Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 Review

March 26, 2009 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#301 tz7

Thanks malex,

I have recently joined shutterstock and will shortly be uploading 10 images that I have taken with the TZ7. On one hand they have been thought about creatively (depth of field, composition) but at the end of the day they have been taken with a compact - although a very good one.
As well when viewed in photoshop at 100%, even the sharpest parts of the shot are starting to soften. Is this normal?

11:12 pm - Monday, January 11, 2010

#302 Albert N

I am thinking of getting this camera. I currently use a Canon ixus which has a “stitch assist” feature that i use a lot when taking panoramic photos of building sites or interiors.  Is there anything similar with the Panasonic tZ7.

11:48 pm - Monday, January 11, 2010

#303 malex

#301 Not sure about this problem, may be that when you open the picture in photoshop, it compresses the file or saves it in a compressed format. After this, each subsequent save can compress the file even more, and each time detail is lost.
It is best to make sure that camera is set to highest quality for important pictures, then keep the original jpeg image without altering it. Copy this image into photo program to edit it.Do not open image from edit software. That way you always have a good original that has only been compressed into jpeg once by camera.

#302 Albert. The TZ7 has a Panorama Assist setting, that lets supplied software know where to join pictures. I have not used it, so do not know how good it is.

12:19 pm - Thursday, January 14, 2010

#304 Kat

Can anyone advise me how to delete photos from my TZ7 while it is plugged into my computer (PC)? I access the memory card as I would do an external HDD and with my old Sony camera I used to be able to highlight a bunch of images and hit delete, and they would be gone from my memory card.  With the Panasonic an error message comes up.  I have tried everything: making sure the SD card is set to the unlocked position, checking the image file properties etc, but the only way I can delete photos is in batches from the camera - using the up the battery and very laborious as I take thousands of images.

Somebody please help!!

12:25 pm - Friday, January 15, 2010

#305 malex

#304 Kat, An oddity of the TZ7. You cannot delete pictures when camera is connected to PC, some camera makers do this so that you cannot accidentally delete photos from PC.
Solution, if your computer does not have and SD card slot, buy a USB SD card reader (like a thumb drive) for about £1 or less, and put memory card from camera into this to transfer/delete photos, thus not using your camera battery while transferring pictures.

3:06 pm - Friday, January 15, 2010

#306 Adezaak

#304 Kat, after you’ve uploaded the pictures to your PC, simply select ‘delete all’ in the menu on the TZ7.

3:26 pm - Friday, January 15, 2010

#307 Kat

Thanks Malex, you’re a star! I’ll give it a try.  My 5.5yr old toshiba laptop has a card reader but it won’t recognise my 4GB card and there aren’t any drivers available to download for reading over 2GB size cards! I will give the plug in card reader a go - so it’s just the camera that stops me deleting…

In response to the second comment, I know I can delete all from the camera but I am avoiding that as I’ve taken some HD videos and have been unable to access these at all.  Normal Mpegs are fine, but with HD or AVHD these files are simply not showing up when I explore the memory card when my camera is plugged into the laptop…another problem for me to solve!

3:36 pm - Friday, January 15, 2010

#308 Ratti3

Does anyone else find the on/off switch very easy to change position, nearly everytime I take it out the bag it turns on. Also I have to agree on the battery life being very poor.

11:06 pm - Friday, January 15, 2010

#309 malex

#307 Kat, your HD video files are stored on your memory card in the ‘Private’ folder, search down through this folder and you will find them, remember you need software that can read AVCHD to play this, such as supplied software.
#308 Ratti3, Not sure what type of camera bag you have, for this to happen. As the on/off switch is lower that the zoom/shutter button, I cannot see how this can happen. I would try a different camera bag.

4:43 pm - Saturday, January 16, 2010

#310 Kat

Thanks Malex, but I have searched the private folder and every other one which shows up - every nook and crannie! They’re no where to be found.  I know I have to upload some fancy software to view the videos but I’d like to find the files first! Any other ideas?

10:06 am - Monday, January 18, 2010

#311 malex

#310 Kat, the video file is stored under Private/BDMV/Stream and saved as an MTS file.
The data relating to this video file is saved as info files in the other folders. With your TZ7, was a CD which includes PhotoFunStudio which you can view HD video on a pc.

10:21 am - Monday, January 18, 2010

#312 Kat

I’ll give it another try once I’ve uploaded the software. Thanks Malex, I really appreciate your expertise!

