking at video data… it’s 1920x1080 at 25fps interlaced in 2 frames .... quite ugly for moving subjects… you can actually see interlacing artifacts ... even with deinterlacing filters applied…

4:41 pm - Friday, August 13, 2010

#21 John Cranwell-Ward

Brilliant pics and superb video. If you want to nit pick on pixels go buy yourself a top end Canon DSLR and stop whinging!!!Fo me and the vast majority of family / holiday photographers who really care about the quality of their pics this camera has fantastic dream like spec and it obviously performs extremely well. I have placed my order at less that £90 below Amazon UK price!!!

6:52 pm - Friday, August 13, 2010

#22 Pete_Smoke

Nikon 3100!!!!

9:39 pm - Friday, August 13, 2010

#23 Tanguero

@ zebarnabe

GH1 eh!  Not quite the same league, but I hear you.
Tempting, but won’t trade my FZ35 for the FZ100, the biggest negative being no RAW for stills.  I use JPEG most of the time, and OOC JPEGs are usually better than ones I developed myself. However, RAW gives me that extra option, especially when lighting, etc. is questionable and cannot be improved. (e.g. landscapes at night, 80% of my pics lately).  Life will be almost perfect if I can graft the jog dial and the rotating LCD to my FZ35/38.

IQ for night pictures? Great, with GOOD tripod and ISO 80 (another negative for the FZ100 there).

10:55 pm - Friday, August 13, 2010

#24 jwatts

Thanks for the fine detailed review. This is the most complete so far!

It seems that you have debunked many of the extremely negative rumors that seem to abound regarding the PQ of this camera.

You have done a good job in putting the positives and negatives in a seemingly unbiased framework. This will help for us to make for a more informed comparison among similar cameras.

6:10 pm - Saturday, August 14, 2010

#25 doug sinnott

Some of the people who submitted comments on the FZ100 seem a bit unbalanced,and are hardly constructive in their comments!
How can people say the images from this camera are “terrible” or “rubbish”,etc.?
I have had several Panasonics,a FZ35 compact,(a great little camera"and also FZ18 and FZ28 superzooms,and they all produced sharp,colourful,photographs,all capable of enlarging and printing up to A3,if required.
They are great travel cameras,and unless you cart around a DSLR kit and lenses,much heavier and bulkier,AND expensive,you won’t get much better images,in fact I sold my Nikon kit,as I hardly used it in recent months.
Lugging it around,changing lenses,becomes a chore,and I’ve been a keen photographer for nearly 50 years!
Modern digital superzooms are a technological marvel,and comments that these cameras,or any similar cameras, are rubbish,is just stupid.

Most people these days only seem to view their pictures on the computer,or get some 7"x5” printed at Jessops,or Asda,so RAW file capture,which I find an overated feature anyway,is not really of interest to someone who just wants a camera that has a good feature set,a good long lens,quick to use,and makes great pictures,and is easy to carry around.
Some of my best prints were by a Fuji S602,which was a 3/6 MP,with a 6X zoom,which I took all over Austria some years ago.
I now have a HS10,which is a really well made piece of kit!

7:58 am - Sunday, August 15, 2010

#26 SkyWalker

Well said,  doug sinnott!!

Whene I saw firt photo of the FZ-100 in dpreview (the ship) I was disappointed, the quality of the photo was not good!!

Now I see ALL the photo that you can find in internet of the FZ-100 and the quality in good. the only doubt I have is the “Studio scene comparison” in dpreview. Im’m waiting the FULL review of dpreview, too.

However, if you are looking for a good bridge with very quality video I think the FZ-100 is a good choice.

Regards, SkyWalker

8:48 am - Sunday, August 15, 2010

#27 Robin

@Doug: The point is that this cam has gotten 4 out of 5 stars in image quality! Expect an excellent image at 5/5. Now imagine a very good one at 4/5 and then look at these samples!

At least me: I didn’t want to say it’s a bad travel cam. Its large zoom range, it’s variety of functions and purposes ... But this review doesn’t point out the disadvantage due to this variability. Instead it gives 4 out of 5 stars.

No more comment.

11:07 am - Monday, August 16, 2010

#28 Claire

Please post the shot-to-shot times for this camera.  (The HS10 was useless with regards to these; I tested it myself and it took 30 seconds to recover after using burst mode and 3 secs between pics in normal mode.  Absolutely no good for my action wildlife photography). 

I have checked the (online) manual and contacted Panny and I still don’t have the info.  I would like to know please:

Shot to shot time when shooting .raw files (yes it does do raw files, whoever posted above that it doesn’t was wrong).

Shot to shot time when shooting .jpegs.

Recovery time (available to shoot again) when shooting a burst of 11 .raw images

Recovery time when shooting a burst (11 shots) of .jpeg images.

Please, somebody who actually HAS this camera, test it and write a USER REVIEW. It is quite true that this review is Panasonic ‘speel’ found all over the internet and not an independent review.

Thank you.

3:05 pm - Monday, August 16, 2010

#29 Setter Dog

Claire,.....over on DP review forum, several actual users have commented on recovery time from burst shooting. One owner said that a 10 shot burst at full 14mp stored in 5 or 6 seconds,....and added that you could shoot another burst while the first one was storing. Another owner on the same thread backed this up. Seems that Panasonic may have solved the long storage time glitch.

