Ricoh GXR P10 Review

June 9, 2010 | Mark Goldstein |

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From expansive landscape shots to concerts and sports where you are far from the action, this 28-300 mm 10.7x optical zoom handles not only everyday subjects...
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FULL REVIEW HERE: Just a quick look at the Ricoh...
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リコー GXR レンズキット ・ RICOH GXR+P10 KIT.
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by Kit Leong, for
From: dcaidtube
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Taken with a Ricoh GXR with the P10 28-300mm lens unit, with auto-iso limited to 800, shooting in Green Auto mode, interval of either 5-10seconds.
From: aaron lim
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リコーGXR+RICOH LENS P10 28-300mmF3.5-5.6VC +GR LENS A12 50mm F2.5 MACRO +液晶ビューファインダー VF-2
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Ricoh GXR P10 HD movie sample.
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Полный тест на
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by Kit Leong, for
From: dcaidtube
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