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February 18, 2014 | Mark Goldstein | |

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#1 Pavel

typical samsung’s picture quality..looks good at first sight but when zoomed in -> watercolour

8:45 pm - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#2 Alfmeister

Usually I find your reviews fair, although lacking in detail. This one is way off.
Samsung knows how to do Wifi right. It simply works. From sending emails, connecting to your phone/tablet or uploading to Dropbox/Picasa/Facebook. This camera gets it right. Try that on a Sony or Panasonic. Also the touchscreen is barely mentioned. It makes this camera far easier to use than the competition, especially the touch to focus feature. It should definitely earn a highly recommended award. Also you need to update the firmware to get the best performance. There have been two updates in the last 30 days.

6:46 am - Thursday, February 20, 2014

#3 Ray William

Etherion is exactly designed with powerful, designed seating and simple to use controls.

10:00 am - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#4 Sandra

purchased a WB350F today, June 28, 2014, brought it home, took it out of the box and charged battery then took one picture. went to take another and the message “internal memory full”.  What does that mean?  Maybe i pressed button I should not have.  HELP.


9:40 pm - Saturday, June 28, 2014

#5 bill

sandra - you need an micro SD memory card

9:51 am - Thursday, August 7, 2014

#6 Tom MacFarlane

You castigate the camera’s image quality yet score it 4?

It cannot be both!

8:28 pm - Thursday, August 7, 2014

#7 paulo

good day
Pictures with my WB350F become reddish when they are exposed to sunlight. How do to avoid this?

Thank you!

4:10 am - Friday, August 8, 2014

#8 Trish

Do you know if this camera can be connected to a polaroid pogo printer. When I connect the usb lead it just says it’s trying to connect to a computer

7:34 pm - Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#9 LGJim

Samsung has made a tremendous leap in quality with this camera…I have actually owned Canon SX130, 260, 700….Lumix ZS9, 15….Nikon S9700…because I travel a lot and love a pocketable superzoom.

Here are my scores of current comparable ones I have tried by owning or by borrowing form relatives before buying the WB350:

WB350 4.o photo / 4.0 video / 4.0 Wifi
SX280 4.0 photo / 2.0 video / 3.0 Wifi
S9700 3.5 photo / 3.5 video / 3.0 WiFi
WX300 4.0 photo / 4.5 video / 4.0 Wifi ..but no manual control, no touch.

At current prices, there is no better deal. Not close—- Great zoom, pretty good in low light, flash is best or second of all these, touch screen focus works, and usably good WiFi.

Samsung needs a new marketing firm for their WB350 and NX series cameras. The current one has few friends in the industry.

PS: I also own Sony NEX 5N and Nikon P7700, so I’m not only a Samsung fan.

3:39 pm - Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#10 Shawn

I bought this last fall because I had two previous Samsung cameras that I really liked.  Sadly, this one is a downgrade in quality.  I can’t understand why all the review sites don’t mention this.  My first two cameras had a Schneider Kreuznach lens with it.  My first Samsung was an 8 MP and my second was a 12 MP with a 15X zoom.  What great images these cameras both took.  You could zoom in and see great detail with the pixels and colors were very vibrant. 

However, this new camera uses a Samsung Lens and it is a huge drop in quality.  I am very disappointed with it.  The image quality even with higher MP and a further zoom is much poorer.  You zoom in the pic and it pixelizes quickly.  The detail and the colors are just not as vivid.  There are some cool features my old cameras never had like a cartoon setting and black and white type photos. 

But images are of much lower quality then my old Samsung cameras.  The Schneider Kreuznach lens produced much better quality than the Samsung lens.  I guess this point and click is ok for taking pictures of you family, your cat, and things like that.  But if you like taking pictures don’t get this camera. 

Samsung, please bring back the Schneider Kreuznach lens or at least consider doing so for your mid range and upper cameras.  I’m now buying a Sony with a Carl Zeiss lens.  This time I read the reviews.  For this camera, I didn’t due to the fact that I was so pleased with the quality of my last two cameras and assumed this one would be great too.  Sadly, it was not to be.

