Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ5 Review

October 2, 2012 | Matt Grayson | |

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#1 Warren Lyons

I am beginning to think that reading Photography blog is endangering my health.  For the past few weeks, I have been bombarded with Photokina news, along with reviews of cameras that I wouldn’t buy, (throwaway point and shoots and budget travel zooms such as this one) and those I couldn’t buy (pro level DSLRs and one of a kind freaks like the Sigma Merril), along with esoteric accessories that have about as much in common with taking good photos, as AXE cologne has with picking up girls.  How about reviews of cameras that have a broader based appeal amoung PB readers, such as the Canon SX50, Panasonic FZ200, Sony NEX6, etc.  I would alse love to see shootouts between various models in the categories of Entry DSLRs, Compact system cameras, Bridge Cameras, and large sensor compacts.  If you are wondering what this has to do with my health, I have been holding my breath waiting for these reviews.  People have DIED holding their breath too long.  I don’t think that Mark, and the rest of the gang at PB want this on their conscience

5:14 pm - Tuesday, October 2, 2012

#2 Marvin

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#3 Marvin

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#4 Alvin

“Wildlife shots will also be easier to do because you can back off from the camera” Wildlife shots? With this? Really?!?!!

3:51 pm - Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#5 Chris

Nice camera but sucks in dust with the lens…so 4weeks use and a useless camera…shame really as I liked it

4:36 pm - Sunday, July 21, 2013

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