3:12 pm - Monday, August 16, 2010

#30 aykut

I really cant say that the picutre quality is better than fz38. Also the comparision photo of dpreview is very dissapointful, the fz38 is much much better than fz100. I also cannot say the video quality is better… the only thing where the FZ100 is better than FZ38 is the SHOE, and the movable display,..
i wished me a fz38 with movable screen, better material quality and a shoe

4:51 pm - Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#31 Steve Solomon

Greetings! While these “bridge” cameras are undoubtedly handy for quick non-commercial shots of family, vacation, etc., having come from a Fuji S100FS, with relatively good IQ at lower ISO, I can say that the image quality of these small sensor cameras cannot compare to that of micro 4/3, let alone to a mid-level DSLR. I am currently testing the Lumix G2, and so far am very impressed with it’s IQ, especially sharpness, dynamic range and detail at ISOs below 800! In addition, the G2 is about half the size and weight of the Fuji S100FS, while using a much larger sensor. Thus, it makes a GREAT travel camera, especially with the awesome Panny 20mm f/1.7 pancake. About the only advantage the bridge cams may have over m4/3 would be zoom capacity.

5:29 pm - Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#32 Claire

Thank you to Setter Dog - I will check the DP review forum - I wish they would hurry up and post their full (and hopefully unbiased) review.  It does sound promising though.  Fingers crossed!

8:38 pm - Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#33 David A

Right now I’m totally lost on cameras.

Had my heart set on a FZ38 then seen the FZ100 and FZ45. All tick the boxes. But I’m undecided which one.

Need a good travel camera that has Ion battery, decent zoom, fast wake-up and auto focus, with inbuilt flash.

If I had the cash I’d go for a PEN EL 1, but the panny’s hit the needs but so does the Panny TZ10.

Only have one week left before I go so any help greatly received.

1:46 pm - Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#34 Setter Dog

I’m not sure what your needs are exactly. I have the FZ35 and it’s a great travel camera. Although not a really small camera, it’s the lightest of the super zooms and easy to carry all day. If you don’t need burst modes, the FZ35 has it all.

Personally, I would not buy anything that didn’t have an optical viewfinder or EVF.

1:51 pm - Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#35 zebarnabe

@David A,

FZ100 costs roughly the same (for now) as E-PL1 with 14-42mm kit lens(525$) or lumix G10 with 14-42mm (520$) ... lacks only the zoom ... but you can buy lens later and have a better image quality…

FZ40/45 lacks some of the FZ100 features that make it appealing…

Panasonic camera ‘brains’ are usually good and fast… but there are other cameras that might pick your interest like Canon’s S90 and G11 ... but i guess you want more zoom and less image quality… if you prioritize zoom reach go for FZ100, if it’s size TZ10 or even the TZ7, if you want a bit more image quality than FZ100 go for FZ35/38 (but keep in mind the feature set diferences)

If your looking for something with more quality without pushing the size (or price) too much ... G11 or S90 (zoom range a bit limited) or even LX5 (there are samples on the internet… but i think is not available worldwide) might be good choice…. if thinking in something more serious or thinking in buying something better in future… E-PL1 or G10 with their respective 14-42mm bundled

Since you have only one week ... i guess wait for price to go lower or Canon SX1/10/20 successor is out of question :/

3:10 pm - Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#36 Jermine D

Yes, $500 is a bit….  the lowest price in UK is 360p (

I wait for P3100 better.

12:16 pm - Friday, August 20, 2010

#37 Chris

FZ100 in my opinion has worse image quality than FZ38(35). I think the reason is the new MOS sensor.
The same problem we can observe in HS10.
The FZ38’s succesor - FZ45(40) has CCD sensor and image quality is better but FZ100 has hot shoe and 11 fps and better lcd.
I wish FZ100 but with FZ45’s sensor or bigger (2/3”) and manual zoom ring.

10:51 am - Monday, August 23, 2010

#38 GR

I don’t get it.
I just can’t see where the pictures are bad.
Maybe I’m missing something here.
ISO 400 on down they look great. Over 400 you’re seeing the same artifacts that you see in any similar camera.
Compared to the pictures I see from the FZ35 they look the same to me…. But everyone sees things differently. To each there own.

2:24 pm - Monday, August 23, 2010

#39 zebarnabe

Consider the sensor specs, 14MP ... There should be more details ... however considering the massive zoom same thing happens with all 24x (or even 20x) lens… there is a blurriness, a somewhat soft focus effect that prevents one from getting the true detail of a 14MP sensor… add that the over zealous NR algorithm and you have quite a smudged image (specially once you go over ISO400)... it’s not all bad, but comparing with some rivals i would say that this is not a big hit like FZ35/38 ... :/ ... for 4x6” prints is more than enough detail…

With RAW (idk why there isn’t a ISO RAW comparison) you get quite some more detail (at least at ISO400) ... Panasonic usually doesn’t apply agressive NR, i really don’t know why it is so aggressive on this camera…

A camera with the best of FZ100 (speed) and HS10 (features) would be quite awesome… xD

3:05 pm - Monday, August 23, 2010

#40 Gundhardt

what including in package Fz100?

8:57 pm - Monday, August 23, 2010

#41 Daniel

there you can find a comparison-tool to check the quality to different cameras. Even with RAW !

9:06 pm - Monday, August 23, 2010

#42 John 106

I’ve had my FZ50 for several years now, and still love it.
If I thought the FZ100 were twice as good I might consider it.
A couple of things concern me. Has sensor technology come on so well over the past 4 years that the 1/1.8 on my FZ50 is noticeably inferior to the smaller 1/2.3 on the FZ100, or has it been included simply to extend the zoom range?
Also, I love the manual zoom ring on my FZ50, which is far superior to any motor driven zoom I’ve tried. The manual focus ring is also useful at times.