1:50 pm - Friday, January 2, 2015

#11 Ciaran Barr

Hey guys, i was just wondering what the audio is like and if it is good for up close videos? also does it have slots for external audio devices?

8:43 pm - Friday, January 9, 2015

#12 Tamer Farid

I bought the camera primarily for its connectivity options. I overlooked the warnings about the noise and pixelation for the favor of the advantages;
- direct upload to facebook throuhg WiFi
- connectivity to phone and geotagging of the pictures.
- relatively wide angle
- big zoom (the main advantage of stand alone cameras and mobile phone cameras)

but I was disappointed by the disadvantages;
- limited control in the view finder mode; when it’s connected to the phone and turns the phone into a viewfinder. No way to control any parameters, only shoots pictures.
- slow to move to the desired shooting mode
- the WORST of all is the update; since I updated firmware to VOF1 it started to have a mind of its own; SPONTANEOUSLY shift to player mode, resets, wanders between shooting modes!!! This made the camera unreliable and almost unusable.

10:39 am - Saturday, December 26, 2015

#13 Nick

I have a six month old WB350F which recently won’t turn on even if the green status light is on. The batteries are fully charged.

1:02 pm - Sunday, December 27, 2015

#14 Nick

My WB350F won’t turn on even if the green status light is on. My battery is fully charged.

1:04 pm - Sunday, December 27, 2015

#15 Peter

This camera is the best in its class, at this price point, I have videos on youtube that outshine cameras more expensive with larger sensors and 3x the price.  This camera offers shutter priority, aperture and Manual along with a host of other Smart Settings like the waterfall mode….....fabulous.  I have run into countless people with DSLR’s who don’t know what M stands for….really? Play around with the settings and this camera will allow the user to understand what those other settings besides Auto mean….lol The quality of the pictures is astonishing and the wifi is superb much better than Nikon, Canon or Sony.  I was really impressed with the macro pictures and the amount of little noise in the background.  Now grant you it is missing an EVF,RAW modes and an articulated LCD but again look at the price point. 1080p HD in a compact design with those features is pretty cool. Shutter speed is up to 1/2000 and ISO around 100/3200 nice. Macro is at 1cm that is nice too and it can be installed onto a selfie, try that with a Nikon D3300….lol

1:50 am - Sunday, January 3, 2016

#16 Toni Mayberry

My Samsung camera 350F says “internal memory full’  I put in a SD memory card in and still says “internal memory full”  What do I do now?

12:31 am - Monday, February 15, 2016

#17 LG Jim

Toni:  You probably need to do two things:

!.  Erase the photos you have, which are in the “internal memory”.

2.  Go into Settings (on the top dial) and find “General”. Then press the back control ring on its right side (where the icon that looks like a clock and some rectangles are), Press the control circle down several times until you see “Format”. Press to the right again, to se the Yes/No boxes.  Press left to go to Yes, then press the center of the ring (OK icon). This will format the card and make the camera start using the card for future photos.

4:12 am - Monday, February 15, 2016

#18 Toni Mayberry

Thank you, thank you Jim.  You made a 83 year old lady very happy.  It Worked!

3:22 pm - Monday, February 15, 2016

#19 Michael

When I try to take a photo, the touch screen goes into a demo mode.  It pops up the basic description of what the auto feature is, then switches to a description of program.  Sometimes it switches back and forth several times before returning to normal so I can snap the photo.  This is very annoying; I have had to wait almost ten seconds at times for the screen to go out of demo mode.  Tapping the screen does not stop it, nor does pressing the shutter.

5:07 am - Sunday, March 20, 2016

#20 Chuck Alexander

I am having the same problem as #19 Michael the camera just moves around in the smart mode before coming back to the shooting mode.
very upsetting and looking for new camera.

9:54 pm - Sunday, June 19, 2016

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