Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ45 Review

August 25, 2010 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 Paulo Plentz

Images are very noisy even at base ISO…seems worst then FZ35!

12:26 pm - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#2 Dex

But better than the FZ100 ;)

3:44 pm - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#3 Sarah

Finally…Panasonic have invented the ‘idiot proof’ camera, since not even an idiot would buy this rubbish.

8:24 pm - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#4 Paolino


8:47 pm - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#5 Ismael

I am interested ONLY on its photo quality specially compared to the FZ-100. I don’t care about the videos. Although it is a disappointment that it is so slow compared to the FZ-100. I understand it is normal its photo quality is worst than the FZ-35(38) since is cramming more MP’s in the same size of sensor.

11:24 pm - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#6 Tina Edwards

Review gives the same evaluation of image quality for the FZ45 as that given in the FZ38’s review. Why the different rating? FZ38 was given 4.5 for image quality while the FZ45 only got 4. If there’s a difference because of the increase in pixels shouldn’t this be made clear?

11:04 am - Thursday, August 26, 2010

#7 dan

Why FZ100 and FZ45 have the same rating for image quality?
FZ45 is clearly better than FZ100. Sharper images, less noise

9:57 am - Friday, August 27, 2010

#8 Michael Hassan

Hi there, just received mine this morning.

My thoughts so far, and these are very early thoughts, Colour is nice and vibrant. Tried doing some Macro focusing and trying to get some Bokeh going, now I know that this is a small sensor camera but not able to achieve this yet, but I will persevre.

I was looking forward to using the dial, which in parts is good but a little stiff. My key passion is Street Photography and for that I use a very capable GRD3 and also use film with my Diana cameras. You can see my work on Flickr

The reason for getting this camera was to have something for a bit of fun and creativity and not much more than that, knowing the limitations of it’s sensor. I was shooting today at most ISO400 and Cloudy for WhiteBalance as it was a typical London Grey Sky.

So overall it shots pretty fast, like the use of the viewfinder, but I need to learn more how to use the manual focus and macro mode. Will report another time when I have some more experience.

Cheers - Mike

5:28 pm - Friday, August 27, 2010

#9 kevin

I’d like to hear about the video mode.  I have a compact and a canon 20D with many lenses, but really need something nice for family vacations and such.  so those family shots/action/ and videos of the kids are what I need.  anyone have any thoughts?  looking at this and the FZ100 and the fuji.  The FZ100 allows picture taking WHILE shooting video (I like that) does this new canon offer it?

8:20 pm - Sunday, August 29, 2010

#10 Chris

So, as I supposed in FZ100’s review comments FZ45 gives a little better IQ but I’m a liitle dissapointed because of dynamic range.
On sample pictures I can see many blow-out areas.
I still wonder what to buy - probably it will be much cheaper now Fuji S200EXR (better ergonomic, EVF, DR hot-she or smaller FZ38 - better PLIQ than the newest FZ models and HD clips+wider optical zoom range comparing to Fuji.
Of course it is my first impression, so I must examine more FZ100/FZ45 samples to be convinced about the choice.

3:49 pm - Monday, August 30, 2010

#11 Bernard

I am wondering if the FZ100(CMOS) has worse images that the FZ45(CCD).

An important issue, CMOS is not always better that CCD. (Mostly CMOS is only not avoidable in direct to source light, avoiding CCD column effect. It depends on the picture you make.)
Your choice.

On dark images, I am asking myself of the progressive 2.8 to 5.x zoom, I remember my FZ8, with its f3.3. Very useful under ISO400, a usual physical barrier.


11:48 am - Wednesday, September 8, 2010

#12 Bikeboy77

I have a PAN G1 with 14-45/45-200mm. I fancied adding the PAN45 to my stable, mainly for the 600mm end of the lens.
Then the thought struck, I already have a 600mm lens. I just take my foto with middle of my g1 45-200 and hey preso I have better IQ than the PANfz45. We’re all after a dream camera.