I guess had the FZ100 been simply an improved FZ50 but retained all the features which made that a great camera, I may have been persuaded to change. But in spite of UK Digital Cameras offering me £150 for my camera in part exchange for an FZ100, no way an I parting with it!

9:28 am - Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#43 zebarnabe

@John 106,

If you like the manual zoom ring, then HS10 might be some nice camera for you, focus ring is not mechanical (and is not that useful) in HS10…

S200EXR (also from fujifilm) might please you as well…  the only major issue i see with those is the slugishness of the firmware ... (HS10 has 10fps for 7 photos to help ... but it takes around 15secs or more to write those on the card :/)

11:42 am - Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#44 John 106

Thanks for that zebarnabe. The focus ring on the FZ50 is also digital, so that wouldn’t be a big problem.
I like the way Fuji have stuck with 10mp on the HS10; I find that plenty on my FZ50. But of course the sensor is the same size as the FZ100. As I wondered before, has sensor technology come on so much in the past few years so that a 1/2.3” sensor is an improvement on an older 1/1.8” sensor?
I like Fuji cameras. My first digicam was a 2mp Fuji 2400. Am I the only amateur photographer who finds 2mp shots perfectly adequate on a 20” monitor, provided little or no cropping is done? :-)
I recently got a Fuji F70 in preference to a Panny as I wanted a little camera to carry all the time. The Fuji seemed to fit the bill better for me, and I’m quite impressed with it. It has a 10x zoom with a 1/2” sensor; bigger than the FZ100 or HS10.

I use the flip out screen on the FZ50 a lot, usually at waist level, which the HS10 can match, but sometimes I turn it right round so I can hold it above my head, and it doesn’t look like that can be done with the HS10.

The more I think about it, the more I keep selling myself my FZ50!

5:56 pm - Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#45 fartboysexy

u peoples is reeli fu-in stupids..

7:15 pm - Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#46 zebarnabe

FZ50 is indeed a good camera, but also a bit outdated…

The S200EXR from fuji has an awesome dinamic range and behaves quite well with ISO pumping (but has it’s limits) EXR sensor is quite big (but not as big as S100 one)

If you find 2MP adequate on a 20” then HS10 is overkill ... xD

Currently the sensor size matters, but not when comparing with old cameras ... HS10 has a small sensor with a new technology where photo receptors are less obscured by logic layers on sensor electronics… this allows a greater sensitivity without noise increase… one could say an extra stop to use in ISO ... but dynamic range is not that improved, making the S200EXR the favorite of some ...

In the end, bridges are a bit doomed… they are always limited by the lens, one should go for a DSLR if seeks quality…

My sugestion: K-x with dual lens kit for 700$ ... a bit more expensive ...

7:51 pm - Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#47 John 106

The cost of a DSLR isn’t a problem for me, but the bulk is! I bought the wide angle converter for my FZ50, flash gun, tripod, and a Lowe Pro bag to carry it all in. I hardly ever take them out, preferring the holster case and just a few filters.

Yes the FZ50 must be outdated now, but that doesn’t mean it’s started to take worse pictures than when I first bought it, and I’m still more than satisfied them. The main limitation being noise at higher ISOs, but I rarely need to use them, and I’m fairly happy (usually!) with what I get when I do.

The K-x looks good, but I wouldn’t want to cart around a second lens too often, and for me a flip out screen is a must.
I think I’ll have to have a complete change of heart, or something really revolutionary will have to happen, before I’m persuaded to change.

9:25 pm - Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#48 rick

The DMC - Fz100 is missing the feature that was present in every and all dmc-fz models thus far.
There s no ability for recording 5 or 10 seconds of audio on a still frame. No ability for photographer notes. It’s not much good taking scores of pictures if you can’t add audio voice messages to identify the who, what, where of the event or vacation trip. It’s an absolute shame the dmc-fz100 doesn’t have this vital feature. the DMC-fz5 through the dmc-fz50 had it and it was my favorite , so as to make imovies with the audio text easy and identifying key points of interest.

10:20 pm - Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#49 Luc B

Great Review. Two things you should put on your list for a total review. First, the wait (with batteries included) and then the battery itself. When you travel, wait IS the all important thing for a camera. And this camera, with battery inside is really really light compare to a camera with 3 or 4 rechargeable batteries inside (fujifilm HX-10). Plus add the cost and weight of rechargables batteries that you have to carry with you on a field trip and it can damper your 14 km walk in the wilderness.

Then, the rechargeable battery that comes with the FZ100. It can power the camera for an average of 600 pics and you can recharge the battery within 2 hr to full charge.

With a back up battery, you are in business with that camera. And just for you informations, the price in canada fort that camera is 489 $ CAN Dollars. Far from the 499 euros or 499 in England.

Thank you.

Luc B. Québec, Canada

12:46 am - Monday, August 30, 2010

#50 Luc B

Oups. Sorry for me english (i am french), the word wait on my message is supposed to be written WEIGHT. Sorry for that.
Luc B.

12:48 am - Monday, August 30, 2010

#51 zebarnabe

@Luc B,

Also… i believe you were refering to HS10 from Fujifilm (not HX-10)... weight difference is not that much, but then again i carry a 6Kg laptop with me and hardly notice it…

With some good rechargeable batteries you can take more than 500 shots (if you don’t use the flash), AA NiMH batteries are usually a lot cheaper than Li-Ion batteries, maybe the main issue is when you want to charge them where you need a good (bulky) expensive charger to do it fast and safe…

But yes, in the end camera gets lighter and can take more shots with a single battery, my Panasonic (it’s not a bridge) took around 1200 photos and around 30mins of FullHD footage on a single charge.

