Samsung ST550 Review

December 10, 2009 | Mark Goldstein |

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The Samsung ST550( features a rather fancy dual screen concept, with a huge 3.5" LCD touch screen on the back and a 1.5" one on the front...
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Видеорелиз на цифровую камеру Samsung ST550 / ST500.
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Matt unboxes and previews the Samsung ST550 digital compact camera.
From: leodee
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The Samsung ST550 is a narcissist's dream. It's the first digital camera to include a second self portrait screen on the front of the camera. A Internet vide...
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Available at SIG Electronics - MSRP $399.99 Our Price $379.99
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Gan jau būsiet pamanījuši Samsung jaunāko un interesantāko veikumu kompaktklases fotokameru jomā - Samsung ST500 un ST550 kameras ar diviem LCD ekrāniem, kas...
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Uitgebreide review van de Samsung ST550 door consumentenwebsite BesteProduct Meer info Samsung ST550:
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Cool digital camera features live demonstration. Самые крутые функции цифровой фотокамеры Samsung ST550 - вживую. By Andrew Turtsevych. See more at www.atstu...
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Courte présentation de l'appareil-photo numérique Samsung ST550, un point-and-shoot muni de deux écrans ACL, en direct du salon PMA 2009 de Toronto. Pour en ...
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Samsung ST550 2View sample video recording. Detailed review available at
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