Sigma SD1 Review

December 6, 2011 | Matt Grayson |

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Angela Nicholson takes a look at the rebadged Sigma SD 1, which features the innovative Foveon X3 sensor, which Sigma claims has a resolution equivalent to 4...
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Sigma makes DSLRs if you didnt know, Their flagship one was the SD1 which was 15mp... kindof but could give images with a resolution of 30mp. (claimed 45mp) ...
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Time: 05:13 More in Education - Sigma SD1 DSLR Priced at $10K ... What was Sigma Thinking? Check out the new Art of the Image Recommended Photography Gea...
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Now with Music made by my little sister again, so everyone can see the video. Size of those prints are the same as the Face shot in this video: http://www.yo...
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Time: 04:11 More in Howto & Style Catching up with Lindsay Adler at WPPI in Las Vegas. She discusses her photography, the Sigma SD1, and her favorite Sigma lenses.
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Heute seht ihr ein Testshooting mit der neuen Sigma SD1. Thema des Shootings: Make-Up, Close-up Portrait Vielen Dank an Stephie von ! Ich muss s...
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SIGMA SD1 im Studiotest bei Eberhard Schuy.
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Time: 04:36 More in Science & Technology - 2000 Euro für eine digitale Spiegelreflexkamera, die vor kurzem noch 7000 Euro gekostet hat? FOCUS-Redakteur Matthias Matting hat di...
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46 Megapixel klingen durchaus atemberaubend, genauso wie ein Preis von gut 2.000 Euro. Was die Sigma SD1 Merrill wirklich zu leiste im Stande ist, zeigt unse...
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From: Al Carlay
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