Pentax K-01 Review

April 10, 2012 | Mark Goldstein |

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We take a look at the new Pentax - the K-01 -( designed by Marc Newson. With so many mirrorless cameras around, can this be considered a g...
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Pentax Canada graciously lent us their brand new K-01 mirrorless camera for a sneak peek. The Camera Store's Chris Niccolls and Dave Paul check out the desig...
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Just a video rundown on the Pentax K-01 with some video samples taken with the camera - full review at
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Pentax K-01 Review The Pentax K-01 is an odd duck that breaches the borders of traditional digital camera aesthetics. That's because this mirrorless nonconfo...
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The introduction to the Pentax K-01 in-depth review, which will be posted on March 11th.
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The full review: An article about switching the K-01 grip material: http://photographybanz...
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My comment and reviews on the Pentax K-01 by Marc Newson.
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デザイナーとコラボしたミラーレス一眼カメラ - PENTAX K-01 by Marc Newson DigInfo TV - 2012/2/9 ペンタックスリコーイメージング PENTAX K-01.
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Director and photographer Michael Williams shoots with the K-01 for the first time. This video was shot entirely with the PENTAX K-01 and PENTAX lenses.
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Website review: Music: "Restless" by Just Plain Ant.
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