Samsung WB2000 Review

September 17, 2010 | Mark Goldstein |

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Here's a new digital camera Samsung WB2000. Full size Dual Capture Full HD 1080 HD High Speed Shooting 10fps photo, 1000fps movie High Speed Movie panorama A...
From: pleonaxty
Views: 34145
53 ratings
Time: 03:02 More in Science & Technology
A smokey hot Samsung WB2000 camera with all the features you need. Please ask any questions about the camera and don't forget to visit my channel for more vi...
From: kimkom4
Views: 4079
4 ratings
Time: 06:19 More in Science & Technology
Views: 1977
6 ratings
Time: 05:15 More in Autos & Vehicles
A short, easy-going drive through town with my car (VW Golf 5 2.0TDI) on a foggy evening. Camera: Samsung WB2000 / TL350 Video mode: 1.080p resolution, 30 fp...
Views: 3853
2 ratings
Time: 04:35 More in Autos & Vehicles
В наши руки попала малютка wb 2000 собственно вот и ее детище. спидометр (отображеие заряда аккумулятора и памяти флешки) оправдано установлен)) даже очень, ...
Views: 1999
11 ratings
Time: 02:17 More in Sports
Views: 877
3 ratings
Time: 02:01 More in Film & Animation
still many claims from WB2000 owners concerning autofocus in video. do you see any autofocus problems in this video? may be those problems not in every camer...
From: Vilad Y
Views: 1467
3 ratings
Time: 01:46 More in Travel & Events
La serie WB di Samsung evolve e arriva al modello WB2000, una fotocamera compatta ma completa, caratterizzata soprattutto dalla capacità di realizzare scatti...
Views: 11024
5 ratings
Time: 01:15 More in Science & Technology

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