Pentax K-5 Review

November 22, 2010 | Mark Goldstein |

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Pentax K-5 Review after a year of using the camera and system for my professional work, here are some thoughts about what the strengths and weaknesses of thi...
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There have been a number of Pentax users who have requested that we compare the Pentax K-5 II S vs the Nikon D7100. So, here it is...with Lok and Kai doing t...
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Pentax K-5 video review - What Digital Camera tests the K-5 DSLR Read our full review at:
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So what's up with this Pentax system? Everyone knows pro's use NIkon or Canon, so why are you using THAT? (Music by and all photos b...
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ブログ 今回は前回購入したPENTAX K-5のレビューです.
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7+ hours of capturing. Taken with Pentax K5 & Samyang 8mm lens. Hope you guys enjoy it. Background music is from
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So how does a Pentax K-5 with 4 of those MOST EXCELLENT Limited lenses stack up to a comparable Leica system price wise? This is just for fun, so all you Lei...
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В первой части нашего интерактивного теста мы знакомимся с камерой Pentax K-5 IIs, рассматриваем органы управления камерой, интерфейс и работу. Полностью тес...
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Видеообзор зеркальной камеры Pentax K 5. Подробное описание, характеристики, комментарии и отзывы, наличие и цены -- здесь:
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ペンタックスの一眼レフカメラK-5 iisを紹介します。 これまでK-7,K-5と使用してきてのローパスフィルタレスのK-5 iisです。 Blog: Blo...
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