1:27 pm - Friday, September 10, 2010

#13 Paul

Have been using this camera for several weeks. Former Olympus super zoom owners. This the hands-down best compact camera we have ever owned. I wouldn’t trust a Fuji ever again. We own a spotty one that was highly reviewed but turned out to be crap. Can’t believe all reviews I guess. This Pany is fantastic.

4:20 am - Monday, October 18, 2010

#14 Michael

I’m thinking of upgrading to this camera from my current Lumix FZ28. Would that be a good enough upgrade to justify the cost, or should I just stick with the FZ28?

2:01 am - Friday, October 22, 2010

#15 100tauro

Excelente, pero mejorable.

Desde hace años lo tenía muy claro, yo soy fan de las brigde por muchas razones. Tenia una Kodak de 5 Mpx y tocaba cambiarla. Después de 6 meses recopilando información opiniones y fotos para comparar calidades me compré la Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ45.
La primera sensación es que el tacto es de plástico, pero ligera y se adapta muy bien a las manos, con zonas rugosas donde hacen falta. Los botones están bien distribuidos. Es más sencilla de usar en modo manual que muchas reflex, simplemente colocando el dial en (P) , (M) , (A) y girando una ruedecilla.
Una misma tapa para batería y tarjeta, pero aunque abras la tapa no se salen solas ni la tarjeta ni la batería, hay que sacarlas voluntariamente. La rosca para filtros es una idea estupenda, recomiendo poner un filtro protector de lentes.

La calidad de imagen en buenas condiciones de luz es “excelente” 9/10 mejor que algunas reflex de gama baja, no se aprecian aberraciones cromáticas, si acaso un leve halo azul en zonas de mucho contraste, pero mucho menos que en otras cámaras similares. En gran angular no se aprecia el efecto barrilete. Sin embargo en condiciones de luz pobres, he notado que baja mucho el contraste. A medida que subimos el ISO aumenta el ruido y a partir de 200 se nota mucho.

El visor cumple con su función y la pantalla de 3” se ve muy bien, aunque hubiera sido estupendo que la hubieran puesto giratoria como a la FZ100. El alcance del flash es bueno hasta 5 o 6 metros, pero a menos de 2 metros deja las caras blancas. Habría estado bien ponerle zapata para flash externo o una clavija. Algunos pensaran que dicho esto me debería de haber comprado la FZ100, pero la calidad del sensor cMOS en las bridge está todavía muy lejos del CCD.

En cuanto al software, para mi deja mucho que desear. Cada modo hay que personalizarlo y configurarlo uno a uno, hay que ponerse con el manual y la cámara y trabajar un rato. El tema de los manuales en CD es una lata, porque no te puedes llevar la cámara a la calle e ir probando cosas con un manual delante. En cuanto a la configuración de ISO, permite ajuste en manual y además añadir un valor máximo, pero el primer rango es hasta ISO 200 y la cámara en este modo tiende a irse a ISOs altos sin necesidad, perdiendo calidad y añadiendo ruido. El modo Auto Inteligente (Boton Rojo) es una mierda, no sirve para nada, ya se podían haber esforzado un poco los señores de Panasonic, pone unos parámetros que nunca son los más óptimos. Al final he optado por hacer las fotos en modo (P) y ajustando con la ruedecilla los valores de apertura de diafragma o velocidad de obturación y el ISO manual siempre en 80 o 100 como mucho.


8:38 am - Tuesday, October 26, 2010

#16 Sergio

Panasonic should cut the botton side of lens hood. If cut, lens hood could fit better if attached in storing position, with enough space for the fingers.

12:50 pm - Monday, November 8, 2010

#17 David

To Michael: Be careful upgrading your FZ-28

I recently bought a Panasonic Lumix FZ-100 after several days of researching, to update my old camera (a FZ-28); I’m a photographer and I normally use a camera for work and personal use.