10:29 am - Monday, January 18, 2010

#313 Paula

Hi, I’ve been looking for a camera that does video and still picture equally as good, I’d been researching for weeks and thought the the TZ7 was the best option, then I saw the Samsung PL70 which was reduced to a really good price so I had a look at the reviews and it seemed good so I bought it.
Still picture quality was great but when I played the HD video on my laptop the sound was jumpy and cut out all the time and the picture quality was shocking, I called the Tech team and I seemed to have all the right software installed but it was still really bad so I eventually took it back.
I have a year old Dell laptop, so reasonably new.
I now want to buy the TZ7 but am worried the video won’t play on my laptop, any thoughts would be great, thanks for reading.

10:28 am - Tuesday, January 19, 2010

#314 malex

#313 Paula, Did you try camera on a different computer before you took it back?
There were comments about sounds from PL70 camera while video recording on YouTube.
If you have a friend that has a camera that will record HD video, ask if you could try it with your laptop. It is possible that you had several programs open at the same time as you were watching video, and the computer was struggling. You could take your laptop with you to a camera shop, and ask if you could test the camera with your laptop before purchase, say you want to see the video output on a on your laptop. If the same thing happens again, then I would guess it was a driver conflict or struggling cpu on your laptop

11:50 am - Tuesday, January 19, 2010

#315 Paula

Hi, thanks for replying, I didn’t try the camera on another computer as I was anxious to get it back to the shop as I’d had it for a few days.
I think I’ll take the laptop with me to the shop and ask to try it there, i’d never thought about that! I also have an HD tv so if the cable is fairly cheap I’ll buy it and try it on my TV, as you said it could possibly be my Laptop.
Thanks again

2:19 pm - Tuesday, January 19, 2010

#316 malex

#315 Paula, a cable to connect to TV is supplied with TZ7. I do not think Samsung give a TV cable with camera.

10:59 am - Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#317 lila

Considering both the Panansonic Lumix DMC TZ7 and the Sony DSC H20 for a travel camera (lost my last one, this will be my one and only). I use a mac and have heard that there may be some compatibility issues with one or the other. Could someone clear this up for me? Also, main differences? with translation? Thanks!

9:53 pm - Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#318 malex

#317 lila, You can use the TZ7 with a mac, but you cannot use the supplied PhotoFun software. There are free alternative photo edit software for the mac.
Between the TZ7 and H20, the TZ7 has a wider angle lens than the H20, so for travel snaps, you will get a lot more scenery into the photo.
The TZ7, I believe is more robustly built than the H20, also as it is more square, it is easier to fit into pocket if out and about.
The H20 has a better flash, but that is about all.

9:26 am - Thursday, January 21, 2010

#319 lila

Thank You Malex! It’s on its way!

10:13 am - Thursday, January 21, 2010

#320 Verena Nickels

Does anyone know if it is possible to view HD videos shot with a TZ7 on a Mac? My Mac only recognizes the stills, not the videos…Any additional software needed?


3:52 pm - Wednesday, January 27, 2010

#321 malex

#320 Verena, If your Mac is Intel cpu, it already has the software to view AVCHD.
Otherwise there is free software packages from apple and 3rd parties to view and edit AVCHD video, do a Google search and you should find quite a few.

9:25 am - Thursday, January 28, 2010

#322 Alex


I know this may sound like a stupid question, but can you manually adjust shutter speed on this camera? If so what is the range?



8:50 pm - Monday, February 1, 2010

#323 b-OBBY


I just brought TZ7 (really expensive here in India around Rs. 23.500 ($470). I choose TZ7 among Sony H20, canon SX200is and Nikon P90 best in there own class but still struggling for the best shot to convince myself and my wife why I spend my hard earned money on this ultra compact super zoom digital Camera.

I hope and wish to find perfect settings to shoot one perfect shot soon to prove my self and this mean machine “LoL”.

11:25 am - Wednesday, February 3, 2010

#324 malex

#322 Alex, you can adjust shutter manually from 1/250 to 1sec, and using different flash/scene settings from 1/30 to 1/2000th sec.
Not a stupid question, as probably 90% of compact camera users never use custom settings, and just stick to auto modes.

12:14 pm - Wednesday, February 3, 2010

#325 Vitaly Kravchenko

I’m seriously considering buying this camera. And if I understand correctly DMC-TZ7 and DMC-ZS3 are the very same cameras. However, the website I want to buy it from has two different listings for it:
DMC-ZS3 for $269.99
and DMC-TZ7 for $429.99
From reviews it looks like this is a reliable seller, but now I’m not so sure.
Is this a good site? Should I just buy ZS3 and never mind the TZ7 listing?


