Ricoh GXR Review

December 14, 2009 | Mark Goldstein | |

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Around 2-years on since the Ricoh GXR( hit the market and we're looking at a module that could save this system. What is the A12 Leica M-mount unit like? Pricing...
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With the release of the Olympus E-P1 (and E-P2 ), Panasonic G-F1(, how does Ricoh's unique interchangeable unit camera system...
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Review of the new A16 unit for Ricoh's weirdo GXR camera system. Test & sample gallery here; A16 Ricoh ...
From: Blunty
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FULL REVIEW HERE: Just a quick look at the Ricoh GRX Modular Digital Camera ...
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The Ricoh GXR is the world's first camera with interchangeable lens and sensor units, and the smallest camera with interchangeable lenses. What Digital Camera presents a hands-on preview of...
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Accept No Creative Limitations: RICOH GXR The highly unique Ricoh GXR system starts with the body, which contains the system controls, screen, recording media, and power source. Individual...
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Want to use your Ricoh GXR camera with some classic Leica lenses? or maybe some incredible voigtlander, Bessa or Carl Zeiss glass you've got laying around? Richoh think you might want to do...
From: Blunty
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I have tested filming movie using Ricoh GXR Mount A12 which you can mount Leica M mount lenses. Even though it was enjoyable to use high quality lense and finishing was also excellent, one...
From: bluesniff
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Jon from Robert White Photographic reviews the Ricoh GXR System with Leica M mount.
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