Samsung WB700 Review

August 16, 2011 | Matt Grayson | |

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Launch yourself into the centre of the action when far away with a 24mm ultra wide angle 18x optical zoom lens, and an extended 1.3x Smart Zoom of the Samsung WB700 EC-WB700ZBPBUS Digital ...
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samsung wb 700 video test.
From: 38gaby
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Samsungimaging YouTube Samsung WB700 New travel-zoom camera WB700 Specifications - 16.4 Mega-pixel - 18x Optical Zoom and an extended 1.3x ...
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Понравилась камера? Покупайте на
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From: HAMImobi
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W tym filmie recenzuje aparat dostarczony od firmy SAMSUNG WB700 W punktach wady i zalety Zalety - Matryca 14Mpix -Filmy HD (720p 30k/s stereo) -Duży zoom 18x smart zoom 22x -Małe gabaryty ...
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The unboxing of Samsung WB700 camera, and some pics where you can see the optical zoom possibilities. If you have some question, ask. Subscribe.
From: Richix031
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Time: 05:39 More in Science & Technology -- A Photoshow 2011 Samsung ha mostrato oltre alle mirrorless NX11 e NX100 l'interessante compatta WB700 con zoom ottico 18x, sensore da 16...
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(720P) Sound Alive was off in this video, when it's on you hear less noise.
From: Marika S
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PLESE READ:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is the first video with my old Samsung WB700 camera. I bought the camera in 2012. The camera has 18X optical zoom. I thought it was not enough,...
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