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December 6, 2011 | Matt Grayson | |

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Angela Nicholson takes a look at the rebadged Sigma SD 1, which features the innovative Foveon X3 sensor, which Sigma claims has a resolution equivalent to 46 million-pixels on a standard sensor....
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Sigma makes DSLRs if you didnt know, Their flagship one was the SD1 which was 15mp... kindof but could give images with a resolution of 30mp. (claimed 45mp) but noone bought it. it cost a...
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Time: 05:13 More in Education - Sigma SD1 DSLR Priced at $10K ... What was Sigma Thinking? Check out the new Art of the Image Recommended Photography Gear List at
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Time: 10:01 More in News & Politics Catching up with Lindsay Adler at WPPI in Las Vegas. She discusses her photography, the Sigma SD1, and her favorite Sigma lenses.
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Time: 05:40 More in Science & Technology - 2000 Euro für eine digitale Spiegelreflexkamera, die vor kurzem noch 7000 Euro gekostet hat? FOCUS-Redakteur Matthias Matting hat die Sigma SD1 Merrill getestet. Sein...
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46 Megapixel klingen durchaus atemberaubend, genauso wie ein Preis von gut 2.000 Euro. Was die Sigma SD1 Merrill wirklich zu leiste im Stande ist, zeigt unser Test. Als Test-Objektiv kam...
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Now with Music made by my little sister again, so everyone can see the video. Size of those prints are the same as the Face shot in this video: ...
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Against his wishes, The Camera Store TV's Chris Niccolls went out with Luminous Landscapes shooter Nick Devlin to look at the Sigma DP Merrill Cameras. See if the innovative Foveon sensors...
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Heute seht ihr ein Testshooting mit der neuen Sigma SD1. Thema des Shootings: Make-Up, Close-up Portrait Vielen Dank an Stephie von ! Ich muss sagen, die Kamera hat mich echt...
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SIGMA SD1 im Studiotest bei Eberhard Schuy.
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