I’m really upset and disappointed with the product because I found the picture quality is appalling and terrible poor compared to my old Lumix FZ-28. I tested myself both cameras in iA mode, in same light situations, and the FZ-100’s photos look noisy and the colors are noticeable washed out.
Please, download the samples here:

The FZ-100 totally ruined my day, and the price I paid for it was very high.

6:04 pm - Saturday, June 18, 2011

#18 Michael

Hi @David, this review is about the fz45, not the fz100. Most reviews I have read indicate that the fz100 is better at video than the fz45 due to the CMOS sensor. Some reviews have implied that the fz45 is better at stills with it’s CCD sensor. My own experience if you care to look at the pictures in the Flickr fz45 dedicated group is that I have been astounded by the quality of this very versatile camera, which I have to be excellent for portraits as well as landscapes and everything in between.

8:53 am - Sunday, June 19, 2011

#19 Didier


First, I’m sorry for my English! I’m learning this language for two month.

I’m interesting by the FZ45, but I have a question. In the specifications you wrote that the file format is “jpeg”. But you showed also some raw pictures.

Then, finaly, this camera have also the file format raw or not?

I hope you will understand me.

So long.

7:14 pm - Sunday, June 26, 2011

#20 tony....

lovely camera, very sharp shots.. quick n easy…
nice zoom, idiotproof… would definitely recommend it .

8:04 pm - Friday, July 1, 2011

#21 sheldon cwinn

I have had BOTH the FZ40/45 and the FZ 35/38. Actually I also had the FZ28 previously. The best of the bunch? The FZ35! It has better image quality in low light> The FZ 40/45 has acceptable image quality don’t get me wrong. It has superior handling and speed. But the image quality isn’t as good as the FZ 35/38 no how, no where, no way. I hope Panny’s next superzoom goes back to a 12.3 mp sensor.

6:50 pm - Monday, July 11, 2011

#22 Nicky

Hi! I’m contemplating on whether getting this Lumixfz45 or the sony hx1.

I would like a camera that has a look and feel of an slr,great shutter speed, slr-like quality of photos and great at low light.

I know that the hx1 is an older model but it has good reviews too.

Which one would you suggest? Thank you!

2:53 am - Sunday, July 24, 2011

#23 sheldon

You will NEVER get anything CLOSE to slr quality shots from this type of camera. The sensor is too small. If you are a new photographer and want to learn, I would suggest the Nikon P500 or Canon XS30is. Better still wait until the new Lumoix FZ 47 comes out later this month. It should be a great camera. The FZ45 is a good camera but is noisy.

12:11 am - Monday, July 25, 2011

#24 Kath

Adore the quality of the outdoor shots with the FZ45 - but just cannot get a decent indoor picture in low light.  It is impossible to get a sharp image in concert settings where flash is not allowed.  Very disappointing.

4:37 pm - Sunday, October 2, 2011

#25 sheldon cwinn

It is VERY difficult to get good indoor shots. One thing you can try is to use an inexpensive slave flash. They typically are about $40 and I have had some success with it. Mine is a Bowen purchased at Adorama,

4:35 am - Monday, October 3, 2011

#26 addi

hello everyone i want to buy a dslr camera under 200pounds…ive been looking for dslr since last 2 month…under my range i cant find any suitable camera…im a non professional in photograpgy but i have learned quiet stuff about dslr’s…i want to start photography with a good camera…kindly help me out which camera should i go for???
plz would be very thankful to u guyz

8:45 pm - Monday, October 17, 2011

#27 Dean

i have this camera and would recommend it for a beginner!

5:20 pm - Monday, December 5, 2011

#28 Phil

I wanted to buy a second hand one…and finished buying an FZ38 : cheaper second hand and better light sensibility.

For me, FZ45 and FZ100 are a fail.
Their 14MP CCD and CMOS sensors are too small to handle light.
Too noisy.