2:17 pm - Thursday, February 4, 2010

#326 malex

#325 Vitaly, They are the same camera, the ZS3 is the USA version, the TZ7 is the European version, I can only assume large difference in price will be due to importing the TZ7 into USA, and not sure why it would be on sale over there. I assume you are in the US, so go for the ZS3.

9:47 am - Friday, February 5, 2010

#327 Vitaly

Thanks, Malex! I’m in Russia, but here this camera sells for $500 and it’s just a little over $300 from 42photo, shipped internationally! VAT money makes up 1/3 of Russia’s annual budget, not to mention high import duties :\

11:50 am - Friday, February 5, 2010

#328 Rob Holman

I am very impressed with the TZ7 in respect to photographic quality.  It’s also very easy to use, small and looks great.  I suspect the quality of the Leica lens goes a long way to take this camera ahead of the competition.  The only gripes I have are the much-maligned fiddly options dial which drives me mad by always slipping to the wrong mode when I need to use it quickly, and also sun flare when recording movies.  The slow zoom doesn’t bother me too much, as in a way it makes the movies look more professional.  Quick zooms give me a headache!  Overall, it’s a great little camera - I especially like the red and brown editions (I have the red one).

2:45 pm - Friday, February 5, 2010

#329 Frank

Just bought the TZ7 and i am delighted with it.Only one problem i purchased a bytestor 8gb class 6 sd card and in the camera it is reading 1357 stills which according to the manual is about right but only 8mins 20sec of video at JPEG HD.The manual states you should get over 30 minutes. Any comments please?

4:25 pm - Friday, February 5, 2010

#330 Nina

Bought TZ7, took a few movies, wanted to transfer them on my laptop: NOTHING! They are not together with photos as they are with my other cameras from before. I have 2 years old laptop, usual updates. What do I need to do?

1:50 pm - Saturday, February 6, 2010

#331 malex

#330 Nina look at post #309
#329 Frank EU tax laws set limit in how long a stills camera can record video before it is classed as a video camera, then add about £50 tax.
Time limit is more if you reduce quality of video. 8min 20secs is limit for HD on TZ7.

If anyone is looking to buy TZ7 for video films longer than 15min, buy a video camera or be prepared to splice several short film clips into one with editing software. Or purchase a ZS3 from the states with no time limit.
In fact don’t buy TZ7, buy the new TZ10 from the USA where it is called the ZS7, which is not time limited. It has a few new features and includes GPS to Geo-Tag your photos.

4:54 pm - Saturday, February 6, 2010

#332 Frank

Thanks Malek,As usual i did not read the distructions sufficiently i very rarely record more than three min’s at a time so i will not have a problem.

12:00 pm - Sunday, February 7, 2010

#333 Mikkel

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12:32 pm - Sunday, February 14, 2010

#334 Tom

I bought the TZ7 for a trip, expected to bring back many good pictures of memory. It was not the case.

About 40% of the pictures came out blurry. When turning on and off the camera a few times then leave it on, it feels hot near the lower right corner of the camera near the LCD.

Setting it to speed shot where multiple pictures are taken in quick succession, the second picture of the sequence usually comes out blurry while the rest do not.

Talked to Panasonic but they just say it is normal !! I am really disappointed in this camera that spoiled my trip, time, and money.

6:49 am - Wednesday, February 17, 2010

#335 Eleanor

I would like an eye viewer as I can not see a thing in my old kodak if it is too sunny. A friend who has a panasonic says she doesn’t have any trouble.  I gather most out there are also Ok with out one. I have not been able to take a camera outside a shop yet to test the sunlight situation.

1:23 pm - Monday, March 1, 2010

#336 Ali

I have to say that today was the first time, since getting my Lumix TZ7 that I felt I needed a proper viewfinder.  I was taking some impromptu pictures in the far north of Scotland, very bright lighting conditions, lots of snow, blue skies and direct sunlight… and I found it very hard to make out on the screen on the back exactly what I was taking.  At least I can delete the ones that were no use…  Still very much learning about the camera, as I haven’t had it that long… so far, so good!


11:35 pm - Wednesday, March 3, 2010

#337 Judy

You probably didn’t know that you can make the LCD brighter for this kind of situation.  I’ve done it and it works sufficiently well to make a difference.