9:20 am - Monday, August 30, 2010

#52 Mike B

What Panasonic need to do is produce a super zoom like the FZ100 but use a micro four thirds sensor!

This would solve a lot of the IQ problems!

In fact all they need to do is fit the guts from a GH1 into the FZ100 body!

If money is no object then the GH1 is the ideal all in one camera (when fitted with the standard 14-140mm zoom) but then it weighs almost twice that of the FZ100 so not ideal fro travel.

12:20 pm - Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#53 zebarnabe

@Mike B,

That is not possible… the reason why they fit 30x on such a small package it’s because sensor is small, so image circle needed for cover it is small, so lens are smaller… if a m43 was under it lens would have to be bigger in a proportional way - obviously a 30x would be VERY heavy and big

Another issue is that IQ problems are, mostly, related with lens, jpeg processing and noise reduction (that comes after image data has been adquired), FZ100 sensor while not amazing is not doing a bad job (even if ISO behavior above 400 is not good), but most of detail is smudged by lens softness and in-camera image processing…

GH1 is quite small and fits nicely on a bridge super zoom bag… For me it is quite a good travel camera, i can’t say it is heavy, since my nikon F401x is as heavy as it, but doesn’t have the 30x zoom lens versatility of bridge… nor the lightness of a GF1…

Sometimes it’s better for the photographer to move rather then stay on the same place zooming in and out…

Your thoughts about fitting some better and bigger sensor are not new, just need to sacrifice some zoom power and have a good camera ‘brains’ to cope with it… something like what Fujifilm S100 (S200EXR predecessor) tried to be ... let’s hope canon new super zoom plays this move - that is not going to happen :/ ... 14-18x zoom with a nice modern bigger sensor with some fast processing power… :)

2:19 pm - Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#54 zebarnabe

just correcting myself:
FZ100 has 24x not 30x (HS10 and others have 30x)... but you get the point…

2:21 pm - Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#55 dan

To reviewer:
- if you take a picture with a small sensor camera and you use F8 you will get the softest possible image. i have seen that almost all pictures are F5.6-F8 even at widest zoom, where you can use F2.8. F5.6-F8 is great if you use SLR cameras, but for small cameras is horrible.

To all smart photographers wanting larger sensor:
-take any M43, APS-C, FF body and put any lens you want on it. Than use superglue to have fixed lens camera.Problem solved.
-look at Sony A550 photo samples. Take 1st RAW picture. Take corresponding RAW picture from FZ100 samples. Despite having used F8 (worst aperture in terms of sharpness) for FZ100 and F8 (the best aperture for SLR lens), the difference in image quality is not big. And sony picture has 10% bigger zoom used (27mm vs 25mm for FZ100). The jpg file from FZ is very bad however.

8:09 pm - Wednesday, September 8, 2010

#56 zebarnabe


“Than use superglue to have fixed lens camera.Problem solved.” - So true…

yeah… JPEG engine processor on FZ100 is like an it was made on a train going out of the rails…

10:13 am - Thursday, September 9, 2010

#57 Mikz

...Thanks for the review and for saving me money. I’ve been waiting for so long for Pana to release a successor to the FZ50 so I can finally upgrade my camera but the FZ100 is such a disappointment. Why do they have to mess with the almost perfect bridge camera. They should have kept all the great features of the FZ50 and just added new technology to the FZ100- Like keeping the zoom and focus ring, while adding HD video, improving ISO noise, improving jpg/raw burst time, and zoom from 12x to 20x all @ 12MP. The FZ100 IQ is acceptable but not too much improvement from 4yrs ago. I guess I’m keeping my FZ50 for a while and save up big for Lumix GH2…

5:50 pm - Thursday, September 9, 2010

#58 Mike B

If super zoom is not required then the new Nikon P7000 may be a better travel camera option?

All I want is a compact and light camera with a reasonable zoom and good HD video as well as good low noise / low light performance.

Maybe the new Sony A33 would be an option but the lens are not as compact as those for the Panasonic GH1.

11:08 am - Sunday, September 12, 2010

#59 Hillel Weintraub

Hi, I’m a bit lost with some of this conversation. I’m basically an amateur with only one specific “professional” need. My partner is a painter and I take images of her paintings - from 1 ft sq to 4x5 feet in size. This images are used by galleries for their printing brochures and I use them to print out A3/B4 images on handmade paper which I sell as signed prints. I also make books of her images and my poems. (see our website  if interested)
(we also have a new baby though we’re not as crazy as some about taking pictures!). Presently I’m using an older (6 years) Canon Powershot which gives me 2-4 MGB images (TIFF/JPEG) that I’ve been using for the painting photos. (The camera is 7.1 MPG. )
I’d like to upgrade the quality of these images.
  important things in a camera for me then:
  1. good image quality - I think that means at least 14 megapixel sensor.
  2. articulating screen.(3” if possible) Sorry, but I love it.
  the rest is icing on the cake
Do you think this FZ 100 can give me the images I need? The huge zoom is not necessary for me. Forgetting price (?!?) any advice?

11:46 pm - Thursday, September 16, 2010

#60 Robin

@Hillel: Take a look at the sample images of the FZ100. That’s all one can say. To me it’s one of the worst cams u can buy to reproduce art (except you want to generate new soft art with less detail). There are image samples you may reduce to simple HD-resolution ~1-2 Megapixel and you still see softness in trees, leaves, meadows. What do you think a fine painted texture would look like?

Rather get one of the cheapest DSLRs and a cheap prime (50-100 mm) with less distortion - if you really don’t need a zoom and there’s enough space to capture your friends art.
If not, at least take a look at LX3, EX1, G11/G12, S90. What you imho do not need is a cam with a soft and compromising superzoom (thats why sensor is small), smeary quality due to fast readable (HD-Video) and closely packed sensors (to many pixels compared to sensor size).

