Samsung WB2200F Review

June 25, 2014 | Jack Baker | |

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Shop at B&H: The Samsung WB2200F Smart Camera has a 16Mp CMOS sensor, a 60x optical zoom, a built-in vertical grip with repeated controls, built in Wi-Fi, and an ...
From: B and H
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109 ratings
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Samsung WB2200F Digital Smart Camera unboxing and scale comparison against my Samsung NX100 and Canon t2i with extended battery grip.
Views: 8127
20 ratings
Time: 04:16 More in Science & Technology
Watch SPSN Live during the WB2200 Smart Camera week. On Monday, August 4th we'll introduce the Samsung WB2200 Smart Camera with 60x optical zoom. Post your questions on ...
From: SPSN
Views: 3575
16 ratings
Time: 13:46 More in Science & Technology
Samsung WB2200F unboxing and scale comparison against my 10 year old KM Dimage A2 bridge.
Views: 8954
15 ratings
Time: 04:49 More in Science & Technology
Samsung WB2200F vs Nikon P900 Subscribe and you can order comparison, the models write in the comments.
Views: 388
1 ratings
Time: 03:12 More in Science & Technology
Samsung WB2200F 16.3MP CMOS Smart WiFi & NFC Digital Camera with 60x Optical Zoom, SAMPLE PICTURES AND VIDEO RECORDING 1080P @ 30FPS RECORDING DONE WITH HTC 816 AS ...
Views: 941
3 ratings
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Цена и наличие: Видеообзор фотоаппарата Samsung WB2200F Смотреть обзоры других...
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Time: 09:06 More in Science & Technology This bizarrely-shaped camera also features two sets of shutters, and a 60x optical zoom.
From: CNET
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70 ratings
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Taken from light tripod, so shaking. Slow focus, no sound during zooming. Great zoom, good sound, nice details, colors very neutral. DNS Recordings (c) 2014.
Views: 5722
11 ratings
Time: 01:01 More in Film & Animation
Sound of motor during zooming is SO quiet. Use it freely. No additional processing applied. All from hands, so shaky.
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Time: 01:30 More in Film & Animation

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