Pentax K-5 Review

November 22, 2010 | Mark Goldstein | |

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There have been a number of Pentax users who have requested that we compare the Pentax K-5 II S( vs the Nikon D7100(
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Pentax K-5 video review - What Digital Camera tests the K-5 DSLR Read our full review at:
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Pentax K-5 Review after a year of using the camera and system for my professional work, here are some thoughts about what the strengths and weaknesses of thi...
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Looking at Pentax's AWESOME K-5 and where it fits in to todays sharp eyed photographers kit... (Music by Partners in rhyme, THANKS!) (All photographs copyrig...
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So what's up with this Pentax system? Everyone knows pro's use NIkon or Canon, so why are you using THAT? (Music by and all photos b...
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This is the Pentax K-5 II, the replacement for the K-5, externally there's little difference between the K-5 and K-5 II, with design and button layout being ...
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Pentax K5 ii / Pentax K-5 2 S DSLR Camera Review & Hands on Demo Video SUBSCRIBE HERE: For more on the Pentax K-5 ii DSLR Camera and how...
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"a Short Wildlife Recording from OCT with PENTAX K-5" Video & Editing: Ogun Caglayan Turkay Species: 00:14 Spermophilus xanthoprymnus - Asia Minor Ground Squ...
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We've always been big Pentax DSLR fans, and after a fairly minor upgrade with the K5 II we now have the K3, one of the most advanced crop sensor DSLRs on the...
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