9:17 am - Friday, September 17, 2010

#61 John 106


Don’t get hung up about the number of megapixels on offer. There’s constant competition between manufacturers to increase pixel count as it’s a powerful selling point. But 10mps on a DSLR will beat 14mps on the small sensor of a P&S.

As you have a specific professional purpose in mind why not take a picture and an SD card to a camera shop and try out a few cameras. Then you could compare images at home before making a choice.

12:32 pm - Friday, September 17, 2010

#62 Hillel Weintraub

John and Robin, Thanks to you both for your helpful comments.It makes sense to try something out before spending so much money! And I will take your advice about getting a DSLR seriously, Robin.

12:58 pm - Friday, September 17, 2010

#63 Ariel

canon sx30ir,lumiz fz100 or nikon p100?

6:30 pm - Friday, September 17, 2010

#64 harrison

I truly fell in love with my Canon G2 - sharp images and the articulating screen is great!

Then for a two week trip to WY I used a friends Sony with a 15x zoom, semi-articulating screen and for my first time…gasp “Image Stabilization”! I knew it was time to take my baby out of commission. (plus it was literally falling apart)

The G2’s articulating screen is AWESOME and allowed shots that make my photos the envy of many…(will DPReview PLEASE make that a ‘camera feature’ that can be searched!) So, I have dug and dug and dug for all the articulating screen cameras I could find. Which models am I missing?

Samsung TL500 (good images, good USER reviews BTW)
Canon PowerShot G11(G12)
Canon PowerShot SX20(SX30)
Panasonic G2
Panasonic FZ50
Panasonic FZ100 (Come one DPReview, get this ball rolling)

Don’t need a insane zoom, just decent images, a 10-15x zoom AND a articulating screen. I’ll be heading on a big trip in a month and as they say ‘were burning daylight’, any comments would be greatly appreciated!

7:40 am - Saturday, September 18, 2010

#65 MC

I upgraded my small pocket camera to the fz100 for a trip to Africa. Just got back and think the photos and movies i took are excellent.
Camera had no problems keeping up with the Cheetahs running either in burst mode or movie mode.
As a “non” techy camera person i thought it was very easy to use as well.

11:01 am - Saturday, September 18, 2010

#66 Hillel Weintraub

Robin, back to your idea about getting a DSLR and then purchasing a “cheap prime (50-100)”. This makes sense; then later I can get asmall zoom for familiy photos and video where high quality is not so important. Now the question is finding a good lens that will fit the camera I buy.  Can you recommend a good site where standard lenses are rated?

11:46 am - Saturday, September 18, 2010

#67 Harrison

I’ll be going to Tiera del Fuego and Pategonia in South America…I’d like to see the low-light capabilities of this camera.

Anyone have similar photos they can share?

Hillel Wintraub: Are the Africa photos posted somewhere they can be viewed by the public?

10:15 pm - Saturday, September 18, 2010

#68 kBeck

Just came back from Thailand, with my 3 week old Panasonic Lumic FZ100, it did great job for what I want to be done. 90% are excellent pictures but the fair ones are from not having enough time to adjust to the right setting.

I’ve used two of DSLR ones Olympus and Fuji but I have to admit that this camera works for me. We prefer travelling light - Low drag high speed.

Have a lot of pictures to share from small objects such as flowers to historical sites.

1:40 am - Monday, September 20, 2010

#69 Harrison

When you said: “the fair ones are from not having enough time to adjust to the right setting”

Does that mean you have to do a lot adjustments with settings to get decent photos?

I’ll admit, I travel the same way…light and fast, most of the time there just isn’t more than a few seconds to snap a photo which means I have to use all automatic settings 99% of the time.

3:28 am - Monday, September 20, 2010

#70 kBeck

Hi Harriosn..

Yes, the setting is very important for this camera. You can live with the intelligent mode but still there are more to do when the weather is not cooperate with us—low light especially before or after raining. We went there in the Monsoon season. Therefore, I need to adjust etc such as exposure +1/3 to 2/3 for instance, work with ISO 400. I have to check different option because the Lumic has so many thing for us to play with. The macro mode work best with small object shooting. I did use the night mode and the picture came out great. If possible, you may need the software to correct it but all are great for me.

We also use the light weight camera—Samsung HZ50W which is also good. The bad part of the Samsung is the battery which I’ve got to have 3 spare ones.

I carried the Fuji Finepix S9100 as well but I tended to leave it in a car. Ha Ha.. The Fuji work great too.

You may need to know your camera and try it out for several hundred shots until you know where to find the right setting. I did try at least 300 shots to explore the options in order to benefit your needs. You can shoot with 2 or 5 or 11 pctures per second. But I myself pick 2 and 5 that will save space in the SD card.

Get the picture size is also good because it will save space in the card.

The Lumic battery work great if you use the right setting. Many times, I tended to avoid using flash and this big fat battery last long enough to get the job done too. However, I do need to get extra battery.

If you need Snap shot—you may use the Intelligent mode—nothing go wrong with this mode. But Low light you need more adjustment for sure.

If I can’t get it right you can start over by turning the camera off and back on again to fix miscelleneous problems.

Tell me about your experience with the Lumic.

10:53 am - Monday, September 20, 2010

#71 Hans

Guys, (I guess it is mainly guys here), I am planning to buy the FZ100 not because it makes the best pictures or video, but because it is the best compromise. For video I want motorized zoom. Manual zoom while making a video is allmost never succesful.
In the meanwhile I will save some money to buy the Nikon P7000 when the prices drop in 2011.

