Samsung WB150F Review

June 18, 2012 | Gavin Stoker |

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Samsung WB150F Review The Samsung WB150F is equipped with Wi-Fi, several shooting modes and 720p HD video, but does it truly cut the mustard? Find out in our...
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Check out the Part 2 here - The Samsung WB150F compact digital camera comes with some great features...
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A short review of the Samsung Smart Camera, WB150F. More details review on
From: dygadget
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Видеообзор компактного фотоаппарата Samsung WB150F с 18-кратным зумом и функцией WiFi. Подробный тест-обзор:
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Buy it Here
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Samsung WB150F testing zoom 18x , 14.2 MP sorry for ships engine sound:)
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The Samsung Smart Camera WB150F's Remote Viewfinder allows you to control the camera's function remotely, using a Samsung Galaxy tablet or Galaxy smartphone.
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Carolina Goodacre de Samsung nos muestra las características principales de la SmartCamera WB150F, una cámara inteligente que no sólo saca fotos, sino que pe...
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Hey Guys! This is the Samsung WB150F! | Enjoy! Follow Me On Twitter:!/onemorebluegirl.
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Si quieres una cámara robusta pero que siga siendo compacta, la WB150 de Samsung es una buena opción; tienes controles manuales por si ya sabes usarlos y efe...
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