Samsung WB2200F Review

June 25, 2014 | Jack Baker |

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Shop at B&H: The Samsung WB2200F Smart Camera has a 16Mp CMOS sensor, a 60x optical zoom, a built-in vertical grip with repeated...
From: B and H
Views: 11497
91 ratings
Time: 07:58 More in Science & Technology
Samsung WB2200F unboxing and scale comparison against my 10 year old KM Dimage A2 bridge.
From: keffyas
Views: 6323
10 ratings
Time: 04:49 More in Science & Technology This bizarrely-shaped camera also features two sets of shutters, and a 60x optical zoom.
From: CNET
Views: 9949
69 ratings
Time: 01:34 More in Science & Technology
Samsung WB2200F Digital Smart Camera unboxing and scale comparison against my Samsung NX100 and Canon t2i with extended battery grip.
Views: 3876
11 ratings
Time: 04:16 More in Science & Technology
Taken from light tripod, so shaking. Slow focus, no sound during zooming. Great zoom, good sound, nice details, colors very neutral. DNS Recordings (c) 2014.
Views: 2049
7 ratings
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Samsung WB2200F Smart Camera Digital: Specs, Pics, reviews 2014. The camera features fullHD video recording, built in Wi-Fi and N...
Views: 9292
22 ratings
Time: 03:24 More in Science & Technology
Views: 7496
14 ratings
Time: 01:41 More in Science & Technology
Sound of motor during zooming is SO quiet. Use it freely. No additional processing applied. All from hands, so shaky.
Views: 839
2 ratings
Time: 01:30 More in Film & Animation
Samsung WB2200F FullHD Full Optical Zoom on a tripiod - Visit for sample photos, reviews, specifications, discussion and more.
Views: 3432
5 ratings
Time: 00:29 More in Entertainment
Weitere Inhalte zur Samsung WB2200F: Der Bildqualitätsvergleich: Beispiel-Fot...
From: dkameraTV
Views: 385
1 ratings
Time: 04:03 More in Science & Technology

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