Question: what SD card do I need. I see something like 17mb/s in the specs. Does that mean I need a DS card that can handle a write-speed of at least 17 Mb/s?? that means I have to buy the Extreme III from Sandisk.

10:34 pm - Monday, September 20, 2010

#72 Harrison


I have a small Lumix point and shoot that does a decent job…not that I’m terribly impressed with it. I have really enjoyed my old G2 until it literally started falling apart after 8 years of dragging it through some of the toughest parts of the world.

Question, are there any options for extending the timer delay aside from 3 and 10 seconds? Maybe an external shutter control???

2:56 am - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#73 Rain

I’m a newbie but would like to start getting into travel photography since I am in the travel industry. I used to want to get the nikon d3000 but realized it was too heavy and bulky for me, and didn’t have the budget for it. =). I did some online research and finally fell in love with the lumix fz35.

I was supposed to finally buy the fz35 a month ago (been really saving up for it) but when I heard that panasonic launched the fz40 and fz100, that’s where my confusion came in. I could not get detailed reviews on the differences of the 3 cameras. A friend told me to save up some more and get the fz100 instead. But from the above thread, it seems fz35 still came out better than the fz100 (well aside from the 24x zoom and the swivel lcd). I also learned that the fz100 is heavier than the fz35. I was considering the fz40 since online it says it has the same price as the fz35 with better zoom. But here in the Philippines I can get the fz35 at Php16,800.00 but the fz40 at Php20,000.00. I was like, I’d rather stick to my decision and get the fz35. Am I making the right decision? Any help/suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

4:39 am - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#74 kBeck

Hi Han..

I am using Digital Extreme Ultra high Speed SD card SDHC 8GB There are also 16 GB and 32 GB. I have to separate card one for still pictures and the other one for video. The ultra high speed is very fast. 

Yes, the Lumic FZ100 is the best compromise to me with both still pictures and video. As I said, you may use intelligent mode for snap shot but remember that there are so many small objects if you consider to get such nice clear pictures you may use Macro setting for small objects with Macro focus and set to use AF tracking focus.

I did review all options before purchasing this FZ100 and also had tried the FZ40. I purcahsed the Lumic advance technology more than anything else.

The Samsung HZ50W gave nice pictures an offer universal battery. You do not need to get travel charger go along with you if you buy a samsung. It is ligher in weight if compared to Lumic FZ100. I have to use travel charger to recharge my Lumic battery. 

People always go for the brandname cameras like Canon, Nikon, Sony etc. As a matter of fact, the Lumic FZ100 offers newer technology. Whoever like Low drag high speed travelling you will enjoy FZ100.

11:02 am - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#75 kBeck

Correction for my comment above.

The Samsung HZ50W has universal battery charger. The Lumic battery charger does have input 110V-240V 50/60Hz0.15A and Output8.4V0.43A. I tend to prevent a damage to my battery and the charger that is why I have a universal charger.

11:33 am - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#76 Hans

Well, mister Hiddenwarbler, the Canon SX30 IS is there, and to me it is a great dissapointment.
The SX30 only has 720P video, not 1080P.

Allthough I am afraid the 1080i video from the FZ100 might be dissapointing, I choose 1080i above 720P.

3:28 pm - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#77 Harrison

Aside from resolution, is there a HUGE difference between the two?

Personally, I’m buying a camera to take photos. If it also records video, that’s nice. (especially if it can zoom while recording!)

4:01 pm - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#78 Joe B

I,ve read a lot of reviews about many of the SUPER ZOOM cameras over the past two weeks. Is there actually a camera in this catagory that takes good pics in the upper ISO settings??

5:39 pm - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#79 John 106

@ Harrison, one thing to check on with the zoom feature is that while the camera may be able to zoom while recording, unfortunately it doesn’t necessarily follow that it will maintain focus at the same time. If it can’t, you’ll be very disappointed!

@ Joe B, regarding good pics at high ISO settings from superzooms, much depends on your definition of ‘good’. For my purposes, where only a tiny percentage of my pics need high ISO, my FZ50 is fine. ISO400 shots print very well at A4 size, while anything much higher is still usually acceptable (to me!) on the computer, but as a record, rather than a high quality shot.  If however high quality high ISO shots are very important to you, I would probably recommend a DSLR.

7:49 pm - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#80 Harrison

FWIW, I have seen the Canon SX30 do this nicely at least once. Would like more sample videos.

9:59 pm - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#81 Jenny

Hello I wondered whether anyone could helpn me with a bit of advice as I am complete camera novice…

I am off to Africa for close to a year and was after a good camera to take with me. My top priorities are picture and video quality, zoom and of course given the amount of travelling I am doing it can’t be too cumbersome either.

I was considering the FZ100 as I have read lots of brilliant reviews and given my untrained eye I didn’t think the image quality niggles some seem to have would both me. Now I am thinking maybe I don’t even need a camera that is advanced the FZ100? Maybe the “travel compact” TZ10 would be sufficient? It is obviously much smaller and cheaper than the FZ100 and still had decent zoom etc. I work for a charity and want to make sure I can take decent pictures of their projects whilst I am out there. I am also going on safari which is why I thought the zoom and HD videos would come in useful.

In summary I just want an excellent travel camera and I am not sure whether to go for the FZ100 or whether the TZ10 would be suitable for my needs. Any advice much appreciated!

