Pentax K-500 Review

September 17, 2013 | Mark Goldstein |

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The Pentax K-500 is an impressive DSLR that offers a great set of features and image quality. But when you think practically, buying a DSLR that doesn't offe...
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The new Pentax K500! Give YOUR products a voice. 503.828.9000.
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Pentax K50 Camera and K500 Camera First Look Preview SUBSCRIBE HERE: Both the Pentax K50 Camera and the Pentax K500 camera models follow...
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The Pentax K-500 is the new entry-level DSLR from Pentax. Full specs found here:
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Ein flotter Serienbildmodus, ein großer optischer Sucher und bis zu ISO-51.200: Die Pentax K-500 [] hat für eine Einsteiger-DSLR viel zu...
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Today I want to talk about the best DSLR camera for Beginners. The DSLR market place is absolutely swamped with competing models these days. In today's video...
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Легкая компактная и недорогая зеркальная камера с КМОП-матрицей 16,2 МПкс и скоростным процессором PRIME M, оптическим стабилизатором, чувствительностью до I...
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Зеркальные фотоаппараты, хоть и принадлежат к высшему классу фототехники, тоже бывают разные: как для матерых профессионалов, так и для тех, кто только хочет...
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There have been a number of Pentax users who have requested that we compare the Pentax K-5 II S( vs the Nikon D7100(
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