Samsung WB5000 Review

February 8, 2010 | Mark Goldstein |

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Samsung WB5000 Digital Camera -DSLR-like Design -12.5 Mega Pixels -Schneider Lens, 24x optical zoom with a 26mm wide-angle focal length -Dual Image Stabiliza...
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35 ratings
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Samsung WB5000 Digital Camera - First Look It's finally here - my new WB5000 digital camera.! Let's tear off the box together -DSLR-like Design -12.5 Mega Pi...
Views: 15991
41 ratings
Time: 03:21 More in Science & Technology
The new Samsung WB5000 advanced digital camera packs an impressive 12.5 Megapixel Camera, with a Stunning 24 x Optical Zoom! Perfect for entry-level photogra...
Views: 6932
8 ratings
Time: 04:46 More in Film & Animation
pics from samsung wb5000.
Views: 1698
10 ratings
Time: 02:37 More in Travel & Events
samsung highend digital camera WB5000's HD movie sample HD movie sauce 720P.
From: quake1004
Views: 12900
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We briefly get our hands on the successor to the ultra-zoom WB500 which comes with an equally impressive 24x optical zoom.Subscribe now:
From: Stuff
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Zoom-Video-Test Samsung WB5000.
From: maili1
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This is a mid-size fish tank situated in a dinning room of a Chinese restaurant. One side in the tank is for Discus and the other side is seperated for Arowa...
From: 138photo
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Samsung WB5000/HZ25W hd video sample with electronic movie-image stabilization. 'Optical movie-image stabilization' in movie mode is not possible. I didn't t...
From: ranifaru
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Even though not the best on Youtube i thought of putting a video of what it is capable of doing. Thank you.
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