10:27 am - Friday, September 24, 2010

#82 John 106

@ Jenny - Go into a camera shop which stocks both and compare by handling them. If you’re a complete novice my inclination would be towards the TZ10, but both cameras, as will virtually all digicams, have a fully automatic mode which will get things pretty much right in the majority of conditions.
Both have a 25mm wide angle which will be great for landscapes, but the FZ100 scores at the telephoto end with its 600mm being twice that of the TZ10, something which may be an advantage for wild life.

If you’re worried about paying more in a shop, take a few prices from the internet. Many shops will try to price match, and even if they can’t match completely, it’s probably worth spending £10 more if you can walk out of the shop with it, rather than go through the hassle of buying on line.

Also, try to get your camera at least a fortnight before you go. That way you can practice with it and become familiar with the controls before you really need it. Not quite so important for you as you’re going for a year, but you still might miss a few shots in those first few days.

12:30 pm - Friday, September 24, 2010

#83 kBeck


Check it out Olympus SD-800UZ and the Fuji HS10. These two cameras have the similar function with the FZ100 and the price is lower.

The good part of the FZ100 is also 2, 5 and 11 frames per second—if you want to take pictures of wildlife.

1:36 pm - Friday, September 24, 2010

#84 Hans

@ Jenny

Dear Jenny, as long as you will not know what to choose and rely on others, it is likely that you will be dissapointed.
You better learn something about camera types and their features and think about what your requirements are.
For example: will you be in rough terrain in Africa? dust? humidity? It may damage the camera. Maybe you want a camera that can withstand some water and sand.
A superzoom camera will give you the telelens you might need.

4:48 pm - Friday, September 24, 2010

#85 sam


Now that Panasonic has released FZ100 and FZ40, I want to ask as to how long will the FZ35 remain in market? I have seen that once a product is withdrawn from the market, its prices shoot up to ridiculous levels at sites like amazon and ebay. I will be buying my camera towards the end of october and I am waiting for the prices of FZ40 to drop. If they dont then I will go for the FZ35.

At amazon, the rate for FZ35 after dipping to 299$  a few days back are already up to 324$.

8:22 pm - Friday, September 24, 2010

#86 kBeck

Hi.. Jenny I can tell you on the FZ100 if duscussed about dust and humidity as well as other issues.

I used the camera in Thailand all two week during monsoon season with no problem—raining everyday since day one I was there. It take quite great pictures under that condition if you set exposure just a little bit over +1/3 or +2/3 this will give you clear pictures under such a gloomy day.

10:37 am - Saturday, September 25, 2010

#87 PassionNature78

My blog on the FZ100 “Preview of my FZ100” =>

9:21 pm - Sunday, October 3, 2010

#88 LJ

Hi Jenny:

I am not into photography in a major way either, so perhaps my perspective will match yours. 

ANY of these types of cameras will work very well for you.  The trouble I have with many of these posts is that they criticize the cameras for what they are not, as opposed to what they are: highly capable point and shooters for novices, with the capability to accommodate growth in knowledge and expectations. 

The criticisms here seem to me to be like criticizing a Camry for not being a sports car, when it was made as a family car.

I have used a 3 year old Panasonic DMC-TZ3 for two trips to Europe and it has been a very competent workhorse, producing many good pictures.

I am looking at the FZ100 because of a few minor issues I’ve encountered, but still effectively want a point and shoot.  The price for the FZ100 is a bit high but it is rated above almost all of its other competitors. If you can find a deal, grab it.  If not. look for earlier Panasonic models, and you will be pleased with the results.

6:35 pm - Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have been shooting professionally for over twenty five years.  Primarily in editorial and stock.  I recently have moved into online video projects.

The FZ 100 provides a GREAT deal of value for the pro and advanced user.  You get RAW files, a remote!! Only the G series has remotes that I know of , and for video you audio input.  What other cams over all that for in the US about $420.00.

I am moving from Canon HV40 and a T2i to this for video.  T2i is very hard to focus while moving and cumbersome the HV40 while great is no better than the video coming out of the FZ100.  In all a nice package for travel or for one that needs mobility.

7:46 pm - Sunday, October 10, 2010

#90 kBeck


Glad to read such a comment from both of you. The critism about FZ100 from some folks here is to discredit the quality of FZ100—is that what they tried to do?

For me, the quality of FZ100 is too good to be true and I love it. It worth to try, to buy and I am happy with the quality of the LUMIC FZ100.

At the beginning of 2010, people criticized about Toyota Prius. There are so many people just wanted to join the group to damage its quality and reputation. They do not even drive or know the car. I drive Prius for 5 years and never have problems as they claimed ?? What other cars with 4 cylinders can get that far 50+ mpg per gallon. 

I have FZ100 everywhere I go. I paid $459 for mine at the end of August. You may find FZ100 from $395 to $429, go for it.


To Passionnature 78

I visited the blog on the FZ100 “Preview of my FZ100” =>
The pictures are great.

3:29 am - Monday, October 11, 2010

#91 Sergio

Very interesting camera. I have an excelent FZ35 with two batteries. As I’m thinking about to buy the FZ100. Does anybody know if FZ100 accepts FZ35 (same as FZ28) battery (CGR-S006E)?

3:31 am - Monday, October 11, 2010

#92 KBeck

Hi Sergio

Battery Pack Model DMW-BMB9E 7.2 V 895 mAh 6.5 Wh Li-on

3:41 am - Monday, October 11, 2010

#93 zebarnabe

@kBeck, It’s a nice camera, but compared with the older FZ35/38 it has some issues with JPEG engine, that aside, and considering it has RAW support, it’s a nice camera… yes, it could be better - specially in ISO noise - but there are no perfect cameras…

Off-topic (just poking):
My 15 y.o. car does 55~60 mpg without much effort by drivers side…. Most European recent diesel cars do… the new VW Polo does 65mpg ...

