Samsung PL70 Review

December 8, 2009 | Mark Goldstein | |

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SAMSUNG PL70 DIGITAL CAMERA - 12.2 Megapixels & 5X Optical Zoom - Beauty Shot, Blink Detection - Frame Guide - Smart Face Recognition - 720P HD Movie Recordi...
From: maeiluyu
Views: 15366
21 ratings
Time: 02:46 More in Science & Technology
A Short video using the new Samsung PL70 Digital Point and Shoot Camera. This was shot in high contrast conditions, while moving, in the 1280x720 HD mode. En...
Views: 9325
11 ratings
Time: 00:38 More in Film & Animation
hi all first i thought i would show you guys what memory cards i us with the Zi8 and i thought i would do a basic review on the new digital camera i got the ...
From: chrisc74
Views: 1031
9 ratings
Time: 08:02 More in Science & Technology
hi all got another test video for you. i decided to do a vblog type video using the PL70. at the end i did a bit with the Zi8 to show the difference. i didnt...
From: chrisc74
Views: 1741
9 ratings
Time: 05:20 More in Science & Technology
hi all i thought i would show you what the samsungs video looks like compared with the kodak zi8. in some of my test the samsung looks better but in others t...
From: chrisc74
Views: 750
8 ratings
Time: 06:25 More in Science & Technology
Testovanie Samsung PL70 video.
Views: 2095
4 ratings
Time: 01:43 More in Science & Technology
SAMSUNG PL70 HD Video. Moldova. 2010. Снег.
Views: 401
2 ratings
Time: 00:59 More in People & Blogs
Our first video review!! Tried my best with the lighting ect. but the camera used is poor quality. We are getting a full HD camcorder within the next few w...
Views: 1858
9 ratings
Time: 09:01 More in Science & Technology
Video test Samsung PL70.
Views: 1421
1 ratings
Time: 01:31 More in Science & Technology

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