9:07 am - Thursday, March 4, 2010

#338 Hugh


Is there an issue with rear screen on TZ7 being fragile ?



1:00 am - Friday, March 5, 2010

#339 Xyanthe

Took the TZ7 out for its first proper outing at the weekend but the battery didn’t even last the day? Is this normal, as I notice it uses alot more power than my old Canon camera. Also does anyone know where I can buy a spare battery? If they do drain that quick I am going to need a spare battery. Many thanks.

9:52 pm - Sunday, March 7, 2010

#340 sue

How good is the TZ7 for stabilization?  I shake sometimes so I need a camera that can adjust for it so that I don’t have blurred pics.

5:26 pm - Wednesday, March 10, 2010

#341 Louise

I am thinking of buying the Lumix TZ7 as my daughter has a Lumix FS3 and it takes the picture the second you press the button and also the screen is easy to see in bright light conditions. Does the TZ7 do both of these things?

5:38 pm - Tuesday, March 23, 2010

#342 mery - italy

hi malex or other TZ7 expert ...

i have a big problem ... what little, sexy camera i buy ?  what is the best in photos

and HD video ?

I see the Lumix ZS3 (TZ7)  or the lumix TZ8 or TZ9 or the canon ixus 120 or

Lumix ZX1 ,Canon SX200 ? or ? what is the best to buy ?

Second big question, ok i see the hd movie AVCHD on VLC Player but in how mode
I burn the video hd in a normal DVD ? a freeware software (i have windows xp)
To create a dvd (not blue-Ray disc) ? How freeware software i convert this
Proprietary file video with extension . MTS ?

please help me ..... hi !                                          Mery from Italy

p.s. in case yu say the “incredible” Lumix TZ7 its true the picture change to red ?
    and are very bad in dark and in night mode with use the flash ?
    the HD video have noise and some beeps ? and the HD video not in AVCHD
    but in normal jpeg codec is good or ?

is a good buy the lumix tz7 ? help me…
best and kiss

12:44 pm - Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#343 mery

some TZ7 ( zs3)  PROBLEMS :

1.)  the video still suffer from vertical banding when the sensor is subjected to extreme
    contrasts in scenes like sunsets? or flake blillant in the video ?

2.)  In the photos the color is not very real and vivid ?

3.)  In video mode a sound is present (like a beep or bzzz…) ?
    A bug or fault or only the noise from AF or zoom rumors ????

4.)  Now, a NEW big problem : many peoples in many forum say the motor of the lens
    have a big noise when function (zoom and AF) ...its true ?

is now the lumix TZ7 a best buy or not ? or best a Canon SX200   or ?

i’m confudes…. please help me ? what camera i buy ?

9:19 pm - Thursday, April 8, 2010

#344 louise

I understand that there is a problem being able to access the HD movie AVCHD on Visa operating systems- Panasonic are apparetnly aware of this and in the next couple of weeks will be putting free software download on their site so that the problem is remedied

6:07 pm - Friday, April 9, 2010

#345 Ach3r0n

Richard Fox,

The light streaks are called blooming and it is a common problem with video when using CCD sensors w/ bright light sources.  You can’t do anything about it except keep the video away from the bright light sources or deal with the streaks.

6:46 am - Thursday, April 15, 2010

#346 alan

I have one of these cameras, and while I am very happy with the IQ (for the type of camera), I find the “convenient location” of the video button so irritating. I’ve lost so many pictures because of a short unwanted video clip when I picked up the camera to shoot a still. Video clips start too easily for my liking – I see the control as bad design.

10:27 am - Friday, April 30, 2010

#347 braden

i got this camera yesterday and went to a concert uploaded all files today but for some reason the videos are not in the folder i can view the videos when photofunstudio is open but i cant view videos or find the files in the folder or to upload to facebook :( any ideas?

4:30 pm - Sunday, May 9, 2010

#348 malex

#347 Braden, look on the memory card for a file named PRIVATE, this is where video is stored.

5:53 pm - Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#349 Ifan

Lumix TZ7 was the best point-and-shoot camera I’ve ever purchased. Currently (May 2010) the price was already down to Rp. 2.9 mn (in Jakarta), due to the new TZ10.

The firmware is already 1.2.

Picture quality is superb! In-door and out-door results is excellent.

5 star rating (out of 5).