9:41 am - Monday, October 11, 2010

#94 kBeck

Hi Zebarnabe

Hey.. That Jpeg engine issues—what is that? I do not preceive the problems yet so far. Tell me more about the JPEG thing.

Oh Yeah !!! Nothing perfect—I know that. If one is perfect there will be the second, third and forth etc..

Off Topic too—

I just mentioned about the negative comment only that is why I made a comment about the Prius. That’s right the Volk Polo does that but it is Diesel. Forgot to mention that the Prius take unleaded gasoline. You’re right.

12:32 pm - Monday, October 11, 2010

#95 Sergio

Hi KBeck,

I know that both batteries are different in shape. But despite of FZ35 battery rounded shape on one face, it could fit on FZ100, due to same conector and voltage. Thanks

1:53 pm - Monday, October 11, 2010

#96 zebarnabe


JPEG processor engine either applies a too agressive noise reduction or uses some sort of image compression filter that smudges details…

When comparing, for example, FZ35/38 RAW vs JPEG, nothing bad exists, aside of color match, a bit of extra noise/detail (no noise reduction applied) or compression artifacts (since JPEG is not that compressed those are quite rare), but in FZ100 it looks quite different… FZ100 sensor has a bit more noise right from ISO100, but there is no need to apply such aggressive NR.

It’s like you grabbed smudge tool on high detail areas and ... well… smudged stuff… It’s really similar to what happens with HS10 and DR200/400 active ... but in HS10 it doesn’t happen always (with DR200 or DR400 it’s quite likely to appear) and when happens it’s worse… RAW solves it either way…

Check the dpreview FZ100 preview for a clear comparison:

The default area on the martini bottle label doesn’t show any issue (FZ35/38 JPEG processor just applies a stronger sharpening filter), but it is noticeable right away on that piece of purple and green chessboard wool pattern near the center…

Of course ... it’s not that bad for a bridge, and this is at a pixel-pepping level (even if the fuzziness of edges is visible on some reduced views)... compare it with Canon SX20 or Nikon P100 and they are all on the same level (at ISO 100) of detail… FZ35/38 just stands out from them, the balance between lens, sensor, sharpening and noise reduction is quite good on it.

PS: Diesel it’s cheaper on (most of) Europe :] Prius it’s a nice car (i will not discuss aesthetics), but i just find it expensive for what it is…

4:20 pm - Monday, October 11, 2010

#97 John 106

Every camera is a compromise; you just have to decide what it is you want, but of course as in all things the Law of Diminishing Returns applies. If you want the absolute best image quality, you need a top of the range Hasselblad. But though it costs 100 times more than a standard bridge camera, the vast majority of its images will be nothing like 100 times better.
Personally, I take a lot of note of reviews from respected sources, such as dPreview. These guys are experts at comparing cameras, high lighting strengths and weaknesses, and tend to make sensible like for like comparisons. I’m always a bit wary of amateur reviews. They tend either to be glowing because the reviewer is in love with their new baby (I know I was, and still am, with my FZ50!), or else unfairly slated because expectations were too high.
If you’ve taken note of professional reviews, and if possible handled the camera, then you’re very unlikely to be disappointed, whatever you decide on.

BTW, as we’re doing car reviews on the side, I’ve had my 1600cc petrol Astra for 18 months now and averaged at least 45mpg. That’s an Imperial gallon though, which is a bit bigger than an American gallon. It’s nice to think we have something in the UK bigger than you guys in America have got! ;-)

4:50 pm - Monday, October 11, 2010

#98 Charles

John, I would add to your comment that if you want absolute best image quality that the best choice is still FILM.

I am not a Luddite, nor am I a crank, but at the same time I still have a 4x5 view camera with a Zeiss lens for when a photographic situation requires absolute perfection from the optics and the image media.

Digital offers a convenience and ease of editing that cannot be beaten compared to the “old ways” and that’s what I use digital for.  Film on the other hand has more “megapixels” than most consumer level DSLRs, and that’s nothing compared to the old-school view cameras. 

All that said leads to one thing: digital is very, very good for 98% of what people use a camera for, and that’s absolutely true in the consumer, prosumer and low-level pro markets.  Ease of use, ease of editing, output, superb video, it can all be had with dozens of brands and models. Like ANY photographic system, digital has some disadvantages, but most can be easily overcome using a good image editor and without needing to be a wizard of the darkroom arts. 

Problem is that some people think a $500 digital camera should be an Arca-Swiss / Linhoff rig, and with current technology, it’s just not going to happen.  Maybe one day.

4:00 pm - Monday, October 18, 2010

#99 chudm

does anyone knows if DMW-AC7 AC7PP AC Power Adapter works with the lumix fz100? cause i cant find the dmw-ac8 anywhere!

I need a ac power adapter soon, and cant find dmw-ac8, and im outside US and need to be sure before i bought the dmw-ac7.. can anyone check please?

11:31 pm - Monday, October 18, 2010

#100 zebarnabe


My panasonic battery charger (DE-A49C) is an inlet type charger and has support for 110V-240V being a matter of choosing the right AC cable with the proper plug… :/
It has a output where i connect the DC coupler.

You need the DC coupler - battery shaped thing with a cable to connect to AC power adapter…

Electrically it should work, as any AC power adapter that provides 8.4V 1.2A on demand (my panny eats 9.3V >_>), but the connector can be different…

Ideally fetch the original, or you could risk to fry your camera :[

1:20 am - Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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