Ricoh GR Digital III Review

August 20, 2009 | Mark Goldstein | |

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Brought to you by The Ricoh GR Digital III( comes with a host of improvements that complements brilliantly with the new high quality f1.9 lens that...
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The Ricoh GRD III Digital Camera is something a little bit different. A fixed focus lens that boasts great quality optics. Check out the video to see how it performs. Test photos can be...
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We take a look at Ricoh's latest digital incarnation of the GR series: the GR V. With an APS-C sensor and a small body, this could be an ideal carry-around-camera. But is it any good? Watch...
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Time: 12:22 More in Science & Technology 講述:阿奇影片重點: (1)外觀與主要功能‧定焦等效28mm F1.9大光圈鏡頭‧可拆卸鏡頭環,用以轉...
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Lumix GF1で撮影。
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This video is about the Ricoh GR digital camera after 1 year of use, English. For German viewers... Buy your own Ricoh GR: See more sample pictures at http://mehrals1000wor...
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From: FotoSkoda
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Showing off the compactness of the first 35mm interchangeable lens camera. Also, it's an interesting contrast... one of the best digital compacts of today, vs the original 'compact' camera...
From: mod022
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Buy it Now: Kostenloses Know-how-sharing! Kostenlose Kamera-Überprüfung! "Kamera Handy Station"...
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