But the new FZ48 and FZ150 are VERY good :D
They rolled back to 12MP, and with the nice optics and post treatment of Panasonic, they defined a new standard for bridge.
FZ150 get the best shots i’ve ever seen on bridge.
Canon Powershot SX40 HS is near, quality wise, but prefer Panasonic anyway ;)

And Sony Cyber-shot HX100V is over rated : “blurry” shots, less precision compared to Canon and Panasonic.

For me, there is no FZ45/FZ100.
FZ38 second hand or FZ48/FZ150 brand new.

10:43 am - Friday, December 16, 2011

#29 John

I had a TZ7, which sadly has been misplaced, Now I am looking for a replacement, I have read reviews on the TZ20, which has put me off, then I see the Tz30 is coming out, sounds good, but unsure, I have looked at the FZ45 and some of the photos on Flikr and they look amazing, i have fallen in love with this camera.
Would anyone like to suggest whether if there is a big advantage on going for one of these bridge cameras or a compact?
My one concern is the extra size.

9:53 am - Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#30 sheldon

The. Fz45 actually has a slightly smaller sensor than the travel zoom. I would buy the TZ.

2:24 pm - Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#31 Sharon W

Really love this camera by far the best I have owned.. Fantastic on the zoom, in fact unbelievable! But I am so disapointed with the indoor shots.. I’ve tried every setting and spend so much time trying everything I can, but so dissapointing!  :0(  Any ideas… Sharon..

8:16 pm - Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#32 James


I have a Panasonic Lumix dmc FZ48 for sell. It is in great condition and this is a truly fantastic camera. Im also selling with it, a case, a tripod and filter lens. I would like £225 ono for the lot. If interested my email address is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

5:48 pm - Sunday, March 18, 2012

#33 Arthur Fisk

I have owned this camera for about one and a half years, and I feel I must say it was a severe learning experience. I was disappointed with the cameras image quality right out of the box. And I must say that hinging my purchase on this review led me to question the verdict given on this camera.

Personally I would have given this camera a 2.5 star rating for overall.
Image Quality…..1
Value for money…1

Unfortunately the small sensor ruined what could have been a nice camera. Features & design really become irrelevant in light of such dire image quality, therefor 1 for value.
Granted, I enjoyed the ease with with I could change various settings on the fly. Which helped maximize the image potential, but it could not save it. An incredible amount of detail was lost.

That being said, I have taken this camera on business around the world, to such places as Washington DC, USA; Kaiserslautern, Germany; And Dubai, UAE. And have gotten pictures of buildings and landmarks I will enjoy for life, just not at the level detail I liked.

9:25 am - Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#34 Cami

This camera seems really great in concerts:
The crowd screams are definitely more muted than other cameras.

5:52 am - Thursday, June 7, 2012

#35 R.Garnham

I have posted some videos, using my Panasonic FZ45 at these addresses below, on u-tube. They are un-edited or changed in any way from the original!
Hope it helps some way.

9:50 am - Sunday, July 15, 2012

#36 Dimos

Just let me share my thoughts about this camera with you. I own an FZ-45 for a year now, photo quality, zoom etc are perfect, this is my first dsl-like camera and had really enjoy using it. Unfortunately after 9months, I had the above problem: When zoomed more than 10x I got the following error “Please turn your camera off”  or “Zoom Error”. Contacting Panasonic customer care in Germany did not helped, they did not accepted my camera back ad asked my to pay for service, a 9 months old camera. Generaly camera was good but NOT RELIABLE, now I use it without zooming, because it’s horrible to have to switch it off and on 5 times for a single shoot. I know for sure that my next camera will not be a Lumix again, I would expect realibility from a Made in Japan product.

4:31 pm - Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#37 Roger Garnham

Unfortunately I no longer have my FZ45.
But have acquired a Fuji HS20. Which offers at least as good a performance. But with the addition of `full` H.D. Video and a tilting viewing screen. However the manual zoom is problematical when zooming when videoing ( hand-held) Quality of image though is excellent, as long as one obtains proper focusing first!!. Still experimenting with it at the moment!!

10:34 am - Thursday, April 4, 2013

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