Sigma SD15 Review

August 23, 2010 | Gavin Stoker |

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Sigma's R&D has not developed new DSLRs fast enough to keep up with market demands and the wonderful capabilities of the Foveon sensor are not put to proper ...
From: Raoul Pop
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This video provides a quick overview of Sigma's SD15 features.
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This video looks at the Sigma SD15 camera's predictive auto focusing feature.
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DigInfo - SIGMA SIGMA SD15 Related Links : - -
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It's hard sometimes to find people that can help me with filming my reviews so I came up with this brilliant way of recording everything myself! (actually th...
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This video offers a closer look at the Sigma SD15 camera's menu functions.
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Release date TBA* The newest edition to the SD series of SLR cameras is powered by the 14 mega pixel Foveon X3 direct-image sensor making it possible to cap...
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画質至上主義者が行き着く機種とも言われてるカメラです ブログ ツイッター
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시그마 SD15 개봉기 / SIGMA DSLR SD15
From: mslink
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