Samsung DV300F Review

May 22, 2012 | Mark Goldstein | |

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The new DV300F from Samsung features a front LCD that makes taking group and other tricky self-portraits a snap. Play Children Mode animation to hold a kid still let the group know just when...
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Tony Wang from Before You Buy reviews the Samsung DV300F Camera.
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Hey All! Check out the unboxing/review of my brand-new Samsung DV300F. **Please ignore the poor quality...precisely the reason i bought the camera to make new videos! Super pumped about...
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A sample HD video taken with the Samsung DV300F, a Wi-Fi-enabled 2View camera. Review:
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Visit to find out more about Samsung DV300F Dual View Smart Camera. Get the "Samsung DV300F Dual View Smart Camera - Black You can send quality photos from the party.
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Подписаться Вконтакте: Другие обзоры на сайте Запчасти на сайте Техниче...
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Taking a ride around Saint Louis Missouri & testing out our new camera.
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Review of the samsung dv300f smart camera comment like and if your feeling amazing...SUBSCRIBE! and check out my channel for more videos. thanks for watching.
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