1:31 pm - Friday, May 21, 2010

#350 NeedHelp

Hi there. I am a relative novice when it comes to digital cameras. I recently bought the new TZ7 after being very impressed with the old TZ3. I have only 1 concern - the camera’s performance in light conditions. There’s a lack of true colour which I can’t explain - overexposed to a certain extent. This happens mainly when I use the 16:9 mode, and not only when I take photos into the sun.

I have tried different settings/scenes, including Scenery mode and the Intellegent Exposure function, but it didn’t make a significant difference. I compared the phots with those taken by a friend with a Canon (of a much lower price tag) and her colours came out so much clearer/vivid.

I tried using the flash, but once again, I wasn’t satisfied with the result. It’s so bad that I am of the opinion that either I’m missing something, or I have a faulty camera.

Can anyone PLEASE help - this is driving me insane?

11:50 am - Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#351 Judy

No.350 - re. your post, I have had the same problem with my TZ7 and have found that I could improve the situation by setting the camera on NORMAL PICTURE Mode and the metering on SPOT METERING mode then focusing on the area which is the most important one.  Try and see if this improves matters.

12:28 pm - Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#352 NeedHelp

#351 Many thanks for your reply. I will definitely try this and hopefully it works. But the difference between the Canon and the TZ7 is so big that I find it difficult to believe that this is normal.

Is there a possibility that the camera is damaged (although I have no idea what can cause this), or maybe I have it on the wrong setting. As I said, the issue mainly occurs when it is on 16:9 - why would that be?

5:25 pm - Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have a TZ7 and am experiancing vertical white lines on some vidio clips.
AM I doinging something wrong or is this a problem with the camera

2:17 pm - Tuesday, June 29, 2010

#354 Ali

Two questions…
Firstly, one of my memory cards (SanDisk Ultra 8GB) is not recognised by my laptop, when entered in the digital media slot - the other one works fine.  The only way I can get to view the photos, is to use the cable attaching the actual camera to the laptop.  Any ideas?

Secondly - I’m just back from 2 months away and it’s the first time I’ve tried to view video clips on the computer, with not a lot of success!  (Before you mention it… I did read #309…) I downloaded the PHOTOfunSTUDIO and after a lot of searching I did manage to get something, but it’s very jumpy.  There was a message during the installation saying that some frames would be dropped on the video clips, however, what I then see is very jerky footage… not at all satisfactory.

Where am I / have I gone wrong?!  Answers/advice please in language that a technophobe can understand!  Malex referred to finding the clips in a private folder somewhere, but I had no clue where to look and couldn’t see anything obvious…

Your help welcome!!


10:36 pm - Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#355 msy

hi guys, i can’t play the video taken using the avchd to my laptop. what software do i need to download to convert it? thanks

3:33 pm - Saturday, December 25, 2010

#356 Keith Shufflebotham

Hi.  I bought the Panasonic DMC-TZ7 and loaded the software, but can only download photos.  None of the movies show up.  It is AVCHD Lite HD.  I have tried every which way but loose, but those movies will not show.  Panasonic advised me to load the software that came with the camera - obviously did not read that I stated that I had already done this!  Have tried loading again, but no luck.  Any ideas?

9:40 pm - Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#357 Sophie Joseph

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12:03 pm - Friday, May 20, 2011

#358 Cloud

I had a old TZ1 had very sharp pictures with iA mode, but my new TZ7 picture is not as sharp as old TZ1, 40% pictures are blurred, especially close ups.  Do not know if I get a bad one or if the TZ7 focus is not as good as old TZ1?

4:58 pm - Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#359 Cesare

I had the TZ3 so I can’t comment the old TZ1 but I share you advice, the old ones are better . My new TZ7 is good but not as good as my old TZ3.
Consequently I fear that the new TZ10 TZ20 are worst.
Am I wrong ?

5:03 pm - Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#360 JB

I’m hoping someone can help me with this. I have TZ7 and I’m trying to figure out how to take a macro picture in scene modes. I can’t see the option anywhere and I’m very confused. The instruction manual says to press the bottom button in the 4 directional buttons for Macro. I press it but don’t see any options for it. Should I have it in any specific settings to turn it on?

Only time I see the macro option is when I have it in normal picture mode. In IA or Scene mode, I can’t see the option anywhere. Is it automatic in those modes?

3:14 am - Sunday, July 17, 2011

#361 haidar abu bakar

I just bought this tz7 secondhand. Its been 2 years in the market,yet I am still amazed with it features and picture quality. I need help with the AV out usb. I cant connect a cable to a lcd monitor to have live view. I can only get a video out on playback mode. Can someone help me? Thank you.

4:44 am - Friday, July 29, 2011

#362 Mammageek

Can anyone help me please. I have a TZ7 and have took a lot of photos, so many that the camera created a new folder to store them. I can see this folder when the camera is connected to the Mac but am unable to delete them via the Mac. However I cannot see them via the camera so cannot delete them. It’s a bit of a vicious circle! Does anyone know how I can delete them?

4:30 pm - Thursday, August 11, 2011

#363 kev

I just bought a tz7 today and not sure if i’m doing it right. But playing the hd vids on my computer, i would say that the quality is very close to a very cheap camera phone. I had a nokia n95 and to say the least the lumix is’nt on the same planet. Unless i am doing something wrong. Either on the video side or the playback side. I did try all setting and not impressed.

But the photo’s i tried was ok. just the vids was poor. Any help given if poss would be great.

8:44 pm - Monday, August 29, 2011

#364 Giles

Hi, I have a TZ 7 which I love dearly, it’s been such an amazing camera, I’ve had it about 11 months, and I’ve been backpacking and travelling the world, it’s been awesome!! I’m now currently in Australia and it’s decided to display a problem! It comes up with an error message “memory card error, please check the card”. I have tried my spare sd card and it says the same, I tried my sd card in a friends camera and that works fine too, the pictures are all ok. I then also tried his sd card in my camera and the problem still occurs. So I think it’s a fault with the camera…I went into settings and did a reset on the camera but to no avail. It’s still in my 1 year warranty, but that could be a lot of hassle, as I will have to send It back to the uk and then get a new camera, I want the same model!!!! But I also think the newer models have phased the TZ 7 out?? Does anyone know why my camera has decided to suddenly do this? It was working perfectly fine before!! Thanks guys :)

11:29 pm - Saturday, October 29, 2011

#365 liz

I have a Panasonic TZ20 and I am just wondering how you turn the “red light” off when you are in high sensitivty mode”

12:26 pm - Friday, February 17, 2012

#366 Jim

My wife has a Panasonic DMC TZ1. She recently recorded a couple of short movies with the camera.
I have transferred the movie files from the SD card to my PC and the from the PC to a Samsung tablet. The movies can be viewed without problem on both devices
However, whilst the movies are still on the SD card in the camera, the files do not show when the replay button is pressed.
I tried a test recording and this plays back OK.
Any thoughts on why the other movie files cannot be seen or played back on the camera, as the manual is not helpful with this problem?

4:58 pm - Monday, December 9, 2013

#367 Rob

Panasonic TZ7 I have had for two years and have now taken 360,000 stills + videos. What is the expected life of the camera based on this usage?


2:42 pm - Sunday, December 15, 2013

#368 Trish

I forgot to put the card back into the camera and took some pictures without it and now need to get them off the drive but dont know how to do this ?

9:26 am - Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#369 Cati

Hi all,
Need a bit of help please: I have some tens of photos in my TZ7’s memory which are organised in several folders under the main folder DCIM/105_PANA. I transferred the photos on my PC and now I’d like to delete them from the camera. The problem is that I can’t find them on the camera ! I can see all photos in the root folder DCIM/105_PANA and I have already deleted them, but the sub-folders are invisible when looking for them in the camera, they are only visible on the PC. The interesting thing is that all these “invisible” photos are not even mine, they were shot by some friends on their cameras and transferred to my own camera somehow (but I don’t remember how and when ! - very strange; each sub-folder is named after the friend that shot the photos).
What to do please ? I’m at a loss here…
Thanks a lot in advance !

PS: This is how the folder structure looks like:


I can see photos in the root-folder 105_PANA, but not at all the photos in the folders Aura, Lucius and Dan - they are only visible on the PC and not on the camera.
How to access them on the camera in order to be able to delete them ?

8:38 am - Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#370 Rob


I believe if you go to Menue then left click, scroll down to the spanner icon and click, tools will appear, right click and scroll down to format, right click to (delet all data on built in memory) click yes, memory is now cleared.

4:42 pm - Friday, August 14, 2015

#371 Cati

Thanks, Rob ! Since I asked the question, I solved the problem, a more knowledgeable friend helped me. The photos had been loaded by my friends directly on my SD card, so all I had to do was to insert the SD card directly in my laptop (and not connecting the camera to the laptop) and I could delete them so. But I checked your advice and it’s also valid, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond !

8:13 pm - Friday, August 14, 2015

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